Our scheduled ADR's!


Hi guys!!
I scheduled our ADR’s for our upcoming trip! Here is what we have-
9/26 San Angel Inn 6:15pm
9/27 O’hana 5:45pm
9/28 Chefs de France 7pm
9/29 Crystal Palace 5:30 pm
9/30 Le Cellier 4:20pm
10/1 Tusker House 4:45pm
10/2 The Plaza 11am Mama Melrose 5pm
10/3 Coral Reef 6pm
We got everything we wanted, on the day we wanted!! The only thing we had to change a little was our time at Le Cellier. We wanted 5:30, but we got 4:20. We have never gotten an ADR at Le Cellier for anytime after 5 pm. But, it works out fine, it is one of our favorites and we don’t mind eating early!!
All in all, I am very pleased. Tell me what you think!!:mickey:


For the most part, very good choices. We did Le Cellier and Coral Reef this last trip, enjoyed both of them. Not fantastic, but pretty good.

I have always disliked San Angel. Great location and atmosphere, horrific food. My BIL went there earlier this month, despite me telling him not to. They walked out after getting their entrees, it was inedible. They paid the bill, and then ate at Cantina de San Angel outside.

We ate at Tokyo Dining, the best meal we had on the trip. Tutto Italia was probably second best, but quite a bit better than Le Cellier and Coral Reef. Might be two options to consider over San Angel.


I’m very disappointed to hear that about San Angel Inn. Having eaten at the actual restaurant in Mexico City I would have high expectations. Since I keep reading so many bad reviews I’m surprised that improvements have not been made. I’m thinking that maybe I should try eating in Japan.


Sounds like a great plan! I haven’t been to San Angel for the past few trips, so I can’t comment on what the others are saying. But we really do enjoy Japan (it’s a “must do” for all of our trips).

Hope to hear more about your trip!!



I think you made great choices. I love Whispering Canyon; it’s such a fun place to eat!


Looks yummy! I can’t wait to read your TR and see how you like Coral Reef. It will be our first time trying it in November and I’m somewhat nervous about it.


Looks like you got some great ones!! Enjoy!!


You have great choices! Have you ever eaten at Chef’s de France? That is one that I’ve never tried.

San Angel reviews upset me! I really love the atmosphere in there, but I’ve heard such poor reviews! LAst trip we opted to do the counter service and that was really good. Hopefully they improve soon!


You have some e great choices. We also have Ohana,and LeCellier (and the same time 4:20). I know that San Angel Inn gets panned, but we had a good meal there this past December. Enjoy!!


Lucky you getting LeCellier. I tried but was too late.

I, too, have heard bad things about San Angel.

Glad to hear Mickey enjoyed Tutto Italia. We’ve got an ADR for there but haven’t heard too much about it, yet.


we loved LeCellier & Ohana!

I’d second mickeys advice on tutto italia - YUM!

San Angel worried me too much to try it last time - dark and mediocre food was the consensus that i’d read. sorry.


Sounds awesome.

Have a magical time!



Great Adr’s, have fun.


Thanks for the input, everyone!
We have done San Angel Inn before and it was pretty good. We love Mexican food and go into withdrawals if we spend a week at WDW without it.:laugh:
We talked about trying Japan, but I have a very (cough,cough) unfortunate side effect from Japanese food-a side effect of the gastrointestinal type, if you know what I mean.:ph34r: I would be too scared to try to eat there and then ride Test Track. Know what I’m sayin’?
We have never tried Chefs de France, but the CM who booked it for me said she really enjoyed it, especially the deserts.
Coral Reef was probably my tastiest meal last year. I had the NY Strip and shared some of my dd’s crab legs. Everything was YUMMY. Service, not great, but the food was to die for!!
And, how do you manage to get a “real” dinner time ADR at Le Cellier? I can’t figure it out. You must have to be famous or really rich to get in there after 5pm. I understand the restaurant is small, but hey, out of making ADR’s for the last 5 trips, I have never, ever gotten to eat there between the hours of 5 and 7pm. We love it though, so we are excited to eat there, even if we have to eat dinner at the same time as all of the elderly people!:laugh:
I do appreciate the input. Any more suggestions?