Our wacky weather trip report


So y’all are the one’s that jammed our FP lines up then:laugh: :laugh: j/k

Seriously though, when we see the return time and KNOW right then that we will not be anywhere around at the return time we pass on them to allow someone else that can do it get them. Too many times have I went to a machine mid-day that was already out yet hardly anyone in the fp line later that eve.:huh:


yes, but that’s the reason for the fast pass. Come back at the appointed time so that there are no lines. Why else would they print the time on there if it didn’t matter what time you get back. Think about it :huh:


I understand the reason for the fastpass and it’s not like I specifically try to come at the wrong time. I would say we show up at the designated time at least 75% of the time. We just have never been turned away if we’re late and I like it that way. It makes the day less “planned” not having to keep track of what time all our fastpasses are good for.

Sorry to go off on a tangent, Mickeybug. On with your show! :laugh:


Sorry to hear about the food… and the “RED” Mariner. Thank God they sell beer at Epcot.:laugh:


That red thing is the grey goose slush they’re selling in France. The Grand Marnier thing wasn’t even a drink, but a sauce over dessert. So disappointed on that.
Yes, Epcot beer is a good thing. But, Blue Corellajo reposado was BETTER!:goofybounce:

Wall, you belong at F&W fest:happy:


Day~4, Mon Oct 19th

Today was our AK day. The original plan was to hit AK early since it was EMH, leave after the parade then hop over to HS to close it down since Tues & Wed we WERE planning to spit those days with a HS-Epcot/waterpark. Since the cold snap had came in we nixed the water add-on and just stuck with the hoppers (which we’ve still yet to use). Alarm sounded at 6:30, snooze. 6:40, snooze. 6:50-see a pattern here. We’re still feeling the F&W from yesterday:nuke:

Allright, 7:15 everyone up-NOW!!! I’m on vacate, I can sleep when I get home. Eat & out the door by 8:30. Missed EMH but I was just happy to get there before noon. Told the girls they could wear shorts today, they would freeze at first but hopefully warm up later. The high was supposed to reach 70, much better than the 60 high yesterday. Sounds like heaven to some of you northerns but remember, we’re from LA and hadn’t climatized seasons yet.
We missed the bus by 1 min:frown: which meant it’d be after 9:30 before we got to AK so we drove and made it in less than 15.

In the park, head to Safari. Walk-on. Over to Asia to get 6 FP for EE so Jess, Jo & I could ride twice. Walked through trails while waiting for FP. Changed my mind about EE, gave my 2 tics to Jess & Jo and went with Jeff to Camp Mickey to help with the other 2. All met at Tough to be a Bug before heading to Fest of Lion King. That is a MUST on every AK trip. That show is amazing, or maybe it’s the song- I don’t know but I :heart:IT!

After Lion King the girls want pizza, Jo & I want Flame Tree and as usual Jeff doesn’t care. To him it’s food! Send them to Pizzafari while we grab ours and meet back to eat. Funny, those 2 restaurants don’t look that far apart on the map but carrying food through crowds was a forever commute. It was worth it…My Turkey Sandwich was awesome! After lunch we waddle over to Dinoland, and ride all those shakey-hurley-spiny things one would think you wouldn’t ride after eating. For some strange reason none of it affected us. The Mouse God was watching over apparently. Went back to river rapids. It was walk-on so the girls ended up riding it twice. Don’t think FP for that was ever turned on that day. Head to front for a little shopping before getting a spot for the parade so we could leave with the rest of the heard afterwards.

4:30 back in the car. We decided to slow down at this point or else we’d never make it through the week so we called it a day for parks. On the way back to our hotel we took Jo over to AKL & WL. She goes to Disney often and prefers the deluxe yet had never seen either of these. I forsee a future trip to WL for her, although GF is still her fav. She likes staying on the rail. I talked to her about DVC so who knows?
Back at hotel we decided to try Mangino’s since it was closed the other night. Wish it wouldn’t been that night too.:eek: I ordered Pasta Jambalya (needed my spice fix). It was :blow:. Nothing against chef’s but please leave LA cooking to LA, and i’ll leave ordering LA food to LA. Or better yet, cook it myself:biggrin: It was more like spaghetti/meatballs but with andouille and chick instead of meatballs. DH being the sweetie he is switched with me. He ordered chick fettucini. Later that eve I realized as much as I liked it…it DID NOT like me. OK, i’m ready to boycott dinner on this trip at this point. That was 4 for 4.

