Our wacky weather trip report


Returned yesterday from an 8 day/7 night wacky weather trip.

Me~ Cyndi
Dates: Oct 16~Oct 23
Location: Shades of Green & Poly

1st day~Early Thur morning we got a call from my mother-n law in OH, who was supposed to join us, but had to cancel due to medical problems which put her in the hospital. She’s ok, but unfortunately too late for any refunds. We finished packing while waiting for the girls to get out of school so we could leave. The following day was our 1 lowly little day of Fall Break and since they were going to miss the whole next week we decided to wait till 3 to go.
Tick-Tock and we’re off! Drove till not sure when or where, but I know it was past Ft. Walton and a clean bed so we got a good night sleep for our first day in the world.
Arrived at SoG by 1, grabbed both rooms, unpacked and showered so we could head out for awhile. Jo was flying in from CA and wouldn’t be there till after 6 so we had time to kill. There was a huge Oktober fest going on at the hotel but the girls wanted to hop the rail so we walked over to the poly and did the loop, stopping at Contemporary for snacks/refreshments. Back at Poly I sent Jeff & the girls to the beach so I could try advance check-in for later that week. Nope, only on-line or day of. Didn’t understand why if i’m already there, guess they have their reasons though. Hung out with the girls and a Lapu-Lapu before heading back to get Jo. Here comes the rain!!!

Jo was in so we grabbed her and around 8 all headed to the Boardwalk for dinner at Big River. Heard really good reviews on it so had to try. A lot of empty tables but many outside were wet so we opted for inside. Wait for table wasn’t long, just enough to play a game or two on the Boardwalk. Once seated at a table FOR 4! with 2 extra chairs pulled up(we’ve noticed this happening A LOT!!) we ordered drinks which took 35 min before even placing food order. Not a good start. And it began!!! the girls complaining because they couldn’t order off the menus they were used to everywhere else. “They didn’t want that yucky food with all that stuff in it”. We went ahead and let Em order from the kids since she turned 10 a couple of months ago, otherwise she would’ve starved the whole week. And she still only ate 1/2 of it. Dani and Jess both got chick fettucini. Dani ate maybe 1/3 of hers. Jess was about 1/3 through hers and found a rather large black hair on one of the noodles.:eek: She’s a dark blonde. I sent it back. Our waiter brought another plate out as we were all fininshed. Only option he gave was to box it up, not to take it off the ticket, discount it or anything.:frown: DH doesn’t do confrontations whereas I probably live them in my sleep,:laugh: Soooo, her new full plate, Dani’s 2/3’s and Em’s 1/2 all ended up in the trash. What a waste.
Disney, can you hear me…please, please have kid friendly menus past 9!! But w/o hair,lol
After the dinner that no one seemed overly impressed by, we walked back down the boardwalk so Dani could get her hair wrap. It started getting really cold so once finished, we headed back to the room for a full nights sleep. MK was tomorrow!!!


Ewwww!!! Are you serious they still charged you!!! That is awful!


Yuck! Hope the rest of your meals weren’t that bad!


posted twice, hmm


Yes, we were still charged. Although my meal was good the overall experience wasn’t.

Saturday morning up and out the door by 8. Wanted to use the Shady Shuttle (golf cart that transports guest) to get to the Poly but it was very cold so I figured we could warm up by walking. Arrived at MK just in time as the train was pulling up with Mickey & co.

At rope drop we head to TommorrowLand first, the girls love Buzz so we grabbed FP’s and went to Stitch. Never done it and haven’t heard good reviews but wanted to check for myself. Only dissapointment was that it’s a show and not a ride. Off we went to Astro, Speedway, CoP, TTA and Buzz. Girls wanted to ride again so we FP’d for later. Sigh* still no Space Mtn.

Across the park to AL. Noticed crowds were unusually high for this time of morning in Oct. Kept moving to everything excet no Aladdin- lines to long, but never too long for a quick Dole Whip.

Over to Frontierland. Of the 6 only 3 of us wanted to ride Splash & BTRR so we FP’d both back to back. Had about 45 min so we decided to grab lunch. By this time the park had gotten Stupid Crowded (dd14 kept saying). I’ve never seen anything like this, not even during our June trip:ohmy:. We ducked into Pecos Bill since we knew it would be quick and easy. They are waiting till you’re whole party is together to seat you, but you do not all have to stand in line together to order. Lunch was really good. Used FP’s for DD14, Dsil and I on Splash. Jess hadn’t rode it since she was 8 so most was like a brand new ride to her. Used our other 3 fp’s for BTRR except it broke when we were next in line to ride, so we got a ride anything/anytime FP in MK until the 31st. Last time we had one of those was when we found Huck’s paintbrush on Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Went over to HM…when did they stop FP’s for that ride:confused: Filtered our way through rides across to Toontown. Had to see Mickey & Minnie’s house 1 last time. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Mickey that day as the que was over an hour:crying:

Around 6 I realized it was too late to leave, I was tired and probably wouldn’t make it back for Spectro if we did so we hit a few more rides/shops before heading to our fav viewing spot…the stockade in Libertyland. Everything was perfect for pics and viewing. Standing on the platform watching over everyone’s head with the parade straight on then another view as it turned. Just as the 1st float approached, it happened…some guy on the FRONT ROW put his (not so small) child on his shoulders (both of whom had zero restrictive views) :mad: That completely blew the photos for everyone.
Stuck around for Wishes then I remembered we still had FP’s for Buzz from earlier. DH didn’t want to use them since he was told by 2 other CM’s that you have to use FP’s in your window. We tried anyway and was initially told no but was let on anyway. It was around 10 and we realized we hadn’t eaten dinner so we decided to go through shops on our way out and wait till we got back to the hotel since Mangino’s was open till midnight. Got to the hotel at 11:20 only to find out that the restaurant closed at 11.:frown: Someone forgot to speak with the mgr before updating the info in the check-in booklet. Sooo, off to bed w/o dinner. We’ll just have to wait till tomorrow. It’s F&W at Epcot so plenty to eat there.

I changed the title of this thread as our not-so-great dinners had already started a pattern.
Will try to upload pics later today.


I’ve never had a problem using FPs outside of the listed time, as long as it’s after the start time. Is this something new they’re enforcing? That’s disappointing if it is…


wow i didn’t think you could use them after the allotted time ever. i mean we’ve been a minute or two late and were allowed. that would make life so much easier if you can!
sorry about your food issues :frowning:
whoever said the economy was bad obviously hasn’t been to disney. it was really crowded the 17th and 18th.


So for Pecos Bill, is there an area where tons of people are waiting while the one member goes into the food line? It sounds nice to get a table right away, but to be standing in a “holding pen” with a few kids while one parent goes into the food line sounds like fun. :pinch:


“Holding pen” haha!

I, too, am surprised about the fast pass thing. I wonder if they are trying to change that, or if it just depends on the cm or the ride.


It’s still the same policy, hasn’t changed in several years.
They have to tell you, or rather supposed to, that they can only be used in your window.
It was explained to us several days later and made a lot of sense: X number of fp’s are allotted during an hour. They have a certain amt of entries (say 200) calculated to allow for easy access during a certain time frame. If say, an additional 200 people that had fp’s left from earlier in the day decided to use their’s at the same time then the FP line would jam up and it would defeat the purpose of having them.
Most will allow entry but be warned, a new or stickler CM may choose to follow original guidelines at a whim.

Those crowds were:wacko: weren’t they? Insane!


Girls hanging out with Mickey

Shade of Green Resort

Waiting for the bus in the lower lobby






One last visit to Toontown as is today since we’ll never see it this way again:crying:


I just told Dani & Em about the proposed plan to close Toontown. Needless to say they weren’t happy about it.


Really going to miss Minnie’s House. :crying:
But since the teacups aren’t leaving things are much better:happy:


Aw, look at those sad faces. They look much happier with Dumbo. :slight_smile:



Was still a little tired from the day before and since my feet were still screaming at me I decided we’d take our time about getting out this morning. Didn’t do to bad though, had b’fast before we left, out the door- then back in the door…for more clothes. It was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!!! Where is the warm sunny Oct Florida wheather? Felt like that guy from the movie Cool Runnings that ran back in the Airport for everything warm he had:laugh:. Back out to the bus and still made it to Epcot by 10. No biggie, only lost an hour. Jo stayed at the hotel all day. Apparently her feet got wind of all the walking we were planning and after the blisters she’d gotten at MK the day before they just wouldn’t let her go.:laugh:

