Our very FIRST time


My family and I just booked our trip for October. None of us have ever been and because we now have two little girls we are all VERY excited, I feel overwhelmed with all the info and would love it if anyone can give us suggestions for things that we absolutely should not miss. I have read most of the obvious ones but was hoping for some “insider” suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help. :minnie:


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You’ll find lots of answers here . . . so post away with all your questions.

How old are your dds? It will help in the suggestions. I have two myself, so I know the girlie stuff inside and out! :rolleyes:


Welcome to mousebuzz! How exciting! Which hotel do you plan to stay at? You should start planning which park you want to go to each day of your trip and then decide where you want to eat each day. That way you won’t be going from park to park just to eat and missing out on valuable park time. www.allears.net has a list of menus from each restaurant which is a good start. Make sure to make your dining ressies well ahead of time so that you get the time that works best for your family.

How many days are going to be there? I’ll bet your girls are thrilled. how old are they?


How old are your little girls and where are you staying?:mickey:


Here is a link that takes you to all of the menus (with pricing) for all four of the Disney theme parks and all the resorts, too! Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


Welcome to MB Estradafamily! You will find loads of info here. MB is the greatest group of Disney friends. There is a search function if you have specific questions that may have already been asked. Otherwise, ask away!


Welcome to MouseBuzz. You will be very happy here. Lots of people here have great info and really good tips. Wow, first time,uh? That is super exciting. You also picked a good month to go. I hope we can answer any questions that you have.


Estradas –

First welcome to MouseBuzz!

And second, here is a list of must-dos when traveling with little girls (you will find that each and every park is completely filled with fun things to see and do for kids of all ages. No matter where you take your little princesses, they are sure to have a great time). A few standouts come to mind:

  1. Princess character meals – CINDERELLA’S ROYAL TABLE at Magic Kingdom or AKERSHUS at Norway in Epcot Center – Please call 407-WDW-DINE and book this special character meal (be sure to mention you want the princess meals!). I believe these can still be booked as soon as you book your trip, without having to wait for the 90-day reservations window! Your girls will absolutely be in awe – all the princesses are there, they come to your table for photos, autographs and hugs! It is a spectacular moment for your kids. Bring a camera with plenty of film!

  2. Tink’s Treasures, a shop for girls right behind Cinderella’s Castle. It has absolutely everything a girl could need, including head-to-toe princess costumes, jewelry, perfume, tshirts and hats. They will love it. And if you are the first family to walk in the store on that day, the girls can “Wake Up Tink,” who lives in a little box – ask about it if you get there early!

  3. Activities in MK: Ariel’s Grotto, Fairies Meet & Greet and Storytime with Belle – these are all princess-themed activities in the Magic Kingdom.

Another fabulous option for little girls:
Bibbity Bobbity Boutique – the girls can be transformed into a sparkling princess themselves at this salon.


I keep thinking about this thread and how much fun it would be, to be going for the first time and especially with little kids. What a terrific trip this is going to be!


I completly agree. There is nothing like the first time. What a magical time it is going to be.


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October is a great time to go. Have you thought about doing Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? It’s one of my favorite events at WDW. :mickey: I bet your little princesses would love it - lots of charcters to meet, special parades and fireworks, and plenty of candy!! :happy:


Welcome to MB! Where are you staying? Make sure to take time to enjoy a nice swim at your resort and to see what it has to offer.


Great ideas! And the water parks (Typhoon Lagon and Blizzard Beach) are also fun for kids.


Definitely go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party… Lot’s of characters you may not see otherwise, special fireworks and a special parade and small crowds! I recommend it 100%.


Estradas – also, if you want a parents’ night out, be sure to look into The Neverland Club, which is a highly entertaining kids’ facility at the Polynesian. You do not have to be staying at Poly to use the service!

It’s incredible, and is one of my kids’ all-time favorite things to do in all of WDW. Believe me, plenty of people will chime in here about it.

You arrive in the lobby, which looks like Wendy Darling’s bedroom. You check the kids in, and they give you a beeper so they can contact you if necessary, and then the kids are sprinkled with pixie dust and they climb thorugh the window into “Neverland” which is a fabulous play area!

There are character visits, a child-sized buffet with kid foods, plenty of movies and cartoons in a screening room, unlimited video games and crafts, songs and activities. When you come back at the end of your evening to pick up the kids, they are tucked under a blanket, head on a pillow, watching movies. And they are so happy there that they don’t want to leave!

The next day, they will be asking to go back again! And the best part is, you got ot go out for a quiet romantic dinner!


Here are my “must-do’s” for each park. They will be different from what a family with small children may pick however, so weed out the ones you think are to much for your children.

The many adventrues of Pooh
Peter Pan’s flight
Haunted Mansion (not scary in the least)
Splash mountain
Buzz Light year

The world showcase

Hollywood studios:
Rocking Roller coaster
Tower of Terror
Toy Story Mania
Muppets 3D
Star Tours

Animal Kingdom:
Expedition Everest
Aniaml trails


I have 2 girls as well, but they aren’t so little anymore… :sad:

Best advice that I can give: don’t even think about trying to do “everything.” You can’t. Make small lists of things the family wants to do and consider everything else as “extra.” If you try to do “everything”, at some point you will have unhappy little ones.

If you want to splurge, my wife and my youngest (then 6) did the My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea (My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Te) and raved about it.



Welcome to MB!:happy: What they said.


We plan to stay at the Port Orleans Riverside. My Mom takes care of my little one so we invited her along to thank her for all her loving care. My girls will be 8yrs old and almost 2. We do plan on going to the Halloween party and the Princess Breakfast. How far in advance do we I need to get those booked? How far in advance should I do reservations for other meals. I literally get goose bumps thinking about it!! My husband and I married young and super broke so this is literally a dream come true. Yayyyyy:goofybounce:


OMG!!! POR is the greatest resort!! It is our favorite!!! Bldg 14 and 18 are great cuz they are close to everything… You can try and request one of those buildings!! The Princess tea is VERY pricey but we loved it!! You might try that!! Princess breakfast is good too and you want to book 90 out it fills up FAST!!! You can buy your Halloween tickets once they relaese the dates but I am not sure how far in advance that is…someone here will know tho!! OMG have a great time!! I still remember my first time:happy: