Our HS is going to WDW!


Guess What? My DD’s high school band is going to be marching at WDW at the end of April. They will be staying at ASMusic and the best part is that I may even get to chaperone!! WOOHOO!!! What makes it even sweeter is that since I am a school district employee, I can take 3 days off to chaperone and not have to use my personal days since I am helping with a school event. I’m just waiting for the music director to pick me over the others who may want to go too. I don’t know if he has alot of parents that want to go or not but I think that by me being a staff member, I would have a leg up on the competition. I’ll keep you all posted on the details as they occur.


Karliebug that’s awesome!! Tell the music director you know Disney and maybe they’ll choose you because of your expertise.


That is so great Karliebug! Of course they will pick you to chaperone! Woohoo!


I was in marching band in HS too, and I LOOOOVED those trips!!! ENJOY!!!


How exciting! DD24 went to WDW with her HS band too and they had a blast. The best thing about it was the price, it was free, they did a lot of fundraising and it covered the entire cost.


That is so cool!!! That’s great that your daughter gets to march at WDW!!! It’s even cooler that you are going to be able to come!!!


That’s great! I was always hoping one of my kids’ schools would send them to WDW for some activity.


My DS is in the HS Band. I sure wish he would go too!


I went with my BIL’s high school chorus as a “chaperone” in 1998. It was SO much fun! You’ll have a blast (because I’m sure you’ll get picked to go!).


That is too cool! My kids are going to be tap dancing in June at Disneyland!


Awesome! How fun is that?!?!?! :wink:


I emailed the director today and he said that they always need chaperones… I am so psyched. I don’t know exactly what the itinerary is or how much time we will actually get in the parks but I am very excited!!!