Our Twisted and Surprising WDW Trip!


One day in October, while my DM, DS and I were watching something on TV, in strolls DF and offers us a trip to Disney: wide and bright eyes lit up the room and he announced there was a catch: No traditional Christmas, no presents. No presents? Three mental shrugs and conniving minds immediately understood one thing. Disney = spending money = souveniers = buy your OWN presents! Voting was unanimous and “family court” was adjourned.

So, at the moment our cast consists of four very animated people:

Joe, the DH and my DF
Mary, the DW and my DM
Barbie/Aloha, my DSis
and me, VTSFY

Dec. 16, 2005

TIME TO PACK! Everyone was pretty relaxed about our last-minute packing, except for DM. She had to freak out and try to make us over-pack. You don’t need 14 pairs of undergarments, 10 shirts and 7 pairs of pants per person! 3 pairs of pants (to wear twice in a row because you’re allowed to do that with jeans), 7 shirts and as many pairs of undergarments to match for each person works nicely, thank-you-very-much. :dry: Also, two sweatshirts/hoodis each for the weather.

Dec.17, 2005

We wake up at six to get ready and load everything into the truck’s bed. First, the wheelchair. Then the two suitcases and two duffel bags (one with snacks). Next, DF takes FOREVER getting his golfing equipment together because he decided to do everything at the last possible minute… While that’s going on we lower the back seat in the cab of the truck and lay down the comforters and other covers as well as pillows and the green duffel bag; this bag holds all CDs, players, handheld games, and other entertainment. Up front is my lunchbox full of snacks and a small duffel with the same cargo. Dad gets the tarp put over the luggage and held down by wooden blocks, we check the animals and tell Heather good-bye (she was asleep in the guestroom), then we’re on our way.

One minor glitch in the works: the tarp gets blown up after five miles and we can’t see out the beer window, so Dad pulls over and fixes it. “Haywire tarp: the sequel” and we’re finally On The Road Again. hums

Aloha and I slept most of the way there, only waking up for pitstops and to eat. Needless to say, it rained the majority of the way there, even as we finally made our night’s rest and had to lug in the luggage. Plus, we didn’t get our free OJ this year either (see Tinkerbell’s TR to get what I mean). So, we pull into a Super 8 Motel-- forgive me for the computer-shaking shudder and gag-- and I wrestle DF for the remote. We manage to watch most of the Food Network’s Christmas special for Disney and make a plan to see the decorations. A quick snarfing of fast-food, off to bed we went.

Dec. 18, 2005

I can’t give the exact time we finally checked in, but I stayed in the truck so I could change clothes under the comforter. Afterwards I called Heather to let her know we’d arrived; I did it for my DBF as well. He was still half-asleep and asked if Tink was there. I rose an eyebrow and told him “Of course not. Why?”

“Sorry. Half-asleep.” Once he woke up a bit, he began joking with me and saying Tink was there.

“She can’t be. She and Grandpa are camping with Adriene at the cabin.” He humoured me and agreed that he was just pulling my leg. So, I share the joke with my mother and she gets angry. Here, I’m confused. No idea why she’s angry at a joke. Whatever, moving on.

We get everything in the room and hop the first MGM bus, then head over to the RnRC and TOT smoking section, as we always do. They’re always our first stop, and mom wanted a smoke anyway. When we get up the ramp a familiar head of blonde hair catched my eye and I look over to spot the newest addition to the cast. Tinkerbell! If I had been drinking soda, you could’ve entered a spit-take into the script. But instead I let go of my DM’s wheelchair and point dramatic-like, because it Is a surprising and dramatic moment, and shout “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” :eek:

I imagine it probably looked a little insane and could’ve been a scene from Full House meets Boy Meets World. Picture it: A shocked Tinkerbell, Aloha sprinting towards her as VTSFY points in an accusing manner and Mary goes careening towards the smoking area trashcans… Then out pops ANOTHER surprise: My best friend Adriene comes out of the shadows. All of a sudden we have three teenagers squeezing each other to death, hopping up and down while still locked in a dath grip, shrieking like harpies. very happy harpies. :biggrin:


hurray :slight_smile: I love reading this. so … hope you get it all done this weekend !!!


Dec. 18, 2005 (continued)

An update in the cast list:
Joe, the DF
Mary, the DM
Aloha, the DS
Tink, the Fairy Grandmother, er… ducks flying object
Grandpa, the grandpa
and Adriene (swink_inc) the best friend

After the excitement and me quickly devouring the french fries that Adriene left uneaten (how COULD she?!), Tink had to return to FW and walk the dogs, and Grandpa went with her. So it’s just the four of us again, plus Adriene.