Start the day in a warm huddle

Love the background on this pic

Sooo Goofy

These guys were the greatest


HA! We are women, we are supposed to show up when we are good and ready.:wink:

Most of the time, we do show up during the window, but there have been times when logistically we simply could not make it back to an attraction during the specified time.


My Cheetah baby

Festival of the Lion King

Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade

Girls hangin out at the Wilderness Lodge while Jeff & I were showing Jo around.

Lookie Lookie what escaped from AK while we were there and came back to hang out in our room:laugh:

(these 3 are the prizes the girls won at the Boardwalk Fri night.)


Day~5, Tues Oct 20th

Today was HS, but before getting off into it I forgot to mention yesterday that since we came in early Mon eve I decided to do a couple loads of laundry. Fam of 5 adds up fast. We used those 3n1 sheets, ours was washeze. I think a generic of Purex but costs 1/2 as much. They worked great. 11:30 laundry done and in bed asleep by midnight only to awake at 2 a.m. for my dinner to haunt me. Back to :sleeping: by 3-FINALLY. 4:15 a.m. the alarm went off. I kept hitting the button but it never would hush. DH ran to the door thinking it was the doorbell (yes, our rooms have doorbells) when we both finally woke up and realized it was a FIRE ALARM!!:blink: Just our luck…we’re on the 4th floor. 4:45 they give everyone the ok to go back inside, apparently a false alarm. Ok, i’m exhaused, feel like my insides were ripped out and I was just miserable. How could this be, THIS IS DISNEY. Things like this don’t happen at Disney:confused:

Went straight to sleep for 2 more hours and something really weird happened. It’s like the Mouse God sent an angel down to me because I woke up feeling great!!! Not tired, no more tummy ache, no more achy feet and best of all…a forcast for that great FL weather we came to see. No jackets, sweatshirts or hoodies. Even a little humidity was returning so we could breath again. It’s going to be a great day!

Catch the 8:30 bus for HS just in time for rope drop. We were a flock of sheep all being herded in 1 direction whether we wanted to or not…TSM. Never been so I couldn’t wait to try it. Sent Jo with the girls since it was still walk on while I waited for dh. OMG, the fp distribution lines:ohmy:. Return was an hour so we tried a few other places but ended up at Great Movie Ride. We had 45 min to kill and that was 35 of it. Was worried the girls would feel it was boring but they really enjoyed it. Its always been one of my fav’s. Back to our fp. DH beat me both times…yep, he cheated.
Over to get 6 fp’s for ToT so Jess & Jo could go 3 times. With 30 min to kill and a 20 min stand-by for RnR the 3 of us went for that. I :heart::heart: that ride. While they did ToT I joined dh and the other 2 for Beauty/Beast show. I really wonder if they’ll keep that one there after the new Fantasyland in MK opens. It really doesn’t fit where it’s at now.
Wanted to see Lights, Motors Action and since they only do 2 shows we figured best to find lunch in that direction. Since we planned to go with the flow we went to Sci-Fi but all the cars were full, only round tables open and next opening would’ve put us missing the show so went to Backlot Express. Wasn’t bad-wasn’t good, it was food. After lunch the girls had to get faces painted. They looked great!! Really liked how they matched their colors with their clothes. Made our way through the rest of the park, yes had to see the chicken house too. Around 5 we left since crowds were starting to come in for Fantasmic.
Went back to hotel and had dinner at The Garden Gallery. Wasn’t too bad, a buffet for $11.95 but much better than the night before. After dinner we walked over to the Poly to watch Hallo-wishes on the beach. The sky really lights up more than regular wishes. Going back a Poly emp. gave us a ride on his golf cart to SoG front door (SoG only goes to the road). Apparently under Disney regulations one is allowed to drive on both resorts but the other is not. Strange since there’s lot’s of commuting between these 2 hotels. After telling him the “Shady Shuttle” name I suggested they calls theirs the “Poly Putt-Putt”:laugh: This was a good day AND night.

