Our several hours at Epcot Friday!


Well, let me see… our plan was to get up at a decent hour, and leave early enough to miss rush hour, maybe even in the morning!! :blush: :laugh:

Um… well, I woke up around 9 or 10 and was going to lie back down for just a few minutes… and then I was embroiled in a strange conversation with this woman who wanted us to switch all our light bulbs to those squiggly energy-saving ones… and then I woke up again several hours later… :blush: Yes, alas, I fell asleep. We got a very late start.

So late that we managed to hit the thick of rush-hour traffic. Oy! So what was expected to be under two hours became like 3…

We made it to Epcot, and renewed our annual passes, but at the lowest rate (just the 4 parks – we really need Disney in our lives but must watch our pennies – when the house sells we may upgrade, we may not).

Since we only had a few hours we decided not to do the birthday thing then but to have a whole day maybe this week, so Cub did not get/wear the Birthday Button.

Love the Flower and Garden theme this year – a day at the beach or some such – pics to come! :happy:



Were you there this past Friday?


Woke up at 9 or 10? :eek: The Cavey Clan is at the gate by 8:30!!!


The wife and I have to drag the kids out of bed because we are so excited to be at the parks! :laugh:


It appears the Cavey Clan is back online… :ph34r:

See, dude, you all gets spoiled living so close… You become a slacker! :laugh:


I notice that. Maybe all Floridian MBer’s should be required to buy Annual Passes for those of us a bit further (like Illinois or some island in the middle of nowhere. :tongue:)


:laugh: Well, we’re working on the waking-up thing. Admittedly I’m still on antibiotics so that may be some excuse. And of course we aren’t going to try to drive through Tampa morning rush hour traffic :eek: !

yay! Cavey’s back!


I completely agree about the flower and garden theme! I love it this year! It seems less formal and more fun!


And we love the Stitch as lifeguard one… which we will also post hopefully today!


Can’t wait to see you pics. DH and I will head down there at the end of the month.


We’re heading to Disney again now! (see house thread) We need it… so we’ll have more pics to add!! :laugh:



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I am green with envy at these short trips you guys get to make!!!


Pictures please David!


Okay! :slight_smile: We’ll probably tack our AKL and Boma visit onto this TR unless people want it to be separate…

Here we are as we just arrive around 6:30 PM. :blush: Well, okay, here is Cubby on his scooter, I’m the one taking the pic…


We love the new Flower and Garden Festival. :wub:


And Goofy!


Spaceship Earth as the sun starts setting…


The floral display behind SSE.


One of the things we love about being here is the palm trees everywhere. :wub:


Stitch as lifeguard!! So cute!!! :wub: