Our Surprise Christmas WDW TR!


Ok … are you ready?
This trip includes a few surprises …one even for me :slight_smile: As some of you know … our granddaughters were offered a trip to WDW instead of Christmas gifts. They did not hesitate to take their Dad up on the WDW trip or mind at all giving up gifts for a trip to WDW. But wait …what about us …the poor old grandparents who had been taking them to WDW since they were babies??
lol sorry but you can not leave us behind to spend a lonely Christmas!!!

Our TR includes the following cast of characters.

myself aka tinkerbell aka Lisa aka Nanny :tongue:
DH aka Melvin aka Grandpa
DD aka Mary
DSIL aka Joe
Adriene aka Adriene the girls best friend
VSTFY aka Lisa
Aloha_Stitch aka Barbie

it begins like this :

Dec 16 2005

I drove up to Texarkana to pick up our Adriene, Friday evening. It was setup that I would pick her up at the EZ mart. I warned my daughter to not go near there between 6 pm and 7 pm with the girls.

On the drive back home with Adriene, I was so excited … I couldn’t shut up … I was trying to tell her everything at once. When she and I got back to my house, in true “I cannot wait, I wanna go now” Welch tradition, we decided to leave that very night and get a head start.

My DSIL, DD and the girls were not going to leave till Saturday morning. Knowing them like I do, I was betting they would get a late start.

The camper was hitched to the truck and everything but Adriene's bag was loaded in the back of the pickup.  Toss that in there, the dogs and Adriene and we are on our way!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now I will side track a bit here … please bare with me as I do.

I did not have my normal 2-3 months to pack, check and re-check packing. Because the girls would figure out if they saw I was packed. So there were important things left behind … like bottle straps :crying:

we now return to the TR

After deciding we could not stand to wait till morning to leave, we are on I-20 and changing a blow out on the camper less then 2 miles from Hwy 59.

DH was so upset. We did every possible thing to be prepared for our first really long trip with the pop-up. Had the wheel bearings changed and greased, Checked all 3 tires, (all three were brand new tires) yet here we are less then 4 miles from home with a blow out so bad that it did some minor damage to the camper :crying: Adriene was wonderful help with the tire change. Think about this for a moment. I am nearly useless because of my wrist, Poor DH, and his lack of balance because of the M.S. stumbling about and add to it the amount of traffic!!! It was as if everyone in Dallas had decided now was the best time to go to Shreveport, La. And even when they had an open left lane … no one would get over in it!! But Adriene was an angel and with her help we go the spare tire on the camper.

But …now we have no spare. :eek: DH and I debated about going on and getting a new tire down the road. But caution won out over excitement and we decided it was best not to even try going as far as the stateline with out a spare tire. So three sad people head back home


oh no! what a rotten start…I hope it gets better! :smile: I’m sure it will…


Oh Dear!!! I just know it’s going to get better. You are a very good story teller. Now, on with the rest of the story!


oh yes it gets much much better


I hope things get better in a hurry!


NOT a good way to start…hope things start looking better… :flowers:


Dec. 17, 2005

Ok, up early – off to find a new camper tire. Not an easy thing to do in a small town on a Saturday morning :noo: After trying 4 different tire places, found one at Farm and Tractor Supply. Still had to take it to a gas station to be mounted on to the rim and then put on the camper. The spare back in it’s spot. This saddly causes us to leave much later then we would have liked. But once again … On the Road again (willie nelson) by 11:30 a.m. headed east to the Mouse House!!!

Except for a lot of rain from about Hattiesburg on to Ocala, and an awful lot of traffic, the trip was uneventful. Adriene rode in the back of the truck up to Hattiesburg …then she and I switched and I stayed in the back with the dogs :tongue: I had to take a pain pill, so I slept most of the way, waking up not long after we crossed in to Florida.

I had told Adriene, it was a tradition for us to stop at the rest area for our "free" orange juice.  But because it was so late and wet we did not stop this time and Adriene did not get her Florida O.J. 

At our next stop for gas, Adriene got back in with the dogs and slept right through, missing the magical crossing from Real World to Walt Disney World


Sorry about the rough start, but it sounds like it gets a lot better! I cannot wait to read more and see the pictures you were talking about in the other thread. :mickey:


Ok, I cannot wait to hear the girls reaction !!! I love stuff like this !!!


more more more!! I am so glad your back!!!
Hey, I have a ?..is Adriene your daughter…therefore Alhoa_Stitch and VSTFY’s mom?
Or is she just some lady you picked up on the street


12 / 18/ 05

It was shortly after 3 a.m. Texas time — 4 a.m. Florida time, when we drove up to check-in at Ft Wilderness campgrounds. I went in knowing we were way, way way too early to be checking in… but hoping they could tell us where to park till we had a site.

First problem at check-in was, no pet loops on the partial hookup we had booked — sooooo she gave us an up-grade to full hook up … hey I like that kind of problem :tongue: I was surprised when we actually got a campsite that early in the morning!!! But the CM said I would need to return to the lobby to get our room keys after 6 a.m. No Problem :cool:

We were on our way to our home at WDW for the next week … loop 500, site 533. Found it — but wait …someone is there. Back to the lobby. She fixed that …sent us to loop 700, site 723. Yes… it is empty!!!

While Adriene still sleeps in the back of the pickup with the dogs, DH and I set up the popup!! We are all done in no time, less then 15 minutes everything is up. It is still not yet daylight, but we get the dogs and Adriene moved from the camper on the truck to the pop-up. While waiting for time to pass Adriene sleeps while we walk the dogs and I put on a pot of coffee and drag out this and that.

