Our October plans, any suggestions?


We have owned DVC since 2006 and have gone every year since. Each trip we have taken eiither DH’s parents, my mom or DH’s Brother and sister in law. This is our first trip just the 5 of us. We are actually looking very forward to it. We intend to do a lot of relaxing. By our plans you wouldn’t know it, but we have incorporated a lot of resort time. We intend to do some new things that we haven’t done before. Here are our plans:

We arrive at 830 pm to Pop for a one night stay before checking into Animal Kingdom. The first day we plan to go to Magic Kingdom and eat dinner at Kona.

Day two, Animal Kingdom, breakfast at Donald’s Safari breakfast and late lunch/dinner at Picnic in the park.

Day three, Back to Magic Kingdom and morning tour (Family magic Tour). Back to resort until late dinner at Narcoosee’s, depending on the kids, Spectro Magic Parade and Wishes.

Day four, Epcot. Breakfast at Akershaus and dinner at Tutto Italia, and of course… Illuminations.

Day five, Hollywood Studios, dinner at Le Cellier and back to Hollywood Studios for EMH and Playhouse Disney Dance Party!

Day six, Breakfast at Ohana’s and back to the resort all day. Hopefully kids will get a good nap before we head to Boma for dinner and then onto Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Day seven, Epcot, dinner at The Wave. We will leave and head over to Fort Wilderness for the Chip and Dale Campfire and Sing Along. We plan to do this for an hour or so, then head over to do the Haunted Carraige Ride.

Day eight, Magic Kingdom all day then we will head over to Epcot for dinner at Teppan Edo then over to HS for Fantasmic, and maybe to MK for Wishes! (this is a big evening, we will have to see if we can do it, we may fit Wishes in on another night)

Day nine, Epcot all day and dinner at Coral Reef, and one more look at Illuminations!

Day ten, we have the whole day, our flight leaves at 830 pm, we will probably spend the morning either in the pool or downtown Disney and then one more visit to MK before we head out!

What do you guys think?

We may even try to fit in Miniature golf one day, we will see. Any changes you would suggest?


Sounds good to me. I was wondering about the picnic in the park. You don’t hear much about it anymore, I was hoping to try it in sept.


Wow, those are fantastic plans! Can I come?:laugh:


They had suspended the AK picnic when we were there in March. Have they started it up again? You might want to check. DW was disapointed.


Sure MickeyEars, the more the merrier!


hmmm… I did not know that! I will get right on it, planning… yeah!


if you’re going in Oct, then maybe schedule a few F&W events? Looks like a fun trip.


Has anyone else heard of picnic in the park being closed?


Definetely add some F&W time. We’re only going to be able to make one day this year but so looking forward to it. Whatever you do…your game plan looks fun pack!


I think your plans are fine and relxed enough. Plenty of resort time is awesome. Congrats on your family-only trip. As fun as it is to share the magic with others, it’s also nice to not have to entertain others.


I am all for planning and yours look great and I was exactly the same way the first few visits but then found out that all the planning took away some of the magic for me. So now I may plan a few meals but as far as the day-to-day planning I just wing it and found out I am more relaxed and have a much better time.


I totally get the winging it, but this being my 12th trip and DH’s 7th, we definately prefer the meal planning. We are not bing on the take out meals and one time we decided not to book meals and ended up mostly eating burgers and chicken sandwhiches, we felt sick and bloated all the time, didn’t make for happy people in the “happiest place on earth!”

I also find that if I don’t plan out our time, we get caught up and just stay in the parks, and as great as that is, I really want time to relax this trip, we are in great need of a vaca with some R & R.


A DEFINATE MUST!!! We won’t be able to go to any of the wine tastings because we will have all three kids all the time, but we plan to hit Epcot on Days, 2, 4, 7, 9 and most likely 10! We really enjoy walking the countries and sampling wines and foods from all over.

DH (Disney Rx) really enjoyed the beer walk last year, and if I remember correctly visted the ice cold Sam’s Summer booth during the heat a few times! Food and wine is one of the reason we love October.


Think I heard it is now a grab and go and seasonal. Quite dissapointing, it was terrific last year! Maybe we will head over to DTD and grab Earl of Sandwich!


We did 4 days (2 partial) of our 7 day trip in 2008 at the F&W with our oldest 2. They were 25 and 22 at the time. We found that the wrist band charge cards were the best. I loaded 4 of them w/ $100 each and I never had to fork over cash if someone wanted a certain dish or drink. THey can be purchsed at most registers in EPCOT. I told them that after the card was empty they were on their own at the booths since we were still paying for everything else. I was able to relax and not continually being asked for a few dollars for an item. Much more relaxing.


I look forward to those days when tehy kids can kick back and relax and we can share a bottle of wine, ect… but right now, enjoying and pulling hair out over the terrible 2’s and the fresh 6 and 7’s!

DH and I contemplated the wrist bands last year, I think they are a must this year! Thanks for the advice!


Allears is still showing Picnic in the Park as an option. Anyone know anything more? Looks like fun!

Picnic in the Park - Animal Kingdom