Our Nick Experience


We just spent a weekend at the Nick Hotel in Orlando. If anyone wants info on it just let me know and I will post about our experience.


I would love to hear about the Nick Hotel!


Me too!!! Please post your expeirence here.


Me to!:confused:


We are staying 2 nights at Nick before our stay at the BCV. I’ve heard mixed reviews and we’d love to hear yours…


I would love to hear about your stay at the the Nick hotel and see pictures if you have any.


I would love to read about your experience as well.


Me too! My daughter wants to go, but I’ve heard so many bad things, I wasn’t sure it was worth it, when NICE CLEAN FRIENDLY Disney resorts are just down the road!! :blink: :happy: :happy:


Yes, I heard they were not too clean


Give us the low down. You have to know that all kids are dying to go there but is it worth the money, thats the question we all want to know.


I am interested to hear what you have to say. Everytime my kids see this online they beg me to give up my precious Disney time to stay there!


I too am interested!:blink:


Again, please forgive me if this should be in another forum.

We have stayed in touch with ds’s friend from pre-school. We have become friends with his parents and we do alot of weekend activities together. We all decided it would be fun to take the boys (both kids are 5 yrs old…and their birthdays are only 2 months apart) to the Nick Hotel. To make is more affordable we decided to stay in a 2 bedroom suite and split the cost. We preferred a 3 bedroom but it was ridiculous in price. So we got a Spongebob 2 bedroom suite. I think the whole thing was about $650 or so for two nights.

The room itself was okay. It was smaller then expected. I do have to say, the room was clean and neat. The kitchen area was tiny. Basically a narrow counter that had a microwave on the shelf and a small fridge underneath. There was a cabinet underneath also to store food. The living room area was small. A couch, end table and a chair…plasma tv. There was a small table with two chairs right next to the “kitchen”. The kids bedroom was cute. We picked the room with 2 beds rather then bunks so they wouldnt argue pver the top bunk. They were comfortable…as were the pillows. The mural on the wall was a hit with them. The master had a bed, table, plasma tv, etc. They had 4 types of pillows with a note saying they would provide more of whichever type of pillow we wanted. That was cool. The bed was comfortable too. I do have to say, the phone in that room wasnt working and we could not find the remote which was annoying. We didnt spend alot of time in the room so it wasnt that big of a deal. The bathroom was larger then the ones at the disney resorts. A single sink but alot of room to move around. It also was clean. Something we learned after the first day…the rooms need humidifiers. All the clothes hanging up became damp. It was kinda yucky putting something on that felt like you had already worn it outside in the heat. By the end of the weekend it was really yucky.

Okay…now for the important stuff. Our room was outside the small pool, near the hot tub. The weather was so nasty but we decided to let the kids go swimming for awhile. The went in the pool, which was slightly heated. The little slide in the corner though was all cold water. The kids lips turned purple it was so cold. So we went to the hot tub with them. We were there 5 minutes when we were told no kids under 12 in the hot tub. It annoyed us but okay. Although this became an issue later on. BTW, they do provide towels poolside but they are just slightly larger then hand towels. Bring your own towels.

In the mall area they have three counter service places to eat. A subway, a pizza hut, and a A&W which has burgers, hot dogs and chicken. Oh, also a Barnie’s. Kids do not eat free there though. We did have dinner in the cafe. They offered a regular menu or a buffet. Kids eat free. It happened to be seafood buffet night on friday and it looked pretty good. For $22 per adult we thought it should be okay. WRONG! The food was pretty bad. The fish was dry, the kids meat choices were dry from sitting under the heating lights, the soup was runny, etc. For fifty something dollars (including drinks and tip) we expected the food to be better. After dinner we hit the arcade, which was fun. They also have a small computer station where the kids can play computer nick games. Did that too. We caught the family night show and the kids liked it. Kinda like a trivia game that ends with a parent getting a pie in the face and a kid slimmed. The second day we had breakfest at the buffet. The eggs were good, but the rest was just “okay”. The weather was really nasty out again …definitely not pool weather. The hotel offers workshops for the kids but you have to pay for each one. And none of the ones offered really interested our kids. On a bad weather day…other then the arcade they do not offer alot for the kids to do. That was disappointing. We ended up findout this place called Monkey Joe’s. For like $9 your kid can go on the inflatable slides, obstacles courses, etc. Adults are $5. We went there and they had a good time running around. We were there about 2 hours then went back to the hotel…to the arcade again. Had lunch at the counter places, saw Spongebob and Squidward. We decided to go off property for dinner. There was suppose to be a poolside movie but it was cancelled due to the weather.