True to our Disney nature, we decided to get our butts in gear and have fun! We did whatever we could in the time we had (and whatever Adriene hadn’t done already), including the animation tour. I’ll tell you right now, I’m depressed that the show with Robin Williams is gone… That was my favorite part of it. And it just occured to me, there wasn’t an animator to ask questions to. He/she was GONE! I loved watching them draw characters from the upcoming movie… sigh Ah, well. We did a Disney character personality test. Aloha was Cinderella. Adriene and I both turned out to be Ursula. Go figure.

We go into the how-to-draw session and it’s Goofy. Again. ::dry:: Oh, bother. So, I boredly draw him and sketch an outline of tink in the corner, signing my name at the bottom and writing my address on the back. I give it to the animator to keep (hey, it’s free advertizing of my skills, and he DID say it was the best he’s seen in quite a while…).

So, we go to ride TOT, then over to RnRC. Just as we get off we run into our family Fairy and are coerced into going again (not like it took any convincing, really. grin). And again, we rode TOT. w00t!

Next, we move on over to the 8:30 Fantasmic and line up. First wheelchair in line! ‘Sweet! That means we’ll be in the centre of the stadium! Yay!’ Anyway, we had to wait for the first show to end and for the first audience to clear out. While waiting Adriene and I sang along to Christmas carols (sometimes out of tune, but who cares. It’s time for fun!). We get in and I’m immediately send on a hat-buying mission for Adriene. She wanted a sorcerer’s hat, and she gave me the money to get it. Alright! Grab some snacks, do the wave, watch the show, hear Adriene’s awed comments…

After that we went to VotLM (I’ve seen better Ariel’s, but I’ve also seen worse), then out the park to bed.

And so, the first day of magic came to an end. Sadly, DF decided to be the TV Nazi and not let us watch any, forcing us to go to bed when he did. So Un-Disney-like!


The tv nazi?!! At Disney no less?!! This is a great report VTSFY, can’t wait for more!


Your mother sounds like me…I totally overpack, but am also always prepared because of my over packing…lolol can’t wait to read the rest.


What a great start, I can’t wait to read more.


hon this is a great start … of course I am a huge fan


This is very nice. The weekend is almost over and tink told you to finish the TR this WEEKEND!!! Thank you very much


great trip report your DBF almost ruined the suprise though LOL cant wait to hear the rest


Great report!!! I’m loving it!!! I can’t wait to read more, girlie…


Great TR! I cant wait to read more.


December 19, 2005 (Day Two)

Aloha and I made plans to get up early and go touring the resorts to see the decorations. Of course, we woke up around 9 AM instead of our preferred 7, grumble and didn’t leave until 9:30 because DF and DM were still asleep so we have to tip-toe around. DF is a SERIOUSLY light-sleeper, and gets cranky if you wake him up… So, it’s just the four of us: Aloha, Stitch, DC, and me.

We take a bus to Magic Kingdom, hop a monorail to our first stop. Now, to this day-- no matter how many times I ride the freakin’ thing-- I can never remember the order the monorail stops in. But, anywhoozle.

We saw the mini-Poly at the Polynesian, and took quite a few pictures. Pause here to vent some anger: there was a family behind me while I was taking pictures that ‘helpfully’ pointed out that at least three words were spelld wrong in the plaque thingy. Now, I couldn’t help but think “It’s written in icing and the chefs were busy rotating back and forth from regular duties to this two-day monster. And it’s in ICING. Uh, duh, there’re going to be a few spelling mistakes. I’d like to see you try and do better.” Befor I could voice my opinion, her daughter-- I’m shooting in the dark as to who she is-- said, “I love how cheerful everyone is this morning. This is a VACATION.” Score one for our generation! :biggrin:

We also saw the HUGE gingerbread mansion; while we were there, a couple chefs were fixing broken singles and siding. After they were done, DC got to meet them and have his picture taken with them (Nanny, if you’d be so kind as to put the picture up. :slight_smile: ), and I wowed them with my knowledge from waching the Food Network. XD I’m still amazed with the white-chocolate Santa…

We didn’t go over to AKL; we didn’t want to waste time by taking a bus from MK and back. So, off to City Hall to wait for everyone else.

