Outrageous Rates!


We rented a car in April for a week for a great deal ($135). It was a mid-size SUV. Now we are going back in early August and the same car is at best $325.:crying:

I know it is supply and demand but come on!!!:ohmy:


Go to Costco.com: Offering thousands of items you won’t find in your local Costco. You won’t pay $325.00 It will be much cheaper. Click on the Alamo site they also have coupons on the site. It will say you an additional 25% off the rental plus they have coupons for a free day or $25.00 off the rental. Let me know what you come up with. Or just give me the dates I’ll look it up for you.


It may just be that you’re too early. Projections say that fewer people will be traveling, so as you get closer to the time you may find better deals. Maybe when you’re only 3 weeks away?

I find the best deals through Hotwire, personally. Anytime I look directly through the car rental sites, my jaw just drops at the prices.


Costco always has the best rates. Also if you sign up for the Alamo deals. Whenever Alamo is having a sale you will get the sale price plus the 25% off and the coupon savings. It is great. You won’t believe the savings.


Wow! $135 for a weekly rental on an SUV is a pretty good rate. The rate you are finding now is a bit high…but I don’t know that you’ll get that $135 rate again! I’d keep looking around though.


I have to agree. $135 probably will never be beat for an SUV. But $325 is quite high. Go for a Full Size or Intermediate Vehicle if you can.

I’d go to Mousesavers.com to check all the codes for each rental company. And I also agree to check out Costco or BJs codes as well.



Honestly, I can call to get a car rental price 5 x’s in a row, and get 5 different prices from the same company. It is constantly changing. It goes, up and down all day long.


How about priceline.com? We got such a super deal in Boulder, CO one year, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Something like $ 10.00 per day for a minivan.


Ouch! I’ve always found the best deals on hotwire.com for rental cars. They seem to run a lot of specials especially if you sign up for their email.


My other daughter has plans to go to WDW in November. They are catching the train here to there for a very reasonable price. Unless, you absolutely need a car while you’re down there, perhaps you can check into taking a train.

We never need to use our vehicle while we are at WDW. We use their transit system.


Two words Stan : good wheelz! I got the deal of the century with them.


Don’t forget to check SWA. They not only have really good discounts, but they give you a comparison chart to see the prices of all categories at all the agencies.


Sounds like you’ve got some good leads, but I recently heard a news report that rental cars have shot up a huge percentage over last year’s rates.


There are still deals to be had. You just have to look.


I’ve posted before about this, but when I booked a minivan for our Aug trip back in March, the rate was $333 for 10 days–great huh? But I forgot to specify the pickup and dropoff times, so they were set to noon. When I realized this in late April I called to change the time and was told that would equate to changing the whole reservation and put the new rate at almost $600! I didn’t cancel the reserv, hoping that i can call to tell them my flight times changed or something, but since then I also made a reserv for a Prius (small, for our family of 5) thru AAA for $200 for a week instead. I’m still holding out for the minivan though…