Outside cantina at Mexico


Haven’t heard any mention when the new counter service restaurant outside of Mexico will be reopening.
Anyone heard anything?


I haven’t heard anything other than fall 2010. There’s a very small counter service booth across from the cantina but the menu is very limited.


wow…they were working on this when I was there in March…still not completed?


It wasn’t done when we were there in July, in fact, it looked like it had a long way to go yet.


My only comment is that it is an obnoxiously huge scrim surrounding the building. It really blocks the view of the Mexico pyramid.


Everywhere i’ve read says its reopening Sept 2010. I haven’t seen any solid confirmation but that’s the idea.


they are still not taking adrs as of last week.


I don’t know about the time frame for the new counter service, but the nachos looked very good from the small temporary stand.


those nachos are AWESOME…


ditto! try the enchiladas


I can’t wait for this to open!! I have very high hopes!!!


Is this going to be a CS or a TS restaurant? I was under the impression that it was TS.