Our May plans


I just booked our flights and the rest of our dining reservations for our May/June trip!

Nate’s birthday is May 31 so we’re flying in late on the 30th so we can be there for his whole birthday. We’re staying at BCV from the 1st to the 8th and maybe POFQ for the 2 nights before that.

Here are our plans so far

Day 1
Finish out the school year–we’re out at 12:00 that day
Fly in late (like 11:30 pm)
Check in at Wilderness Lodge and crash
No plans

Day 2
Nate’s Birthday!!
Sleep in from the late flight
Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s
Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern (they have fries ya know)

Day 3
Check out of Wilderness Lodge and check in at BCV/meet up with our friends
Dinner at 'Ohana

Day 4
50’s PrimeTime for lunch

Day 5
Whispering Canyon for a late breakfast
Dinner at Le Cellier

Day 6
Pool day
No dining plans

Day 7
Dinner at Blue Zoo for the grown ups and maybe older kids

Day 8
Dinner at Hoop Dee Doo

Day 9
Dinner at Kona Cafe

Day 10
leave for home early in the morning

These plans may change since we haven’t really talked as a group about where we want to eat. We’re thrown things around but no one really said what they wanted booked. I was getting worried so I put some places together today and booked it. When we get together again we’ll go over these and see what we want to change.


Those sound great Stephanie!! I sure hope that we (The Davis Family, A Goofy Family, & Trailblazer) can meet up with you!! We arrive on the 30th also!! (but we are driving) Our first day in the parks will be 31st. Maybe we can meet up for a dessert or a parade or even a ride!


That would be fun. I’m sure we’ll be in MK that whole day. I’m not sure about much else but I’m sure we’ll do SpectroMagic and Wishes that night.


Hopefully that’s when we’ll be there too! It all depends on some school schedules for me…but I love going at that time of year!


YEA!! I hope you get to go, it’s a great time to be there.


I love your plans DT. I think the group is going to just go along with it and I can totally understand why you booked it…I would have too…lol


Thanks. I didn’t know what we wanted but I knew we needed to get something booked or we would be out of luck with a party of 8. I’m not excited about my choices yet but once everyone looks at them I may feel better about our plans.


I am sure everyone is going to be just fine with the picks. Yes, party of 8 is not always the easiest to book…espeically if you wait to long. You made the right decision in trying to get something that everyone would like. Your choices are pretty neutral in tastes and no one will not like the type of food. You picked places that anyone can find something to eat and be happy about it. No worries.


I agree with going ahead and booking. With a party that size, you need a plan, even if it is in it beginning stages.


your plans sound great Steph


Your plans look great DT. :slight_smile:


those plans sound great to me!! can’t wait to hear about blue zoo!


DT those plans look great! I laughed about Nate wanting fries for his birthday meal…:laugh:



I’m shocked, simply shocked.


Plans sound great! May will be here in no time :slight_smile:


:laugh: I feel like an awful parent when I write my trip reports and say “Nate had fries” over and over. Food is just something I can’t battle, Nate doesn’t eat a lot of different foods and vacation isn’t the time I want to fight with him over food. I hope he eats more foods at some points but he just won’t try new foods. He’s growing and that’s all I can ask for right now.


Me too! Poor kid, you would think he would get bored with his limited diet but he doesn’t.


We’ve talked about several places we wanted to try for our grown up meal but really didn’t decided on one place so I picked Blue Zoo. It may change when we get together, who knows.


Ok, Nate made his choices for his birthday meals. We’re going to Chef Mickey’s for a late breakfast and Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner (they have fries ya know).

I also booked Wilderness Lodge for our first 2 nights. I was thinking we would stay at a moderate but WL was less than $100 lore so why not? We love WL and have stayed there in a couple of years. Nate wanted to stay at the Contemporary but it’s just not happening this year.