Our plan on parks


This is our plan for our trip in two weeks (8/18 - 8/23), please comment, add things, or anything we might be missing.

day 1 - Arrive about 10am, goto resort, Hollywood

day 2 - AK in the morning, Epcot in the afternoon

day 3 - MK in the morning, leave for daytona beach about 3pm

day 4 - Daytona Beach for a day on the beach

day 5 - back to MK for birthday

day 6 - any shows or rides missed that we have to do and airport about 5pm

We are not trying to get everything in. It was an last minute plan, so our plan is to just enjoy the time and not rush on anything.


Sounds like a great plan! Bet you’re excited it’s in only 2 weeks!

Have a great time.


Sounds great, a day on the beach is always nice!!!:laugh:


Daytona? Find much cleaner beaches and people if you head west!


Our timeshare has a palce right on the beach. We have been there before and it is not too bad. the resort does a really good job with trying to keep the beach in front of their resort clean and for their guests. I’ve talked with others that had been there and they said that their activity staff goes out and place towels and different things down to “hold” spot for their guest.


Sounds like a great agenda - enjoy!


Used to live in SC close to Myrtle Beach. Now live in LA and been in the Atlanta & Gulf many, many times. Hands down prefer the Atlantic side.

Actually best is watching the sun rise on the Pacific from the beach, but then that’s another story in another land:happy:.


Sounds like an exciting plan!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday trip!