In the door and first off FP Test Track. Dani & Em had never done this before so we knew it’d be a battle to get them on. Jess couldn’t wait. Started slow with Ellen’s UoE then on to TT. The girls :heart: :heart: :heart: it and couldn’t wait to get back on. Should’ve noticed that something was up when the line to get fp’s was longer than any of the other 3 standbys. I found out later why. Wanted to see what was different about SE since it closed the month after our last trip. Other than no AT&T ads I couldn’t tell a difference. Headed over to the Land since Living with the Land was back open again. We love that ride. Decided to wait till Wed for Soarin when Jo came back with us. Hit several other pavillions, back to TT to use our FP’s before heading into WS. Then we saw it…
OMG WHERE DID ALL THESE PEOPLE COME FROM???:ohmy: It was shoulder to shoulder people from Norway to France across the front. The backside was pretty full too but at least I could see an occasional piece of pavement looking across,lol. Well, that just answered our question about most everything in FW being walk-on. Everyone was in WS.

Normally we start at Canada and go counter-clockwise but since the girls were doing Kim Possible we went straight to Norway. 1st mission- Mexico, 2nd UK (NOW dh was happy). Since we hadn’t eaten lunch I let the girls take turns with 2 on a mission and 1 eating at our first three countries. I, however feel like I ate at all of them and many booths in between:happy: What I did like about KP was after the 1st mission we got to choose from a list which country to do next, otherwise we would’ve zig-zagged all over WS and been wore out. Between the 2 days we were there only country KP didn’t make it to was Morrocco. I really wanted to see Jon Secada but everytime we came close to Amerca the show was well under way. We finally caught the last one. Of course food has to accompany so dh picked up a round of dogs, burgers & barbq for all of us. He wanted to make sure we had dinner tonight after the last two, which later he wished he hadn’t. That Bar b q DID NOT sit well with him. There ya go folks…3 for 3.

Every trip we’ve always caught Illuminations from the Mexico area. I wanted to see what the rest of the world looks like so this time especially since we were already in the back of the park from the concert we decided to look there, around Italy I think. View was the same-just as awesome, but 75% less people and the option to walk up 15 min prior instead of the usual 60-75 min wait. Found our new spot, whoo-hoo!

Some of my favs: Cheddar Cheese Soup in Canada, the Moosehead and sausage wasn’t bad but when they say spicy they mean it.
I was most dissapointed with the grand marnier parfait. I really expected it to be in a glass and not a small frozen like patty plopped on a plate with 1/2 oz of compote sauce across the top. They could’ve done so much more with that.
Cheese was good, it was cheese.
Empanada from Buenos Aris was really good, liked it better w/o the salsa.
Fish & Chips in UK and something from the tap is always a must.
Choc lava cake w/ganache from Ireland was quite tasty.
Choc Creme Brulee in France OMG soo good. A Choc Croissant and champagne while there is also a given. The red slushy with grey goose was :blow: I really tried but it had to go! In the trash it went. Not much on sweet syrupy things.
DH & I split a Beer Hop, what I liked he didn’t and what he liked I didn’t. Don’t ask which was which because I really couldn’t tell you at this point, and probably couldn’t then either.
The cannoli’s in Italy were heaven, the cannelonni wasn’t too bad either but dh & dd14 are my 2 Italian lovers.
DD14 had a soup from Thai with Chick, coconut, mushroom, lemongrass & ginger. She said it was really good, i’m not a mushroom person though.
The potstickers in China left much to be desired for and some drink they had, a lychee something also made it to the trash.
Germany had a really good brat-in-a-pretzel thing, and of course beer. Norway-beer, nuff said there.
New Orleans was awesome. :heart: :heart: crawfish etouffe, and the bourbon praline pudding YUM-MY. Had to get 2nds on those. Felt like home:wink:
Outside of N.O. my 2nd fav has got to be in Mexico the churros and my new best friend for that trip- Blue Correlajo:whistling:tongue:

A nice surprise entering the park

Brain FREEEEZE at Cool Station

Look what we found in the back of Germany, one of the girls fav character.

1 of the girls new fav rides


um…I think someone had many by this point:biggrin: That’s the slushy that ended up in the trash one sip later.

Never could get a pic w/o crowds.

This isn’t a great background shot but the girls were having so much fun I had to add it.


I never even thought about not being there at the appointed time. what good is an appointment if we change the time


It just makes it easier if we don’t have to be back at a specific time. Otherwise, we’d have to plan around our fastpasses. If I walk all the way back to EE only to find out the fastpasses available are at the exact same time as my ADR, then it would just stink. It’s also nice to come back whenever we’re near the ride again, rather than hang around that side of the park waiting for our time to come up.