Our trip has begun!


We are just about to hop on i4!! So we packed last night. Hubby forgot his shaver lol! In the midst of packing a HUGE spider fell on me. I freaked and was pretty much useless after that! Oh yeah and on my lunch break yesterday, I accidently tossed my debit card in the trash. It’s ok though because that account is for bills. My hubby has the trip money! Crazy things like that happen EVERY long disney vacation for us lol! Last year my dad lost his wallet in pennsylvania! So I will update as often as possible since by the time I get back there’ll be a lot to cover. Tonight I think we’re skipping the parks and doing downtown dis or just hanging at the resort. My inlaws are driving in for a bit and don’t want to pay for the parks (I know I know but they are really nice people I swear!). Tommorrow is chef mickeys for my baby’s birthday and the magic kingdom!


Have Fun!!!


Yay, Have fun


So we’re at the hotel. My mom switched our rooms because they wanted first floor:( so no pirate rooms. Thanks mom :frowning: but whatever we’ll have fun


LOL! Too much already! Keep us posted!

What resort are you staying? CBR?



Oh, sorry to hear about the pirate rooms but!! I am happy to see you’re posting live :biggrin:
I :heart: spending the first day at DTD


Hanging out at carribean beach! The girls are having a blast splashing around in all the puddles. Nina tried to chase some ducks! And of course they got covered head to toe in the sand. I already lost ninas birthday pin lol. There was so much going on with having a new cm handling our messed up reservations, I think I left it on the counter. Our rooms have nemo bedding and nemo boarders, the girls love it.
***** as I was typing this, my baby ran into a corner and split her head open***** i was watching as it happened and couldn’t react:( I froze.the cms gave her a donald and we’ll be spending our first day at the ER.


If you have an emergency while at disney, celebration hospital is the way to go!


Holy cow. I hope she’s alright


oh no. How is she?


Nina’s asleep on daddy’s shoulder right now. Just waiting for the nurse to come back and glue her head together. I feel like a crappy mom. I should have been giving her my undivided attention. I was watching her but had I been not distracted, I maybe could have reacted faster:( everyone at disney was awesome. They gave her a stuffed donald and got the disney medics right over. The medics were so calm and nice (one not so bad to look at either). I normally flip out and cry worse than my girls when they get hurt, but everyone was so calm and reassuring that I managed to stay calm. I think I’ll have my moment later tonight. Collecting tons of memories an souvenirs though.


Don’t beat yourself. Nobody can watch kids 24/7. Glad she is doing ok.


Have a great time!!


So nina falls asleep on daddy’s shoulder. We have to wake her up to make a nina burrito and get her head glued back together. She screams but otherwise handled it really well. They give her a popsicle, stuffed bear, mickey/minnie mouse ballon and a disney face mask. We leave and head back to cbr. We hang out a bit and check out the main pool. It was being redone when we were here last year. then we head over to shutters for dinner. While waiting we go to the store and get our halloween ears for tuesday! After dinner we go out to watch illuminations from cbr. Then we head back. Hubby and I went to walmart to get a new cell phone charger (I forgot to pack mine) and some much needed alchohol! So now my phone is charging, nina is asleep and rose just fell asleep too. I guess I should take a hint from them and sleep too! Tommorrow nina turns two. We’ll be doing chef s and mk! Oh yeah! When we got back to our room AAA had sent us two packages for the girls with pink ears, autograph books and pens, cookies and pretzels! Yay! Thanks for reading! Hopefully I can post pics soon! I posted some in my mobile photos on facebook. www.facebook.com/nubeanie. Just send me a message that you’re from mousebuzz!


Wow, that was quite an eventful first day! I’m glad to hear that Nina is OK and hope that she has a good b-day tomorrow!


Hope she has a great birthday! What a rough start but it sounds like you are handling it well!! Enjoy your trip!!


Have an awesome trip!!


a nina burrito …Love that line. :laugh:

Happy Birthday Nina :wub:

Hope you all have a wonderful (and less eventful) day.:happy: Make sure you get your full quote of ice cream at Chef Mickey’s.


I hope your little Nina is feeling okay today and that she has a wonderful birthday! Have a wonderful trip! (I’m very excited that you are doing live updates!)


Well day two and we STILL haven’t made it to a park yet. We did chef mickey’s though the morning and I just don’t know what can top that! Kat was SOOOOOOO excited! Rose was making donald dance for her! But kat was even more excited about the birthday cake and party they threw her! Oh and she kept looking up minnie’s skirt. I blame it on my husband!!! My inlaws drove up to attend and now we are TRYING to get naps in before going to the park. These two can be a handful when in line without sleep. I doubt it’ll happen though. So hopefully my next update will be from magic kingdom!