Our Tentative ADR's & Request for thoughts about Kouzzina


:ninja:Emerging from lurk mode:ninja:

We can make ADR’s in less than 2 weeks (where does the time go?), so the family discussed and voted and came up with the following:

Le Cellier Steakhouse
Tokyo Dining
Coral Reef Restaurant
Crystal Palace (Breakfast)
Kouzzina (Dinner)
Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue
Artist Point
Kona Cafe (Dinner)

Despite all of the talk about trying new places, all of these are family favorites with the exception of Kona Cafe, Coral Reef, and Kouzzina. My kids love Coral Reef’s atmosphere, so we’ll give it another try despite our mixed thoughts on the food last time we ate there. Kona Cafe’s dinner menu appealed to the entire family, so we’ll give it another try even though the service was bad when we ate there a few years ago.

I was desperate to get in a brand new restaurant and picked Kouzzina. I just can’t find much about it though; most of the reviews are about breakfast, and the few dinner reviews are really mixed. The menu looks good to me. Anyone have more info?

Other places that I considered (or maybe I am still considering) include Yak & Yeti, Hollywood Brown Derby, Raglan Road, Bistro de Paris, Wolfgang Puck’s, Boatwright’s Dining Hall, Sanaa, or even La Hacienda San Angel. Feel free to try to talk me out of Kouzzina!




Never been to Kouzzina and it isn’t on the top of my list to try. I will vouch for 2 of your “considering” restaurants though. We really had a great meal at Yak & Yeti. The Wok-Fried Green Beans, Shrimp Lo Mein and Wonton Dessert were really good and if you’re at AK all day it is a very relaxing break. We also loved our dinner at Raglan Road. The atmosphere was great and the food was very good. I would highly recommend both! Enjoy!


I’ve eaten at both Bistro de Paris and Brown Derby, we had a great experience and enjoyed the food at both. My DH and I are trying Yak and Yeti when we go in November. I read it was very good. I know how hard it is to break away from the old tried and true favorites. We have the same problem when we go, we want to do all the old and still try some new. Pretty soon I’ll have to go for a month just so we can eat at all the restaurants.

I do agree with you on the Coral Reef the atmospher is great but the food not so much. Two years ago I went with my DD and swore I would never go back, but last April, I took my nieces and they wanted to go so I gave it anothe chance. Company, service, atmospher great!..food not so good! But keep a happy thought, maybe they got better.


I would change the Coral Reef and Kouzzina we were very impressed with either of them. Coral has a nice atmosphere but that all and Kouzzina is not what I call Mediterran food because it has been Americaized was to much.


We ate at Kat’s. Hated it. There were 5 adults with a variety of dishes. The complaints were too dry, too small portions, poor service, no taste.

Other than that, it was fine.


Nice places forgotten too often are Narcoossee’s and Citricos at the GF.


I tried Kouzzina on my last trip but it was for breakfast because nothing caught our eye on dinner menu


no idea . however this on tripadvisor might shed some light :mickey:

Kouzzina, Orlando - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor


I’m another one who isn’t in much of a hurry to try Kouzzina. Now, if it were Iron Chef Bobby Flay or Iron Chef Morimoto, I’d probably just go.
But Kat Kora’s menu concept for Kouzzina has too many things I don’t care for, or don’t want to experiment with and discover I don’t like.
Of your on the fence list, I like Yak & Yeti, Hollywood Brown Derby, Raglan Road, Bistro de Paris, Wolfgang Puck Cafe although I haven’t eaten at Bistro yet.


Check the dates for your trip to see when le Cellier turns into 2 credits (if you’re using the DDP). You might want to have lunch there ( for 1 credit).


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1048374]We ate at Kat’s. Hated it. There were 5 adults with a variety of dishes. The complaints were too dry, too small portions, poor service, no taste.

Other than that, it was fine.[/QUOTE]

LOL! Thanks!


Good point… I should have mentioned that we do Tables in Wonderland, so that’s not an issue.


Thanks for all of the thoughts folks! Looks like I have some thinking to do.

Oh yeah… I’d love to eat at a Michael Symon place as well.

Kouzzina would have been on my list regardless of Cat Cora’s involvement just because it’s relatively new, we haven’t eaten there, and it’s different. The menu does appeal to me (I love lamb, I really don’t know authentic Greek food, my wife is eying the press coffee), but it sounds like the execution is “off.” Hrm.


If your DW likes pressed coffee try Narcoossee’s. The food is really good and if you time it right you can see the the fireworks at the MK, and/or the EWP.


Time it right?!
Not me, if I want to watch fireworks from Narcoossee’s, I make darned sure what time they are the night I’m going and plan accordingly:mickey:
Also, unlike California Grill, anyone and everyone can watch from the deck that surrounds Narcoossee’s and hear all the music and narration as well because there are speakers outside. Or you could also watch from the boat landing.