While waiting, we got in line for Little John, Friar Tuck and Robin Hood. Almost got a baby-sitting job for the week while in line for Robin and Tuck; the woman in front of me was talking about her kids while I was entertaining them, and how she and her husband don’t get enough alone-time (and how they’d like some). I mentioned casually that I’m looking for a job-- no fruits of labour yet, BTW-- and she turned to her husband in the line next to us for Little John. “Honey, I found someone to dump the kids on!” XD Of course, I’m sure she was joking. But darnit, I wouldn’t have minded at all!

Robin immediately kissed Aloha’s hand and I threatened to tell Maid Marian, which earned me a kiss for my silence. :heart: After we get our pictures taken it’s off to City Hall again. Very little wait before Tink and the others show up, and she goes in to get reservations for CP. None for the week. Oh, well. We can eat anywhere; Disney food is Disney food.

A couple street characters stop us in Main Street to talk to Grandpa because DC is once again tucked into his sweat-jacket. Took us a few minutes to “escape”. Phew!

We decided to stop by the First Aide center and get a manual while Granpa’s chair chargs, and Nanny-- out of curiousity and sheer determination to eat at CP, goes up to see if we can get a table of five. Sure enough she’s handed a pager. As we all wait, it’s a photo opportunity that Nanny just can’t pass up. Chk-chk! Chk-chk! Then while Aloha and I sing Utada Hikaru’s “Simple and Clean”, the pager goes off and we go inside.

“Your server will be Micheal.”

A groan from Aloha as well as hopeful looks from Tink and Grandpa, a quizzical one from Adriene, and a mischievious grin from myself.

As soon as we got settled in the Hip Hip Parade started, and it took a lot of tugging to get Adriene out there with us, marching. It probably looked silly to have three teenagers out there, following Tigger around and clapping along, but it’s something we’ve always done and is completely second-nature. I’m sure that I’ll still be doing it in my 20s and 30s… :biggrin:

Once we’re seated again, here comes Micheal to sing and jingle some bells. Tigger quickly quiets him, covering his ears and making dramatic protests. But you’re crazy if you think that can stop him! When he comes back with drinks, it’s time to serenade Aloha. He waits for a kiss that never comes, then we all talk to him a while.

When he come to refill coffee and other drinks, it’s just me and Tink. I covertly point out that Adriene is in The World for her first time, and she needs to be sung to. :angel: Sure enough, next time he’s around he sings to Aloha once more. When she doesn’t kiss him, Tink says “If you don’t be careful, he might turn to another woman” and he did!

Adriene completely enjoyed it, and her face turned redder than the inside of a Pink Orange. After being wooed by our charismatic server, she rewarded him with a peck on the cheek. Of course, when he found out she was 18 there was a definite increase in interest. :happy:

The food was amazing, as usual. Fish, cow-- with a lot of “moo”, enough to try and run off the plate the way I like it-- and oh, the potatoes! licks lips


here is the picture of DC at the Gingerbread house with the chef’s

and the short movies of Micheal, Aloha and swink_inc can be found at this link

keep it coming sugar, this is a great trip report!!


After CP, it’s off to Tiki Room. Adriene liked it, as far as I could tell, and had one of iago’s feather’s stuffed in her ponytail all day. :slight_smile:

Before our trek to JC, Adriene accompanied me and Grandpa to retrieve his electric wheelchair. On our way back we saw a line-- a really SHORT line-- for Rafiki and Timon, and couldn’t help but get in. While we were getting our pictures taken with them, guess who decided to make an appearance? DF and DM! Adriene escorted Grandpa back to JC and I volunteered to stay behind and get DF and DM’s pictures taken with the crazy Disney critters.

While we were getting on, a CM was flirting with us and Adriene and I gave him a hug. Why not? He was cute! Anyway, our JC tour guide was very animated. Overly-animated, if that was possible. And she didn’t have too much originality with her jokes; nothing new to add like the “subliminal message” guide from a year or so ago. So, I give her a B+ rating for energy and effort.

Then, we headed over to POC. Now, I’m not a person that likes different and new thins. Believe me, that’ll become more and more obvious as a type. After a lot of fuss we were made to wait in the smoking area, then taken a strange back-route to the ride. Grandpa transferred from his electric, and it’s still a mystery to me how they managed to work it over to the exit… o.o;

POC made way for TMRR, which then led us to Splash Mountain. After SplM we headed over to Country Bear Jamboree and waited about and hour to get in (amazing, isn’t it?), and to our surprise it was different! CB had it’s own Christmas special! Coolies! As always, I loved Big Al. “Walking’ in a winter wonderland… hic! Walkin’ in a winter wonderland… hic! Walkin’ in a win-- huh?” But, to my disappointment Henry the Bear’s left eyebrow was malfuntioning and hanging in from of his eyeball…

After CB it was time to fend for ourselves; Nanny went back to walk the dogs, DF went back to the room, and Grandpa went to plug in his chair. We went through the rest of Adventureland and headed over to Tomorrowland to do stuff. The idea was to meet up at the Launching Pad in time for Wishes. Well, once our fun was done (I blasted everyone’s butts in Buzz Lightyear) we waited at LP. Tink arrived, still no Grandpa. She went to go look for him and didn’t come back for a long while. Mom was about to enlist CM help when Nanny and Grandpa finally show up. Of course, Adriene and I are already drinking hot chocolate when everyone wants to go on the TTA, so we stay behind and talk for a while. We couldn’t have real long conversations because every 30 seconds or so a particularly loud/bright firework would go off and distract her and we’d lose our train of thought. So I kept it simple: things we liked so far, and stuff like that.

We all made our happy little way over to Stitch, and we loved it! It was adorable! Actually, Adriene wasn’t a big fan and we only went on once because the smell of Stitch’s chili-dog breath made her sick…

I was SO thrilled to see Skippy again. He was the main reason I loved Alien Encounter in the first place, besides how fun it was. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Stitch’s Great Escape, but nothing can replace AE for me. Nuh-uh, no way, no how. (I’m just glad some fragment of it’s still there, and that Skippy didn’t get fried. I would LOVE to get a Skippy plush-doll.)

We started to head out of the park and had to go into Cosmic Rays to see Sonny. We just HAD to! Honestly, I wish Aloha would get over whatever phobia she has of him, because I’d love to eat there and listen to him sing… sigh Oh, well. Maybe some day, if it’s still there when I go by myself or something…

We made our way through Fantasyland on our way out and I was distraught to see 20kLUTS was finally gone as replaced with… shudder… And kiddie playground! For kids four years old and younger! Ugh! Talk about a waste. 20k couldn’t have been too expensive to keep up, especially now that we have advances in technology to fix whatever little problems there were to begin with. If they just fixed it and reopened it, there could’ve been enjoyment for all guests of ANY age. Instead, only a tiny fraction of guests (ones that won’t remember much of the trip anyway, if at all) get to climb over a fake tree and possibly get hurt because parents don’t pay good enough attention. :nuke::nuke::nuke:

Getting on the bus we ran into this Gothic guy and a woman in a wheelchair. They were also in Pop Century! Well, after we got on the bus I snapped a picture of im for Heather, because he was kinda cute and she’d like him.

After the bus stopped I hopped up onto the elevated portion of the bus to get out of the CM’s way as he unbuckled Mom, and the Gothic guy was smiling at me. Okay… blink Once she was free, the guy took DM and wheeled her out for me. Wow, that was nice! Then he asked my name. I gave it and he introduced himself as “Ed”. I smiled and thanked him, saying maybe we’d see him again.

Later, mom and Aloha teased me, saying that he was flirting with me and I was too dense to notice. Hmm, probably. I’m a VERY dense person.

Backtracking a bit to before we even went to WDW, to illustrate my point. Adriene was upset because this guy she liked was ignoring her and she wrote him a letter, asking me to read it and see if she was being too harsh on him. In the note she wrote, “If you want to get ahold of me, call my cell phone. I’ll be in Disney World for Christmas break.” Here’s where my brick-wall density kicks in. I just look at her and say, “Uh, no you won’t. You’re going camping.”

Her face turned red and she got all flustered, saying “I’ll be there in my mind!” And I bought it! Ugh! The Dee-Dee-Dee of the year goes to me!

A quick bath for me (not so quick, since I dozed off in the tub), then off to bed.


Okay, I’ll try and write more later tonight. For now, I have to go do my English III hmwk, then do my workout routine. I’ll also do more tomorrow, since it’s MLK Day and I’m out of school. Extended weekends ROCK!

Thanks, Nanny! :slight_smile:


ok English III first …but you must write more tonight !!!


I am so happy for all of you !! She wouldn’t tell any of us either !!!


here is the picture you took :mickey: of your DF and DM


Thanks for the report! It’s so much fun looking at the same adventures from two different generations! Both of you do such a great job of sharing your feelings while illustrating the days. After homework back to Disney, please!


and here is a picture of that very perky animated JC guide :slight_smile: