Our Magical christmas at WDW


This will be a joint effort trip report. A Goofy Family and BDavis will chime in with comments and photos as I go along. I hope you enjoy our holiday trip report!!

12 of us went on this trip, including:

Me (Trailblazer)
DD, DSIL1, Trey & Shelby (A Goofy Family)
DD, DSIL2, Brady & Brittany (BDavis932)
DSIL1’s Parents & Granddaughter (18)

Dates: 12/19/2008 – 12/29/2008

OK…lets get started. {Set to the tune of the brady bunch.}
Here’s a Story….about our trip to Disney…with 5 people in a Buick Rendezvous…There were 12 of us all together, on our quest to meet scrooge!!! {okay…done with the silly song…now for day one!}


We left home around 4 pm (Friday 12/19/08) and arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 12:30am. We stayed the night at a Courtyard Marriott and got up the next morning at 8:00am for breakfast. We wanted to be back on the road by 9:00am because we had reservations Saturday night in Orlando. After another 11 hours in the car we were driving under the Walt Disney World sign!! We were all SO excited as we drove onto Disney property….the kids were ohhhhhing and ahhhing at the sights of Spaceship Earth and Tower of Terror from the main drive. Then back off property again as we were staying at Buena Vista Suites for our lead night to our DVC stay. Buena Vista Suites was awesome!!! The full service (free) breakfast was top notch and the hotel was VERY close to Disney. The rooms were HUGE and were so clean and nice. We got a great rate of $88/night. We will definitely stay there again and I highly recommend it! The rest of our group (7 of them) flew in on Saturday and took the ME bus and stayed at Pop Century (80’s) that night.


Sunday (12/21/08) —
We were up by 8 am, had a great breakfast at BVSuites, checked out and headed to check in the Davis family at Saratoga Springs Resort. The rest of the group were staying down the road at Old Key West. There was one room ready at SSR, but they had requested The Springs and were told they could get it if they wait until later in the day. The opted to wait for their room in The Springs and unloaded their bags and left them with bell services. Then we were off to check me in at Old Key West. My room wasn’t ready yet either, so I purchased my juice, etc. and left everything with bell services and then we were off to EPCOT! As we had a huge breakfast already back at BVS and we had a late lunch planned we stopped in to club cool, had a taste and looked around. Then we grabbed strawberry tarts and other pastries from France with our dining plan snack. Yummy!!! That held us over until our reservation at 3:45 at the Garden Grill. We visited countries, rode a few rides and then it was time for our reservation. The restaurant was not rotating due to mechanical problems (bummer!) but dinner was nice, lots of character time and the kids enjoyed their build your own desserts. We got our tickets to the Candelite Processional and then we were off to the stage near the American Pavillion. It was a beautiful night, not too chilly and we had nice seats for the show. Abigail Breslin was the speaker for the night and she did a nice job. She is a talented actress and we are sure to see her around for years to come. After the performance we stayed at Epcot for extra magic hours. Part of the group went to Magic Kingdom later that evening as they were open until 2:00am. Then off to bed.

…now for some photos!


Sounds fun so far. Welcome back!


We had an afternoon flight, so we took our time getting to the airport. Our flight had been bumped another 10 minutes…we could handle that. Flight was uneventful but once we landed we sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes waiting for a plane to get out of our way. Maneuvering through the airport wasn’t bad since we had just flew in June and DSis showed us the way then. Made it through the ME check in line very quickly and proceeded to our bus lines. DInlaws stayed at OKW the 1st night, we were at POP(to conserve DVC points). They loaded their bus pretty quickly and off they went. We were first in line at the POP ME bus and thought that was a good thing. WRONG. We had to wait for a bus to show up and then once it did, we had to wait for it to fill up before we headed to POP. Took another 45 minutes or so. We rushed to the counter at POP and checked in quickly, took our carry on stuff to the room and off we went to MK at 9pm!! We got there just as folks were lining up for the parade & Wishes. I thought, oh no! is the entire week going to be this busy??? Once we made it off Main Street we went over to Pecos Bills to catch a quick dinner. Waited for DinLaws to meet us and off to Pirates we went. No wait…Haunted Mansion…no wait but we did get stuck in the attic for a little while. We also did the Race Cars and Buzz the People Mover and I can’t really remember everything else. I think we left around midnight, as we had to get up the next morning and have our luggage moved to OKW to be with most of the gang.


To bad we all couldn’t have met up one of the days we were there!

Oh well . . . there is always NEXT TIME!!! :happy:


I sounds like a smooth start to your trip, I can’t wait to read more.



Castle with reflection


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;919532]To bad we all couldn’t have met up one of the days we were there!

Oh well . . . there is always NEXT TIME!!! :happy:[/QUOTE]
I KNOW IT!! :sad:We would have our 2nd night if DS hadn’t felt so icky and we went back to the room to check in and put him to bed.

When are you going back?? We’ll be there March 14-21


[QUOTE=A Goofy Family;919538]I KNOW IT!! :sad:We would have our 2nd night if DS hadn’t felt so icky and we went back to the room to check in and put him to bed.

When are you going back?? We’ll be there March 14-21[/QUOTE]

Oh poor kid! Hope he felt better?

We’ll be back in January and June not March! :frown: Well I’m sure there will more chances!

Can’t wait to hear/see your report!


Holiday story tellers in Italy and Japan and Gingerbread house inside the counter service restaurant in America


Christmas storyteller in Germany

Epcot Christmas Tree and beautiful archway


Tree at Pop Century

Tree at SSR

Tree at OKW


Some more great shots that A Goofy Family took of the Candlelight Processional, Abigail Breslin, and Epcot.


It was a fun day in EPCoT! We got to see and do a lot this day…I was really expecting it to be elbows to elbows packed, but it wasn’t today (check back for that later in the week, lol)…our evening in EPCoT and MK, as were most evenings, was low crowds and great weather!

Tomorrow we’ll pick up with our MK day!!


Your pictures are beautiful! :wub:


Thanks! I’m using a combination of mine and my sisters photos (A Goofy Family). After the first day our DMom (Trailblazer) decided she didn’t want to carry her camera and she would just point and tell us what she wanted photos of, lol!:laugh:


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;919532]To bad we all couldn’t have met up one of the days we were there!

Oh well . . . there is always NEXT TIME!!! :happy:[/QUOTE]

I’m sorry we didn’t meet up! The week just FLEW by. I was really hoping to get together, too. If your plans change and you make it up in March we’d love to meet you!


My kinda gal! :happy:

What kind of camera are you using . . . I’m in the market for a really good one, and your pictures are just beautiful!



Castle with reflection[/QUOTE]

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL picture!!! :heart: