Our resort choice


After alot of consideration we FINALLY decided we probably will be staying at the Contemporary. It is going to be approximately the same price to stay there for two nights and splitting the cost with my parents vs getting two rooms at a moderate. Although we would like to have our own room it is only for two nights. Being that it is during the rainy season being on the monorail system will come in handy. Only downside is that unless I find a job or the Fl resident or passholder rate is alot lower we wont be able to add an extra night.

Just waiting on the grandparents now to confirm that this is what they want to do then we will book it.


That sounds great! Good luck!


Sounds like a good choice, I hope everything works out for you.


You’ll love the Contemporary. The rooms are plenty big enough for 4 adults and have a private bathroom. The moderates only have a drape to give you some privacy between the room and sinks. We stayed in the tower park side and it was really nice to be able to sit out on the balcony. Have fun!


Jealous! Some day I’ll stay there. Have an AWESOME time!


Great choice. I always wanted to stay there but every year I get out voted.
HAve a magical tirp.


I think it’s a good choice and the Contemporary is a great location to MK


We stayed at the CR in 2007 and loved it! I liked it so much more than I thought I would. We had a split stay at CR and BC and we were so sad to leave CR. The rooms there are so comfy and plush. The only downside to having that many people is there isn’t a whole lot of room to put your clothes when you unpack. Other than that I had no complaints. The monorail is great, but it’s also such a short walk to the MK that it’s great not to HAVE to rely on monorail, buses or boats. Enjoy!