Over due trip report


Sorry for the delay in TR thing have been a little chaotic since we got back form Disney.

Our daughter went in to early labour and gave birth to our 3rd grandchild. Both are now back home safe and well.

We arrived around 3pm check in was very good, we did the on-line check in. We were allocated building 5 as I had requested by phone two days prior to arrival, we had a nice view of the garden/ court yard.

On the afternoon we arrived in Disney the buses were taken off due to a suspicious package been found (you might of hared about this by now…) we arrived at the bus stop heading for MK around 4pm for our 5.30 reservation at CP when we were told the buses were down but no problem Disney arranged taxis and there own cars to take guest that had dinning reservations’ to the parks. Thanks to Chelsea the resort duty manager who took us across to the MK (Disney trip has to start with MK so you know you have arrived), the buses were down for a few hours nobody was giving any info about the situation or what the problem was.

(Now I’m having PC problems and cant add photos or smiley’s. hope to be back soon)


CP for our meal and they put out a treat for our anniversary,
a little tease for Halloween


oh goodie, a report. Doesn’t matter how late, just as long as there are plenty of pictures too.
What resort did you stay in?


Jimbo many congrats on your third grandbaby! and I love your TR already, more please and photos too xx


Thanks Dixie :heart:

Sorry dopey i forgot to say, we stayed at POFQ it was fantastic just like everyone at mousebuzz told me it would be.

The hot tub was a nice way to end the day after walking around the parks. although the store and food court was not as nice as riverside i have no complaints about POFQ. the staff are all friendly, the room comfortable and the pool just the right size.
This was one of the most relaxing holidays we have ever had. The September crowds were so low we had chance to ride everything we wanted by mid day then head back to the resort for a rest and a dip in the pool before heading back to the parks for the evening.


Day two after recovering from the long flight having a lie in we eventually headed out to DHS. god the weather is so hot and humid in September.

we love the new toystore ride it was so much fun but boy what a Que any time of day or night.


I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip and that you liked POFQ. Nothing worse than not liking ones resort. That is exactly why we are having a do-over of our January trip :closedeye
Ok, on with the show :biggrin:


Oh congratulations on the new grandbaby! :))

Glad you both enjoyed POFQ.


just having a jump around on my days due to some PC problems.

We went to the not so scary Halloween party, what a fantastic night, there was so many people in fancy dress - but not as many as there should be. ill show you more soon and hope my PC is better.


OMGosh, how on earth did you manage to get all the dwarfs into the same picture? That is fantastic.
I think I look particularly fetching, heehee


Sounds good so far! I love the pic with all the dwarfs!


Well we cued for around Min’s at the Halloween party to get snow white and the seven dwarfs, it was around 11.15 at night when we started to Que- just as we were approaching the front of the Que the cast member came along the line to say they would be leaving for a rest in the next few minuets. needless to say we made it- but what a disappointment no photopass photographers:pinch:.

Trick or Treat was such fun we managed to collect some candy without trying:laugh::laugh:


Sweet Minnie Mouse :heart:

Mickey not so scarey:laugh:

The castle looking good as always

Dont turn me into a mouse:heart:


The photographer at Minnie’s house was so helpful in getting this shot for us with the pumpkin. I would recomend the Halloween night it was so much fun. we never made it onto any rides that night but it was so good. although I must say that the parade was not as good as I expected. don’t get me wrong it was good but I saw on the INTERNET big pumpkin floats but there was none. loved the ghouls with the shovels dancing.

We had our meal at CP around 5 pm we got some strange looks from people that didn’t know about the party.


:pirate: Well the old PC is in better order now!
I cant believe that we missed the hitchhiking ghost photo, the time goes so quickly it was midnight before we knew it, we originally thought there was not as much to do as at the Christmas party but we were so wrong.
it is something we would love to do again. I’ll move on to the next day tomorrow. EPCOT


You guys are SO cute! and I am very jealous of the crowds you had - we were there a week or more later and the crowds were terrible. The lines for the pictures with the characters were so long, we couldnt wait - but now I regret, as your pics are SO ADORABLE!

Keep it coming…


Ok sorry for the mix up with the days, you have now had the Halloween party that was actually day 6 out of 14.

So on our second day after getting over jet lag we headed over to EPCOT. number one on the to due list Sorin’. wow on arrival only a 15 min wait- so we grabbed fast pass then cued well not really the wait time was basically the length of time it took you to walk to the ride. after riding sorin’ 3 times I finally found a hidden mickey on the ride infarct I think I found two. there is definitely one on the mountain with the skiers the other i thought I saw on the golf course and the valley where the horse riders are. I really must get an hidden mickey book for my next trip:laugh:

On to test track again another short Que but then the message came across " we are experiencing some technical difficulties, this may take some time before the ride is fully operational again" we decided to stick it out and were on the ride in no time once half the Que left due to this. just once is enough for me on this ride. I love looking at all the cars at the exit to the ride and dreaming of what I would love to drive home in.

Next on to Mission SPACE I love this ride and had to do it twice on the trot boy did i feel ill after-would, I messed around with all the controls in the hope of the captain telling me off but nothing happened:blush:

Now its time for a spot of lunch Mmmm across to the electric umbrella, this was our first time ever eaten here. not bad but not the best.

more later…