Our Magical Adventure!


Well, we made it back. I needed a week to get back to reality:happy:

We had a fantastic time even though it was HOT HOT HOT! At least for a northerner.

We did alot of impromptu activities that turned out to be a blast!

I have never actually wrote a trip report so hang in there. :slight_smile:

For starters, the flight was non-eventful thankfully. We had amazingly cheap tickets round trip non-stop so even if there had been issues I would have overlooked it :slight_smile: Landed at 1:30pm -15 minutes early and caught the ME withing 15 minutes to POFQ. We stopped only once to drop off other guests at OKW. Only downfall was they put us on a DCL bus. We were a bit bummed that we were not heading to the SHIP! But at least we were on our way to MK!

With online check-in it was quick- even though we had to re-remind about a room request. I had even called a few days prior. They changed us with no hassle. Our room was ready and we dropped our bags grabbed some lunch and were on HM by 4:30!


Good you are doing a trip report I was hoping you would do one!:happy:


Glad to hear you all had a blast!!! Thats what our vacations there are supposed to be,right?? Glad you are back and writting a trip report.


I was incredibly curious about the new expansion project so after a quick ride on POC and BTM, we headed to Fantasyland to check it out. The park was amazingly empty so we moved around quickly. We did all of our favorites and then some in a few hours! It was slightly raining so the pics are a bit dark but if you look closely, you can see heavy machines in the background moving dirt.
They had the Pooh FP over at Philharmagic for some reason… Kind of odd. Guess there was no space. :slight_smile:


More expansion photos…


One more expansion pic…


great pics but i need more, more trip report more pics i need my disney fix.


Great start! I guess the crowd predictions were wrong? How were the crowds with the Step competition at DS?


Great start! The expansion pics get me soooo excited! :goofybounce: Can’t wait to read more!


Crowds were low until Sat. the 4th. Then it was CRAZY!
I will post more day by day… I seriously dislike the “real” world… Takes up too much time! :slight_smile:
Hang in there I have 1042 photos… ROFL!


Great start! Awaiting all the pics!!


Great expansion pics! I can’t wait to read the rest of your TR!!!


Thanks for showing the expansion pics. Does it feel empty in Fantasyland?

Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip!


wow, the expansion pictures make feel so exitced for when it’s finally done…even if thats going to be a while.

can’t wait to hear more about your trip:smile:


The expansion is weird because I was not used to being able to see behind the wall. I don’t have any old pics of that area but it seems to me that it used to be trees? Correct me if I am wrong but it just feels so open! The dirt hill and CAT earth movers were really odd in Fantasyland of all places :slight_smile:


OMG, thanks for the trip report and pictures. I am chomping at the bit for more so I will have to check back to see some more of these 1000+ pics:smile:


The end of the first half day came and went. We had to get our ears for the trip and I got a fancy pair of HM ones for my collection along with an awesome Franken Mickey pair. I just can’t pass up anything Halloween and Disney mixed!

Back to POFQ for some sleep and to get ready for the FULL day at MK :slight_smile:
We loved that the bus stop was SO close at almost every park. We were used to Values in the back :slight_smile: It was a fantastic surprise as we left the park.

Day 2 was sunny and hot by 8am. How could I have forgot the dreadful heat from last year? Here it was again. We found out it takes alot less time to get to MK from POFQ than other resorts we had stayed at so we were way early for the ADR. We stopped quick for a SM FP and a quick jaunt through our favorite- HM of course.

We entered Cinderella Castle right on time for our ADR and proceeded to wait for 20 minutes for Cinderella to come down for photos. I think it was strange. We liked it the old way. The food was eh and the atmosphere was a little less magical than I remembered -our waiter should have worked somewhere else- not one dramatic castle reference- not thank you m’lady or m’lord. That was what we loved about the castle before~ the regal feeling of being there. But we had window seat - YAY! (Those are 11:00am pics of Fantasyland by the way! No People!)


That view makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing!


And the first Happy Anniversary cupcake! We also got wands and a sword for DH. There were wishing stars on the table. Our waiter was sure to mention they were for wishing. That’s it. They are for wishing. ??? Whatever. He could stuff his lousy attitude! I was in the CASTLE again! :smile:

The most magical moment was Cinderella reading a letter one of my little girls at work wrote for her. This little lady is 4yrs and like the other kids I work with she comes from a refugee family and has not seen a very magical side of life so far. I was teary-eyed to say the least. This little girl LOVES Cinderella more than any princess. I promised her I would personally deliver the letter. Cinderella proceeded to let me videotape a one minute video of her talking directly to the little girl- in full regal tone! Ending with I love the pictures you have drawn of me and my Prince Charming, I do hope you can visit us in my castle some day. Plus, I took this photo. I have goosebumps every time I remember it! I think it may even be the most magical moment for our family from this trip! Spreading magic is SO fun! (Of course our wishing stars and a wand went along with the video and photo to her :slight_smile: Her little smile was worth a million words!


More photos of the castle… In case anyone is wondering… that would be DD blue thumbnail. I am too old for that. ROFL! Believe me, she has tried with the funky colors!