Our hopeful ADR's for Nov. :C)


so i know it’s crazy early…but i am an early planner and very excited…so here’s where i share! :laugh:

this is what i’ve been thinking we will do for our adr’s in Nov. hopfully these will all work out.

Friday 11/21: arrival day
diner: Boatwright’s
carriage ride after diner

Sat 11/22:
diner: Tony’s

Sun. 11/23:
diner: Crystal Palace

Mon. 11/24:
diner: Primetime Cafe’

Tues. 11/25:
Breakfast: Donald’s safari @ Tuskar House

Wed. 11/26:
diner: Tony’s (DH wants to double up on this one…not my choice, but I don’t mind.)

Thurs. 11/27 ~ Thanksgiving
diner: Princess Storybook @ Akershus (2nd choice will be Garden Grill)

sound good? suggestions??


Sounds great, it’s never too early to have a plan! Just a tip, I don’t know if it’s the food you are really looking forward to at Akershus but you might want to check Allearsnet.com to see what that restaurant did for Thanksgiving this past year. We were there during Thanksgiving and almost EVERY restaurant had traditional Thanksgiving food, even restaurants in the World Showcase. So there is a chance Akershus will do that too. Just didn’t want you to be in for any surprises. :smile:


i have seen that on allearsnet.com too.

we are really going more for the princesses (and crowd management!!) than the food.


Awesome, you’ll love it! It felt very special being in WDW on Thanksgiving. I was very “thankful” for my surroundings. :happy: :tongue:


Char, you can never be too early! I have to get started on my plans, too! :happy:

Your plans look GREAT, btw! (but twice for Tony’s?)


Great choices. Tony’s was great go for the double


Very good choices.

We love Tony’s, 2x’s sounds great.
Primetime is a hoot!
Akershus - we have only had breakfast there.
Crystal Palace is a great buffet with Winnie & friends.
We enjoyed Boatwrights very nice meal & a carriage ride sounds wonderful.


These choices look perfect to me!


looks great I love boatwrights for both Dinner and breakfast


Sounds great! Yummy choices - my mouth is watering just thinking about WDW food!


What great choices and the food picture-yum!


Oh my, that looked scrumptious.

I like your choices Chottsy!


Where’s LeCellier? I couldn’t go to DW without eating there


we’re really not big epcot fans right now. :redface: maybe when DD is a bit older it will be more entertaining to all of us. but right now, we only spend a few hours there and we are done!

so we are going for the Princess Storybook diner, & Illuminations…we will hit the handfull of attractions that DD enjoys and call it a night!

so for right now, epcot gets 1 evening and 1 diner…this year it’s Princess Storybook Diner…and i am willing to bet that’s what it will be for the next couple of years…at least while DD LOVES the princesses.:blush:


Sounds yummy! We will be there at the same time! I too already have a rough draft plan, in a spreadsheet. I know there are 3 of us going to be there at the same time we should try to meet up even if it is for a few minutes!


they sound great!