6 a.m. finally.  I jump in the pickup and go to the lobby ----- whoa, sign says 7 a.m. .. back to the campsite.  Hooked everything up, cable, water, electric, totally set up now :) a cup of coffee  :wink: While still waiting for 7 a.m., Adriene and I walk over to the Settlement.  The goats were still sleeping Erin .. seem to be sleeping standing up :). She and I went through the horse barn and she was instantly in love with the horses. We saw two of the small Cinderella white ponies *awwwwww so cute ***  I showed her Pioneer Hall and told her about the Hoopdeedoo and said if there was time we would try and do that.  I told her there were peacocks there ..but the entire time we were there we never saw one  :frown: We walked out to the beach and looked around. I felt like I was really home!!!!!!

7 a.m.!! I am back at the FW lobby. I get the keys and a 7 day parkhopper for Adriene. Back to the campsite — everyone is off to the showers - Now the reason for the room keys, even though we are in a camper is to use the comfort station/ showers and laundry room, between midnight and six a.m. – but at no time during our week there were these doors every locked :ninja:

Everyone is all neat and pretty---- we are about to leave for MGM/Disney Studios!!!

A knock on the door

It is the CM that checked me in ---- seems she gave us a site that was part of a Magical Gathering and would we please move to 726 — only hitch (excuse the pun ) [besides the fact that we are in a pop-up camper and have to put it all back down, unhook everything and re-hitch it to the pickup] is someone is still in 726 and they are not in a great big hurry to leave.

insert a good bit of grumbling from DH here … a bit of Polly Anna from me…

DH “I just showered and have on clean clothes and I am going to get dirty”
Me “oh well honey I mean we can not fuss …they gave us at camp site at 4 in the morning”

We got everything put up and put down, dogs back in the truck camper and now what? We said we would move as soon as it was open …but like anyone that loves WDW the people in that site were in no big hurry to go home.

We decided to go get breakfast at Trails End… and hoped by the time we were done they would be done… good decision!!!

This was our first time at Trail’s End…but not our last! The breakfast buffet was wonderful. I wish we could have went back for seconds, but all 3 of us were full after only one trip to the buffet. Our waitress was just totally charming and sweet. We told her about our surprises and she seemed to be very interested.

We got back to the campsite it was now vacant and we made the move over. We did not bother to hook everything up again … we decided to just set up the camper then hook it all up later. We did hook up the electric though so the dogs would have A/C.

and here is DH at Trail’s End …we did not have a very long wait till we were called to breakfast :heart:


:eek: lol Adriene is the girls best friend :slight_smile: she is a senior and VSTFY is a junior. The 3 girls have been freinds for several years. I know I have picked up strangers on the street in the past …but as of yet I have not taken any to WDW :noo: :eek: :wink:


LOL!! I was wondering also who Adriene was! Glad it was cleared up! Now it will make more sense in the TR for me! Continue on… :wink:


At last!!! nearly 12:30 and we are headed by bus to the Studios!!! I made a call to DD. She did not answer her phone, so I left a voice mail, telling her we would be between TOT and R&RC after 2 p.m.

DH and I activated our AP's and once we were inside the park we had to decided what to do while waiting on word from Mary.  Adriene and I went and got FP's for TOT. TOT was not running at all right then!  We checked R&RC and the standby was 90 minutes ewwwww.  We decided to go straight to the hat and see what characters were out.  We got in line for lilo and stitch, I saw no balloon.. so I though the line would not end before we got to them.  What happen to the balloons!!!!??????????  We were only in line 3 minutes and the CM said lilo and Stitch would be going in 5 minutes.  we were more then 5 minutes away.   So now what?

Since we were right near TGMR, we went on it :heart: It was kind of sentimental to me. TGMR was our first ride at WDW and it ended up being Adriene’s first ride at WDW too :happy: while we were on TGMR, my phone rang. It was my Daughter …they had just got to Pop and were coming to Studios as soon as they got a hold of Lawwin to make arrangements for DC’s transfer.

After TGMR, we head over to TOT, R&RC. Adriene fell in love with the Hollywood Tower Hotel!!! She said she would love to live in a building just like it. I told her that there was a hidden mickey (she didnt understand Hidden Mickeys at first but I am sure now she is still finding them every where she looks :mickey: ) even with directions about the location she had problems so I had to show her the glasses. It was still a little time before our R&RC FP’s were good …so I took a picture of her in front of TOT.

we sat at  a table trying to figure out just how long it would be before the girls showed up. I think we were there for more then an hour ..got something to eat, finished that and still thinking it might be a while before they walked by. 

I do not remember why, maybe to throw away some of the trash from our food …but I got up and left our hiding place, walking towards R&RC.


VSTFY was pushing her mothers wheelchair… she just simply let go and my poor daughter just kept rolling!!! VSTFY pointed at me and yelled. “What are you doing here”
Aloha just pointed at me and ran up, and started to hugging me.

Me: “Did you really think you could go to WDW with out us?”

lots and lots of hugs …then …from out of the shadows as they are looking around for their grandpa … jumps Adriene!!! More squealing …hugging …laughter !! it was wonderful … I think those around us thought it was insane :eek: a bit of teasing the girls about how we had to bring our new granddaughter that we bought at Wal Mart. Lots of hugging …lots of laughing !!!

This picture is of Adriene before the girls got there.


here is one of Adriene in line for Lilo and Stitch… my DH too :heart:


and here is the first picture of all three girls together :heart:


Awesome report so far!!! I can’t wait to hear more!!!


Aloha, stitch and DC. Aloha had not been able to get ahold of lawwin and brer rabbit yet :noo:


You took great pictures! Can’t wait to see more!


aawwww! That is truely the best surprise ever!!!