Our School's Out Summer 2008 Trip Plans


Right now there will be 16 of us going…all staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas. We are trying to recruit a few more family members to go, maybe we’ll be up to 20. We originally booked at OKW, but a Goofy Family suggested seeing if we could get AKL when we were at our 7 month window and we got it! We are pretty excited about it. The Davis Family has stayed at AKL one night a couple years ago and it was awesome!

So our first day we’ll pick up the kids from school (hopefully early) and drive 600 miles (til around midnight) to Mobile, AL. The next day we’ll drive 550 miles to ORLANDO!

Our first day in the parks will be a Saturday in the MK. No big meal plans this day. We’ll do fast food for B, L, & D.

On Sunday we will be at EPCoT and have late lunch (2:00ish) planned for Marrekesh in Morroco. Dinner will be fast food, we usually each choose a country and get our food to go and then eat in one of the countries all together.

On Monday June 2nd we will be at AK. Lunch will be at Yak & Yeti. Dinner, hopefully Flame Tree, or we’ll get some other fast food.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, we’ll be at the Studios. we’ll just grab a light lunch and do dinner an early dinner (4:00ish) at Mama Melrose (our 1st time here) on the Fantasmic dinner package. Hope it’s worth it. Seems kind of pricey at $32.50 per person. (Especially for my 12 year old that eats chicken tenders, lol)

On Wednesday, June 4th, back to EPCoT…fast food for lunch…leave the park around 5:00ish and dinner back at the resort at Boma (rib night, yes!!) then an evening of story telling by the fire, night vision goggles, and swimming at the lodge.

Thursday, we’ll split our day (probably) between AK and Studios. For lunch we are going to try the Yak and Yeti counter service and dinner we have an ADR at Trails End Buffet and 50’s prime time (just in case we are having too much fun to leave the park to go to Fort Wilderness we will have a back up plan)

Friday, June 6th we will spend at the MK and have lunch at Crystal Palace and then dinner we’ll do fast food.

We are trying several new restaurnts this time. None of us have eaten at Yak and Yeti, Mama Melrose, Marrakesh and all but the Davis Family haven’t eaten at Boma…so most of our meals will be new experiences for all of us! Another thing we are trying out is doing TS lunches while it’s super hot outside (say 1:00-2:00) and then doing fast food for dinner. That will give us a chance to sit inside the A/C and refresh 1/2 way through the day and also be able to escape some of the hottest part of the day.

Some of the gang will be hitting the water parks and Disney Quest different days, but this is the overall plan…!!

Saturday we load up the car and head back to home…


YUM! marrakesh is delicious!! we loved the soup, and the salad was great! the dessert was my least favorite, but even still, it was good!

sounds like a fun trip!!


Your plans sound great! Looks like you will have a nice size party, and be trying several new places, that should be cool! Congrats on pulling it all together.


Sounds like an awesome trip you have planned!


Sounds great. I hope you dont put all 20 people in 1 car :laugh:


Wow that’s alot of people! Your plans sounds great and you guys will have a fab time I’m sure. Looking forward to hearing all about it!


Oh how exciting! Having that big of a group seems like it will be a ton of fun!!


We’ve done 10, but never 20!! :laugh: :laugh: And the 10 is just between Typhoon Lagoon and SSR…no 1200 miles with more than 5 to a car please!!:blink:


Your plans look perfect to me. It’s sure to be a great trip! I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back from it.:heart:


Your plans look GREAT!!! I can’t wait to hear all about Animal Kingdom Villas, since I will be staying there Thanksgiving week!


Great plans!!! BTW, if you have any problem recruiting family members, I am available those dates. Just so ya know…