Our "Terrible Vacation"








Okay, I never posted a TR from our September trip… Why? Guess I just never took the time to sit and do it, sorry. Maybe after this weekend I’ll do a quick one, at least share the pictures. but in the mean time, if you remember our last trip and I had DH wear all the hats, well… DH is a really big Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He wore a Steelers shirt every day in the park, except the last day - when he wore a Penguins shirt. We also took the terrible towel and had fun!













And the final picture. The big guys with the Terrible Towel.

Look at them, looking down, in amazement! :wub:


The pics are really funny!! Hope your team wins this weekend.


Haha I love Goofy wearing the terrible towel like a bib! :laugh: Too funny!



so you might like what we saw when we were passing through Atlanta on our way to Disney in September…ps my dad is also a steelers fan. I was looking for any players or someone…but they werent playing anywhere near Atlanta so we are not sure why the plane was there…


Cute TR. I love the photos with the towel!

Good luck with the game on Sunday.
I was so hoping it would be an Eagles/Steelers game, how cool would that be, but it was not to be…


I think I read somewhere where some of the planes were just painted these colors. My DH said it would be cool to fly on one of them!


thats what we were thinking too…we hoped to be on one also, no luck though!!


Sue! OMGosh! What great photos!:laugh::laugh: I love it!!!




Oh my gosh, I love it!! :laugh: Two of our best friends are from Pittsburgh so we are used to “the Terrible Towel” & know it’s importance! We are going to their house tomorrow for the Super Bowl, it should be fun, they are the type of people that jump up & down… scream at their TV, etc. when watching football! :tongue:

Go Steelers!


Hehe, terrible vacation! I had no idea what to expect when I opened this thread. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;929904]they are the type of people that jump up & down… scream at their TV, etc. when watching football! :tongue:

Go Steelers![/QUOTE]

Doesn’t everyone ? :blink:

Our family does the same thing, and usually the dog joins in too! :wub:


Love your pictures Sue. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the thread either. Glad your trip wasn’t terrible. Hope your team wins!!!:laugh:


Fun TR! I wish I could tell you good luck tomorrow in the Super Bowl but we have a friend who’s from Pittsburgh and is soooooo annoying about the Steelers that he’s acutally made me hate them and I don’t know squat about football! Ok, for you nice people I wish your team all the best!


No, our trip was GREAT, as you can see. Well, off to a superbowl party at my son’s house. Hope “all our dreams come true”


and to everyone, seriously we had so much fun wearing Steelers shirts at DW. No better way to meet people from your home state. Try it sometime.


You got me to with the thread title. Very cute twist! Loved all the great pictures with the “terrible” towell…very fun!