Our offical plans for February


So we are staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort from Feb 3 to Feb. 9. And then we are staying at a rental house from the 9th to the 16th. I am super excited because my bff is going to be there at the same time! So here are our dinner plans
Feb 3: Chef Mickey’s at 7:35 pm
Feb 4: Yak and Yeti at 5:00 pm
Feb 5: Coral Reef at 2:50 pm And Pirate and Princess Party night
Feb 6: O’hana at 8:00 pm
Feb 7: 1900 Park Fare at 6:50 pm
Feb 8: LeCellier at 8:10 pm
Feb 9: Supercalifragilisic breakfast 9:10 am

We have tickets to Seaworld, and extra disney days and plus pack options. Feb. 14 is my sons 4th birthday so what should we do special for him?


Sounds like fun!!! You picked good places to eat at


Looks great!


February 8, 2:30pm, Magic Kingdom - watch Pride of Pendleton Marching Band in the Dreams Come True pre-parade. :laugh:


Your plans look great! :slight_smile: My almost 4 year old would probably like to spend his special day going on pirates all day long!


Everything looks good. You have picked some great restaurants. I will be excited to hear your review of Yak and Yeti.:happy:


those are great choices!! why not let your 4 year old have a day of all his choices - food, park, etc for his birthday. that’d be heaven to my girls! (of course, one would choose the things the other hates, just to be mean. lol, sister!!)

be sure to tell the front desk at the resort it’s your sons bday - they’ll send a balloon, autographed pic, give you a button, etc. he’ll love that for sure!

i snuck back in the room and left pins on the table, so they got pins from mickey for trading. they thought that was awesome!


You have some awesome meals planned! Don’t forget to get a birthday button for your son to wear. It will get him some extra attention!


Your meals and plans look great!
Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Thanks guys, I told the resort and I plan to get him a pin but I want to do something special for his birthday, I was thinking maybe the pirate cruise thingy anyone ever do it?


Your plans look great Jen!!!

Looks like we’ll both be at AK on the 4th…maybe I can convince you to ride EE with me :slight_smile:

We’re thinking about doing the PPP on the 5th as well as the 2nd, esp. if the weather isn’t perfect the first night. My mission this trip is to go to at least one DRY Pirate and Princess Party!!! I’ll have 3 chances!

I have to say thanks to Jen ~ if not for her, I’d have none of my ADRs at all…I’ve been crazy the last few weeks with my mom being sick that I had no time to even think about calling an making ADRs for our trip ~ Jen was the perfect BFF and did the calling for me…If it weren’t for her or Dana this go around, who knows if I’d have anything planned by now!!!


The pirate cruise would be a great special thing for him to do! Probably the morning before the Pirate & Princess Party. Both of my kids loved, loved, loved it they said. They left from the Grand Floridian… Also since you are renting a home you can decorate, pre-order baloon delivery and sing happy birthday at the house.