Our WDW Countdown/Savings Board


This year, once again, we are trying to save every penny we can for a trip we have planned in September. Our kids know we can’t go if the money isn’t saved before the deadline, but sometimes still need some motivation when faced with the temptation to spend.

I made this board a few months ago with my Cricut and the Mickey Fonts cartridge. Each Mickey head shape on the board is equivalent to $50 and when that amount is saved they can put one of the letters on the board, which I have cut out ahead of time and put in a little jar by the board. When complete it will read:

Soderstrom 2011 Family Vacation
Walt Disney World Here We Come!
Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

The countdown could only fit 85 days around the edge, which they will cover up with little castles when it is time, but in the mean time, I made bunches of ballons with the Mickey heads and wrote the days left in 10s. Every ten days we cover one of the balloons in glitter glue.

My son is collecting all the change from the family members to help save and averages a little over $50 per month. I admit that I often ask for four quarters in change at the grocery store to help him out a bit:blush: My DD14 got a job cleaning a chiropractor’s office and contributes quite a bit that way, and my youngest does chores for grandparents and they give her a little bit. DH and I pay a lot of attention to a site “Couponing to Disney” and “Pocket Your Dollars” and find ways to save up.

Just thought I’d share how our family gets to the World. It’s always a bit of a sacrifice to get there, but SO worth it.


That is AWESOME! I am so not creative like that at all. We throw all our change in a jar and when balancing my checkbook I round everything up to the nearest dollar. Those cents add up over time and when I’m at $50 I transfer that $ to the savings account. My DH also works ALOT of OT so all OT goes into the savings account.


I love the rounding up idea! Woo-hoo! One more way for us to save those dollars and cents!


wow!! It looks great!!! What an awesome way to save for a Disney trip! :mickey:


That is a great idea. I had divided up my money I had left in my checking in 3 ways so we can start saving. One was Disney and the others was my fun money and some for DS.

I also have a way 2 save account with Wachovia for Christmas and other things that we may need just in case.


What an awesome idea, we are already planning our next trip in 2 years (before this one even happens lol). Gonna have to find someone with a cricut. That board is awesome.


That is so cool! You could market that and make a fortune!..more $$$ for more trips! I use my tax refund for our vacations…I claim single and zero and live on less throughout the year, then get a nice check at the end of the year! Instant vacation money!


Wow what an amazing idea- it looks so good and what an incentive to save for- well done to you.


This is AMAZING! I love the idea and I love how your whole family is working toward the goal of saving for Disney! I might have to steal this idea when I start my countdown to Tokyo Disney!


That is awesome, My wife will have a field day with it when I get the chance to show it to her. We save change, our empty aluminum cans, an this year are planning on trying to use everything we make from yard sales to put up for Disney. I have been even thinking of cutting some wood to sell by the road for people camping this summer at a local lake since we live on the highway going that way, and I need to cut up several trees that have fallen around the property so I will get two birds with one stone, Oh and I will also be working a lot of ot to help out with it.


What a creative way to motivate your family to save and track your progress!! Too cute!! I love how all your family members take steps to pitch in. I bet it makes everyone feel like they have had a important impact on making sure your trip happens and feel even more rewarded once you make it to Disney!!


That’s soo neat! I wish I could do something like that for our next trip.:laugh:

I like how everyone saves up for Disney. That’s so cool!:happy:


Thats a great idea! Think I might have to make something similar!


Just great Jen!


Great idea! One day, when I have kids, I will be stealing your idea. :whistling


I love this! It’s so great that you get your whole family in on the saving aspect. I think it’s great for kids to understand the value of the vacation they’er getting. DH and I may have to see if we can come up with something like this that would get our kids more involved in the money aspect of our trip. I think they would appreciate it more. :happy: