Our Happy 10th Anniversary Trip


Well, we too are back to reality :pinch::pinch:

Our trip was wonderful all around, the weather was great, we got to visit with DH’s Aunt & Uncle at EPCOT for the day & we got to visit the same place we spent our honeymoon :mickey: for our 10 year anniversary :mickey:.
I have the picutures downloaded & somewhat organized & will be starting a TR shortly…I promise…since we’ve been back we have also bought a new car so have been a little busy running around for that!
I was thinking a park by park by park TR as compared to day by day…any thoughts?


Yay ANOTHER TR!! We need these . . . park by park sounds fun!


So glad that you had a great 10th Anniversary trip! Can’t wait to read your TR:)


Yea another TR to start with Pictures and we can’t wait


I love trip reports. Can’t wait.:mickey:


Welcome back! Can’t wait to read all about it any hopefully see some pictures.


Can’t wait for the TR…glad you had a great Anniversary Trip!


Yay! a TR, can’t wait to read and see pictures.


boy do I have pictures!!! Close to 1900 again!! Still doing car stuff…will either start later tonight or tomorrow night after work


Welcome back (to reality)! Looking forward to your TR. 1900 pics? Well, okay! I’m game! :mickey:


OK while DH is getting ‘old car’ ready to trade I can get started…

our cast…
DGRAMMY (my mom)

We left from LVIA (Allentown, PA) at 630am right on time!!! we had a smooth sail through LVIA & no problems with our Layover in Atlanta, just enough time to grab something to eat & have potty breaks. Weather was yucky in atlanta so i was worried we would be delayed taking off, luckily not though.

see, yucky in atlanta…then, another plane wanted to race…


we stayed at All Star Movies…NEVER AGAIN…rotten kids!! really, they werent that bad, just loud sometimes. there were tons of them though…lacrosse, softball, baseball, soccer…boys and girls teams…ugh teenagers!!
overall it wasnt too bad, POP was better, more family orientated & their food area was better…and pop has blue slushies.

It was warm enough to swim a few times…DD wanted always wanted to swim at night after the parks, a little chilly then but it was ok, hey we were on vacation right?!
anybody know why only 1 of the ‘wooden soldiers’ had only 1 leg…all the other ones were normal (with 2 legs)??


yes we too love the blue slushies at Pop!!!:cool:


Awesome! New TR! Sorry about the noisy teens.


Waiting patiently about the one legged soldier!!!


Great pics! I love ASMovies but I’m looking foward to POP in Sept. Can’t wait to read more.


Welcome back!:flowers: I hope someone knows about the one leg soldier, cause I have wonderd about that myself :laugh:


UM, yeah, I was hoping someone on here knew about the soldier.it bugged me everyday since we had to walk past it to get to our room…the only thing i can think of is wounded in battle?!:blink::laugh:


Happy 10th anniversary! Looking forward to more pics and TR :slight_smile:


How come you didn’t ask anyone at the resort? Or did you?