Outraged at what some people do


I just read the most horrible article. The second one in this article

Disney World: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | Away.com

in case you can’t bring it up I’ll post it here too - this is horrible to say that your child has disabilities. I am so thankful I have 2 healthy active at times too active children who have grown into great adults because of hopefully good values given to them. what people will do never ceases to amaze me.

And the most questionable piece of reader advice given…

“You can skip the lines if you know how to work the system. Lots of people do this, so don’t feel guilty about it. You pay just as much if not even more, so heed my words:

Go to Guest Services in any park. Tell them you need a “Guest Assistance Card” for one of your children. Tell them the child has “special needs” and s/he cannot handle being in large groups of people and s/he needs a quiet, less congested place to wait.

Disney CANNOT ask for proof of this nor can they ask for a diagnosis. (And really, what kid wants to wait?!?)

They will issue you a red card that is good for up to 6 people for your entire stay. You will be able to use the fastpass line as much as you desire without a fastpass. We do it when we go b/c when I’m dropping $10K on a vacation, I’m not spending it standing in line!!!”


—oh that makes me angry. I see that “attitude” all the time there—me me me. And just what are they teaching their children??? It’s a bad legacy they are passing on.

I hate it when I see people using wheel chairs to get ahead—switching out people during the day----

I don’t know how some people can sleep at night-----:crying:



I don’t know how some people can sleep at night-----:crying:[/QUOTE]

The sad part is I think these people sleep just fine at night because they are the ones who think the world owes them. Just like in the article she is spending $X on a vacation and deserves it, DUH aren’t we all spending our money on a vacation?


All I can say is ‘APPAULING!’


There are no words.

Except that this is making me feel very stabby.



wow, people never seize to amaze me. This is an outrage. But I don’t think that too many guests would stoop to that level.



wow, people never seize to amaze me. This is an outrage. But I don’t think that too many guests would stoop to that level.


I would hope not because if they do, through time the abuse will hurt the ones who actually do need it.


On a semi-related topic, Disney California Adventure made every single queue accessible. Doesn’t help with people who have legitimate crowd/standing problems, but does solve the “wheelchair to avoid lines” problem.

(And I saw a family having a total snit fit because they weren’t allowed the special privilege of avoiding the 4 hour Radiator Springs Racers line because of the wheelchair. This wasn’t a special-needs kid who was permanently in a chair, this was a teenage girl with a small lower-leg cast. And that family stood there and argued with the cast member about why they shouldn’t have to wait in line because of the wheelchair.)


I bet Disney could track them down if they really wanted to, and require them to show proof… them only, since they know they lie.


It is called lack of conscience, and is more rampant in the younger generation. You are right sue, they are all entitled. Their money is more important than ours!




Karma…will get them.


Wow! It amazes me that people actually do this and then brag about it. That sounds like a form of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. People like this should not be breeding, in my opinion.


I believe disney should ask for proof,when you make something too easy people like this will take advantage of it,if it goes unchecked


This bothers me sooooooo much! I work with students with disabilities and to think that anyone who would pretend that their child has disabilities to get in line quicker is ridiculous. My son has ADD/Executive function issues and was on an IEP. As a young child, he would get overwhelmed with large crowds. We waited until he was a little older to go to Disney when we knew he could verbalize when he was feeling things were too much for him. But by then he was fine with most of Disney as he had enough distractions in lines to keep his focus on other things. I wouldn’t have even thought to use the fasttpass line for his disabilities at that time. To me, it is for children who truly are effected by the crowds and social situations required of standing in line or who are physically disabled and standing or even sitting in line is too much. These are children who experience these issues EVERY day and those families deserve to have a vacation that they can all enjoy without having to risk further anxiety in their child.
All I can think of (in cartoon form) is St. Peter at the Pearly Gates and the mother of this family is standing there and in his dialogue bubble are the words “Do you remember those times you pretended your children had disabilities so you could get an all day fastpass???..”


I can never wrap my mind around people who do things like this. Are you born that way or is it in the way you are raised? I’m so naive (even at may great age) that I’m still can’t wrap my head around people like this. Where does this attitude of entitlement come from? How do you cheat and lie and then brag about it? A mystery to me. I do wish there was some way to out these people. Unfortunately, they probably know they can get away with it.


Holy cow! Cubby (and sometimes me because my back would go out, which gradually got worse over time) would often be in a wheelchair or his scooter, but he actually needs to be. (Indeed, with my own mobility issues, I would often rent a wheelchair, and alas, even if we could afford an annual pass and gas and such now… well, since I don’t know that I could actually walk the parks, and can’t afford to rent a wheelchair, till I am in better shape then we can’t really do much even though he has his own scooter…)

(On the plus side, I notice I am getting to and from my classes better this semester than last semester, without gasping like a beached whale by the time I make it to or from the car. Ditto grocery stores. So I must be doing something right!! When we go back to the parks, whenever that is, I want to actually be able to walk them rather than wheel around them, so perhaps this time away is just as well.)

Don’t get me wrong, not having to wait in the longer lines is wonderful but… to actually lie… at Disney… AAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!

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“A lie keeps growing and growing… until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.”
–The Blue Fairy


[QUOTE=Andrea;1121824]There are no words.

Except that this is making me feel very stabby.[/QUOTE]

You took the words out of my mouth. Stabby!!!:mad:


There is a special place in purgatory for people like that.


This covers soooo many topics.