Our WDW trip went from 2~4 overnight!


Last night I was on the phone with my Mommom and she was talking about the last time we went to WDW together. I took her back in April 06 and we DID have a good time except she was the kind of Mommom who said things such as “oh honey are you chilly here why dont you wear your sweat hoodie” and things also such as " its a shame you let Madison swim this late at night she is going to get a cold in her chest". Let me tell you … We went in April/May so its was hot!!! We DID have a good time. I just have to listen to the whole grandma thing ya know…

So she has decided to join me and Madison this May and also invited my Aunt to come along. Im really excited becuase they are both go with the flow type of people and I know that no one will want to go home:dry: like the last Disney trip ruiner I took :laugh:

So I was again talking with my Mommom and she said that she will go on any ride with me except the one that goes under water:confused: I asked what went under water and she said you know… The submarie… I asked what 1000 leagues under the sea or whatever its called… She said yea thats it:mellow: Again… that was back in what 1992 when she 1st took me. My aunt that is going was the first to ever take me as well. Then she asked if we can eat breakfast at the boat that had Mickey at the boardwalk. Again Im still confused. Does anyone remember this???


That is so awsome that you can take your grandma. I had a grandma like that. They think you will catch a cold if your hair is wet, or not bundled up enough,or will catch cold if your not completly dry from showering or swimming. I totaly get that. But, she will not be around forever so I am sure you will deal with it just fine. If thats all you have to deal with then go for it. To answere your question,I don’t recall a place like that. I hope someone can shed light on that.


the only boat that has a restaurant that I know of at WDW is Fultons crab house … that doesnt have any characters there …


Yea… I cant wait… She went with us a few years back and we did have a blast. She is 71 ish and she gets on all the rides and even the barnstormer:laugh:


This was back in the day. I would say 1990 ish -1993


But it used to when it was the Empress Lilly.


Was this located at the boardwalk? I remember this back when I was 10 ish in the 90’s. I cant remember my exact age but I know it was in the early 90’s


Check this out. only $6 something for breakfast. My how prices went up
Empress Lily


No, it was at DtD and is now Fulton’s Crab House. There was never a boat restaurant at BW.


The Boardwalk Resort didn’t open until 1996.


Im going off memory from 18+ years ago:laugh: I guess it isnt that swell:wink: When my grandma and I were talking I just had a million memories come from it. I remember things being pre plated and I remember Mickey.


How fun to take your grandmother! My grandmother has been once to Disney, but she was with my cousins and my aunt and uncle. That was about 3 or 4 years ago. She had the best time, and everytime we go she says she’d love to go back. I’d love to be able to take her, but she doesn’t like to leave my grandfather at home alone, and, as much as I love him, he’s a Grumpy Old Man! He went to Disney too with my cousins, aunt and uncle, and he HATED it! We probably wouldn’t be able to convince him to go back, so I don’t know if my grandmother will ever get to go back. She’ll be 80 this year, but she’d do most of the rides. Her favorite ride when she went was Splash! :laugh: How cute is that?!:smile:

Have a great time with Mommom!:heart:


That’s great that your grandma is able to come on your trip. I’m sure you’ll have a better time than when you went recently with your UNDisney friend.

I sure wish that my G-ma would have come with me and my G-pa on my very first visit to WDW back in 1979. She never travelled and never wanted to get on a plane so she stayed home while he took me. I just wish that my own DD’s G-parents would do something with/for her. She only has my DH’s side and they’re kinda stick in the muds.

Have a great trip:smile:


The other ride you are thinking of is 20,000 leagues under the sea . . . that is no longer there, it is now Ariel’s Grotto where you can meet and greet Ariel (cute pics BTW) and Schuttle’s landing snack bar has good coffee and YUMMY WARM sweet cream cheese filled pretzels . . . YUM!! :laugh: Located right behind Dumbo!


I could deal with the “wear your sweatshirt” comments if they were people that “go with the flow”. It is not fun to have to follow a schedule and know what you are doing all the time.


I knew it wasnt there anymore. Just trying to convince her of that isnt easy:laugh:


The first time I took her it was get up at 6am every day and get ready. I feel bad I did that to her so this time its whatever goes.