Our "just shy of 30th anniversary" plans


This trip is just my DH and I. We were on a waitlist for BCV, but I wanted to get out meals in order, so I canceled the waitlist.

We are staying at AKV for four nights and then VWL for four nights. We haven’t stayed at either resort. So here are our plans.

April 16 arrive about 11 ish…check in…Epcot for the afternoon
Boma for dinner…early night

April 17 AK all day…No TS planned, just CS meals

April 18 MK all day… Crystal place dinner at 6:00…EMH at Epcot

April 19 Sleep in…Breakfast at Boma 8:20…DTD???..maybe a park for a
few hours

April 20 Check out of AKV…Check into VWL…late breakfast at WCC…
MK day

April 21 Epcot all day…dinner at 5:50 at WCC…late night at MK

April 22 Hollywood studio all day…dinner at 6:20 at Ohana

April 23 Epcot all day…dinner at Mexico at 6:00

April 24 Check out of VWL and spend a few hours at MK, catch ME bus

Most mornings we will have breakfast in the room.

Any thoughts?


Sounds wonderful Jo Jo-every day will be amazing-lucky you!


Sounds wonderful. One serious thought: You MUST try Artist Point, especially since you will be at WLV. I think it would be a romantic anniversary dinner!


I’m trying not to park hop so much this trip and since I was there in Oct and Dec, I think I may even spend a few hours at the resort. I have always been " get up, move it, move it" but I think I have mellowed just a bit. Maybe:rolleyes:


umm, it may be romantic but the menu is a bit fussy for me. Give me plain old meat and potatoes. I know “then why am I going to Boma”. My DH loves it. I find enough to eat, but I’m not wowed over it.


You could just drink the wine…:laugh: And the smoky mushroom soup is so yummy… cedar plank salmon :wub:


Sorry I hate the taste of wine, beer, etc…and not too fond of salmon or mushroom soup either. Thanks for trying though.:happy:


JoJo, your plans look GREAT. I absolutely L:heart: VE Boma! And San Angel is another favorite of mine…although we haven’t eaten there in a few years! I just L:heart: VE it! You guys are going to have such a nice time!


Sounds Great Jo-Jo


The plans look good to me…sounds like a nice, relaxing WDW trip.


I hope I can keep it that way. I’m afraid I’ll ruin the trip for me trying to run, run, run. I still haven’t quite got the thinking of “wdw will be here for another time”. Of course if for some reason disney does disappear that probably means we all have bigger problems to worry about.

By the way, any missing meals will be CS and we are using the DDE. We tossed the DDP back and forth but since we are doing mostly buffets I think we may come out a bit ahead. But then I will have to force myself to say “yes, I want that icecream, I don’t care that I can buy a whole 1/2 gal at home for the same price”…Yes, we do think that way, which was the really good thing about the OLD DDP. We were FORCED to eat all that stuff.:laugh:



I’m thinking we’ll do the week long DCL cruise next year when for our 30th!

We went last year for the 3 day and it was the most relaxing trip we’ve ever had.

The really nice thing about visiting the parks often is that you don’t feel like you have to do the park commando bit. We tend to go where the sprit takes us, other than a couple of ADR generally.


Thank you. I can honestly say is doesn’t feel like that long.

I do have a few “must do” for these trip. On my grandma, DD and DGD trip, we went on dumbo, tea cups, dumbo, horses, dumbo, race cars, dumbo…see a pattern here??:laugh: I plan to get on the bigger rides this trip. And I think I will skip Dumbo.:laugh:


Your plans look great! I giggled when I saw that you have a “sleep in” day, but you’ll be at breakfast by 8:20AM:happy: My sleep in would mean that I miss breakfast altogether! :laugh: :laugh: :pinch:


We tend to wake up about 5:30 ish every day, so not getting up till 7:30 ish IS sleeping in.:laugh: I guess the better wording would have been “not jumping out of bed, running to the park, rushing around like crazy” day.

And since we are staying at AK, we just have go down a few floors to breakfast. No buses, no monorail, no even wondering “do I need a jacket”. So that saves about 45 mins right there.


jo-jo, honestly, those are about the best plans ever… you have pretty much the same vacation style we do! I likey!


I am curious… what size villa do you get? I can’t wait to hear about how you like those two resorts. Also, does Disney help you move from one resort to the other in a van or something, or do you need to use buses?


We have studios. At AKV, we have a VALUE studio. They are a bit smaller, but I figured it just the two of us and it saves a few points. I’m just happy to be staying in the main lodge. I wanted to do this before they opened the other building. As far as moving, we just call bell services and they take the bags. We check out and then take a bus (or whatever) to the next resort. You could check in right away(but you probably won’t have a room yet) or go to a park and check in later. Once you get your room, call and get your bags brought up. Pretty easy thing. Though some people don’t like being “homeless” for 4 or 5 hours. That’s the time span from when you check out of one resort until you have a room at the next resort.


plans sound great. i’m just slightly jealous - you’ll be at MK on my birthday!!

have fun!!


I know this is weird, but I just L:heart: VE your DVC questions lately! I know you are in the process of buying BWV (yeah, your avatar gave it away) and I am getting SO excited for you!!! I wish it were me!