Girls new fav HS ride

HSM is a really good show

Beautiful Fantasia Gardens


Love those Faces’

Hannah’s Chicken House

Emily & Nokie


Great trip report. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about all the food problems!


Thank you. Glad you’ve enjoyed it. That was the end of the great dinner horror. The rest of the meals were good from here. Have more to share but we have several tornados in the area slamming us right now and don’t want to get back into a report with flickering lights. I’ll be back once the storm passes, unless we float away.:pirate:


Well, we had a light shower:wacko:, made it through. Still cleaning up. Have 3 more days including our anniversary day at Poly so i’ll try to wrap up by this weekend.


Day 6- Wed 21st.

Last park day so we let the girls pick what they wanted the 1st half, the 2nd we were going back to Epcot. They wanted MK so off we went to open the park. Within the 1st hour and a half we had rode everything they wanted. I couldn’t believe the difference between today and Sat. It was more like the Oct we’re used to. Sat was stupid crowded and today was walk-on, on everything.

Left MK by 11:30, back to the hotel for lunch then on to Epcot for more F&W. Weather was perfect, crowds were excellent and food was really good the rest of the day. This was turning out to be a much better vacate!

Only hit a couple of rides in the front since it was eve EMH and we knew we could come back. Most of the food/drink we tried was a repeat of what i’d posted earlier. It wasn’t broke so we didn’t try to fix it.
Found another good spot for Illuminations, this time by China. All those years we’ve stuck it out at Mexico never knowing what we were missing.
Tried Soarin for the first time that eve. It was ok. The seats we were in had feet hanging over our heads from the next group above so it kind of ruined the illusion of the ride.

One of my new fav parades.

Learned something new this trip. There’s only 3 of these rugs in existance: 1 in the White House, 1 at the Smithsonian and 1 at Disney in MK.

Very 1st ones on this ride that day. Never had that happen before.


Day 7- Oct 22nd

Up early, this is moving day. While I packed DH went across the street to check in at the Poly. Naturally the room wasn’t ready so we checked out of SoG and went to Premier Outlet Mall. I could spend dayz there. Awesome, awesome shopping.

After the mall we rode over to Chevy’s for lunch. A really good Mexican restaurant right out the Downtown Dis entrance. If you like Mexican and have your own car I recommend it for a good lunch while killing time.
Room still wasn’t ready so we figured we’d go to Downtown Dis and finish getting our souvie shopping taken care of. Luv luv luv World of Disney. My family couldn’t get me out of there, but fortunately for them Disney can. We got our text close to 3, room was ready.

Months ago i’d requested a certain building/view and was very happy that Disney granted my wish. Bottom floor facing the Volcano Pool. These last 2 days were all about rest and relaxation, and it worked.
Girls played in the pool, I made good use of the swings on the beach at sunset before taking the kiddies over for a little putt-putt before Hallowishes. What a great day it was.

Our Door Decor’ helped on those Epcot nights.

I luv the castle in the background of the pool

Oh to be young with no worries…except the battery goin dead frm texting,lol


close down toontown?..Noooo. We love going to see Mickey and Minnies house! What are they going to do?


Double the Dumbo Ride with a big circus tent, create a Pixie Hollow for Tink & Friends and develop a whole new area currently not being used into Princess Land with a full service restaurant, a Little Mermaid Ride and mini castles for Princess Meet & Greets.
Wondering where they’re going to relocate Mickey/Minnie.


Some more pics. edit-let’s try this again*

coconut dodge ball on the beach

Hallowishes from the Poly beach

Hallowishes from the Poly beach


I luv me some cajun cooked bird!

don’t jump


Thanks for the great trip report. I’m sorry to hear about your food problems, but it sounds like all and all a wonderful trip.