The last day, sunday, we had better luck with the weather but horrible luck with the hotel. See the next post…


Sunday…woke up and was surprised that we saw a blue sky. We decided to go off property to eat breakfest. Returned and got a late check-out…noon. Great! So we change and head to the pool. Here is where it all gets out of hand. The kids are swimming and decided to go to the larger slide. DS’s friend, who is shorter then my ds, goes on the smaller slide about 7 times. No problem. Then the lifeguard decides to start picking and choosing who can go on it. They tell him and his mom that he cant do it without a lifevest. She explains he has been on it 7 times already and he can swim. Lifeguard gets rude and then my friend insists her son is going on it and he does it. Then about a minute later my son walks up with dh and they tell him without a vest he cant do it. Dh explains he is taller then alot of the kids she has allowed on this thing and he can swim. No good. She makes them walk down the stairs. Well, now we are upset because they are choosing who has to abide by the rules and who doesnt. The more we talk…the more upset we get. And…we have seen little kids…babies even…in the hot tub and nobody had said a word to them. So then another lifeguard walks over trying to smooth things out. It gets worse. We explain how wrong they are …the way they allow some kids but not all and they are picking on our boys, etc. They he makes a sarcastic remark about how is supervisor can give the boys a swimming test to see if they can go on the slide. Like we would allow them on a water slide if they couldnt swim! He also said if we saw anyone in the hot tub that shouldnt be I should run up and tell him. I told him it wasnt my job to watch that rules are enforced or to enforce them or to report rule breakers. That if they cant have enough staff then they have a big problem.
So anyway, he tells us the kids could go on all the slides at the big pool because the slides dont flow into a pool. My ds, at this point, is crying and upset feeling like they are picking on him. We decide to go the other pool, then the husbands stayed with the kids and ds’s friend’s mom and I decide to go talk to the hotel manager. We go to the desk, he is called, and he asks if we could just talk to him on the phone. Total bs. I said no … he needs to face the problem in person. By now it is 11:20am and we are suppose to be out about noon. So 20 min later he walks over to where we are. We give him the rundown and of course he apologizes and tries to explain the rules. We went through the whole thing again about how they only seem to enfore the rules on us. We then threw in there are not enough activities at the resort for bad weather days and for the amount of money we are paying there should be more to do. We got into it about the bad food, and the room being damp, etc. He then offered to let us stay longer then noon and asked what time we wanted to check-out. So we said 5pm, this way the kids could swim longer. He was fine with that. Then he said he would discount us for another night’s stay. We asked what exactly is the discount and then he said he would mail us a voucher for a free night. There wasnt much else we could expect so that was that. However, it really stinks the way they handled it all. We really feel like the rules were only enforced on us. It made the kids feel horrible. And even as we were leaving our room at the end of the day there were kids in the hot tub. We even saw kids cannon balling into the hot tub near the basketball hoops!

So would I go to Nick Hotel again? Unless it is free…doubt it. It is totally overpriced for what you get. The damp room really was not worth over $200 a night. Even if the weather had been better…there is no way we would spend 10 hours a day at the pool and there is little else there and the food was horrible! If you plan on going make sure you bring extra cash to eat off property and/or go to a theme park or someplace else. Aside from Monkey Joe’s we went to Downtown disney 2x. We plan on going back to the hotel with the free voucher. We will drive up on a sat morning and come home sunday. Or maybe use the voucher for one day and go to a disney resort the next. I dont think we will ever pay to stay there again. If nothing else, because of the way we were treated over the pool issues. The way the Sr lifeguard dealt with the situation was poor. I will say the hotel manager was nice about it all and tried to make things right.

any other questions please ask…


Ok, now I am thinking that you were at a Theme Park resort and it sounds like you didn’t go to the park. There isn’t that much to do at Disney Resorts either, or am I wrong?
Don’t you think that they expect 99% of their guests to go to the park rather than hanging out at the resort?
We usually don’t even get to use the pool unless we plan it into our days. We’re way too busy “parking”.


Sorry if I missed it but did you go just to have a nice stay at the hotel… or did you have intentions of doing other things and the weather was bad?


My son is BEGGING to go to the Nick hotel… He is 7 now and can read, so I am going to show him your post- thanks so much for the information about the hotel. Bad food and damp rooms at an expensive price are not my idea of a fun time:ohmy: I’ll just stick with WDW :laugh: .


Sorry to hear that you had a bad stay. We were there last year before our Disney trip. We had a really nice time but we also had beautiful 80 degree days. We are going back next year when we go to Disney, but 2 of the 3 nights are free!!


The price of the hotel is what has always given me pause. I felt like for the money, I’d rather be at Disney.

After your description, the rooms definitely don’t sound so great.

The pool incident would have left a bad taste in my mouth as well. Arbitrary enforcement of rules never sits well with me.


We were basically intending on just staying at the resort and relaxing. The website and everything we read about it gave the impression that it was a kids paradise…plenty to do day or night, etc. Even other reviews from families made it seem like there was no need to go to another park. Even with great weather…we wouldnt stay at the pool from 9am to nightfall. I had even called the resort to inquire on the halloween festivities. They said they had trick or treating in the mall at night. We brought the kids costumes only to find out they werent doing it anymore. It had been the Tuesday before we arrived. Like I said, for the cost and the promotion of the place I just expected more. Maybe if we had better weather and didnt have the episodes about the rules I would have a different outlook on it.

Disney does not really promote the hotels as a place for kids to spend the day with tons to do. This place does.

Just my opinion.