Our very own Rowdy Raider


Comes preselected when you buy an I pod Nano!!!

My DD just bought herself a Nano with her birthday money. I was setting it up for her, and listened to the songs already on it.

There was a “Disney” category, so duh…that’s what I listened to first:wink: The song was called “At Disney” by Matt Taylor. As I began to listen to it (without checking out the artist name first) I thought of Rowdy for some reason. It was just a cool song. When I looked to see who sang it, and I saw his name, I came right over to DC…oooops…MB to check. Sure enough, that was Rowdy’s name. I sent him a PM and he confirmed he had that song!!!

It goes to an Eminem song, which for the life of me I can’t recall the title of right now.

Wow, Matt I knew you were talented…but this is to cool!!!


All us Mousebuzzers are talanted…:laugh:

However, YOU do NOT go to the head of the class 'cause you thought we were still dcers…:angry:

Repeat after me…

I am a Mousebuzzer…

I am a Mousebuzzer…

I am a Mousebuzzer…:wub: :wub: :wub:


thats too cool hm note to self need to work on DH to get ipod


that is so totally cool!!! I wonder if he gets some kind of residual for that! Eitehr way that is super cool!


Was the song on her iTunes, or her iPod? Because the song may have been in your music files and dumped into iTunes.


That’s very cool! Congratulations Matt.


Way cool,Matt!!!


Wow Matt, you’re even more of a star than we knew about! Very cool!


:blink: <- This is me with anything technical. LOL. It was on the iPod when we opened it. I think. We never had iTunes until yesterday. (when we bought the iPod)


That is too cool! I wish I could get that song to hear it. Congratulations Rowdy!!!


I think it was in your music folder, as you have to install iTunes before you can even turn on your iPod.


That is SO cool! Congrats, Matt!


Congratulations Matt. that is really cool!


Matt, I am about as proud of you as I would be of one of my own kids!!! Way to Go!!! You DA MAN!!!


Wow that is awesome!

LAURENGOLD- the new iPods do come with music on them. The only way you could have gotten it from your computer is if you loaded iTunes, added Matt’s song to your iTunes’ library and then plugged the iPod into your computer. If you did not do that then it was a preset song, like you had said.

I hope your DD enjoys the iPod!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I don’t think that I can ever get used to that. But I will try :laugh:
I tried to say it out loud three times and all I could say was Mouse - buzzard


I still have that song! He used to have it in his signature!! It was SOOOOOO cool

Two monorail trains go round the outside…round the outside.


Rowdy rocks.


Wow how awesome is that? Congrats Matt… (I want an autograph… lol)


That is too cool!! I wanna hear it!


ME TOO!!! :happy: