Our trip plans


I know we are not going till next May, but I wanted to share our trip plans, since at least we have our flight and our resort all paid up and booked.

We are going for 9-nights, staying at the Boardwalk Villas on rented DVC points.

Looks like we’ll be able to add the dining plan after January - and I know we can make all our ADR’s at that time.

Still need to book a town car (Quicksilver)

I still feel like I am missing something??


How much, if you don’t mind my asking, are you paying for those nine nights?


$1,500.00 for the room only.


What price are you paying per point? I am only asking because I am planning to rent points for our December 06 stay and am trying to budget for it accordingly. THANKS SO MUCH!


I was able to get tham at $9.00 per point.


Awesome deal! Congrats! Was it through someone you know or just someone selling points? I hope I get that lucky!!! :wink:


I didn’t know them personally, but the guy I rented from previously did.
So that first rental a few years back has been my springboard. I am always still in touch with my first rentee still.


are you driving up to WDW or are you flying there? if you’re flying, then you’re missing airfare. but other than that, plans sound good so far.


We are flying.
We actually got our flights booked months and months ago before we booked the resort.