Our Magical Express Envelope Arrived Today!


I just had to share with the only people I know who would understand the thrill! I can’t believe we are this close to our trip! :happy::happy:


I love getting Disney mail. They have the best envelopes! How exciting!!!






That’s so exciting- so close now.


From someone who’s trip isn’t until November…way to rub it in!!! Seriously…great for you!


:smile: It’s getting close now.


Whooo hoooo! How exciting for you !!!

That must mean mine’s on the way :ohmy::ohmy:


Wow, Tinker2222! You are even closer to your trip than I am!


Aren’t those the best packages to get!:heart: We got ours mid-last week!


There is nothing better than that envelope !!! Very excited for you guys … Have Fun !!!


LOVE getting the Magical Express envelope! Its all downhill into fun from there!


Disney mail is the best mail ever!!!


That is AWESOME!!! It will be here before you know it!!


I KNOW!!! Are you all done getting stuff for your trip yet? I still have see if my DD summer clothes fit her :eek:. SOOOOO not like me. I’m usually packed and ready to go 7 days in advance!


I actually printed out a categorized packing list as suggested in a link on this site. Also a shopping list for the things we need. DS12 is in need of some clothes and sandals, but the rest of us are covered. Most of the rest is just incidentals.

Good luck getting ready! I’ll follow your lead since you will be there first :laugh: