Overweight Luggage


I was just reading the travel tips thread and wondered if any of you who have packing issues have ever had a problem with having to pay extra for luggage, or how you avoid it. I never have, but I have noticed that over the last few years the airlines are really cutting down on the pounds per bag you’re allowed to check.

Our last trip was kind of confusing - I went to Atlanta and Washington DC for work, and DH flew to Washington with the kids to meet me there. To cut down on the number of bags he would have to take (while dealing with 2 kids) I packed some extra stuff in mine, and just made the weight limit within a few ounces.


I’ve never had to pay extra, even when I’ve been overseas and am bringing home an EXTREMELY overstuffed suitcase, etc…
If you are bringing the normal vacation fare I don’t think you’d have a problem. If you are super worried, pack an extra duffle back so if they tell you that you are over you can pack some things in another bag.


I have never had a problem - I don’t think I overpack at all - just wondering about those who pack the kitchen sink.

Dana, have you ever had a problem?


I have never had a problem but I saw a couple of people have to pay when we were checking in this past summer. We were using the curb side check in and a person in front of us and someone behind us were send in to the counter because their bags were over weight. The sky cap could tell just by looking at their bags–they were really big so he pulled a scale over and showed them.


That just goes to show too how some people don’t think when getting ready to fly either. I remember sitting at the gate near a woman once, who had obviously never flown before - she was so nervous that when somebody mentioned they disliked flying, she offered them some of the drugs she had taken to calm herself down. Anyway, the whole time I sat near her at the gate she was complaining because security would not let her take her expensive cigarette lighter on the plane, and how she had to throw it away.


I have had the problem of an overweight suitcase before. My parents were in the military before I was born and mom taught me how to pack a suitcase maximizing all of the space. Since we have the one of the biggest suitcases they make, I have to force myself not to pack the way that I have been taught when I use the big one. When I pack using the smaller suitcases, I pack the way mom taught me.


1 of my suitcases is very BIG! And if you stuff it, it is over the allowed weight.
Last year on my way home they tried to charge me but they let me slide.
This year I tried weighing it on my bathroom scale (which was very difficult I might add) and made sure it was less then the 50 lbs and I didn’t put anything heavy in it. When I departed NJ, the skycap checked in my bags at curbside and did NOT weigh them. :angel:
On the way home, I checked them at my hotel and the hotel did not weigh them either. And my big suitcase was much heavier going home!!

Hope that helps you.


I have had to pay before - well almost. I had put an extra empty bag in my suitcase. I had to open it up and transfer to 2 suitcases right there at the counter. What a pain. I always check and weigh my bags now.


:pinch: I almost had to pay $80 extra! :eek: I like to pick up reading materials about my destination when I’m on vacation. The extra weight would have cost me the $80. Instead, while at the counter, I unpacked the materials from my suitcase and just carried them on-board.

I’ve learned to ship my Disney purchases home, rather than pack them.
That helps!


I have not been charged but have been worried both times. Last year we checked our luggage at curbside with no problems, didn’t weigh it. This year we checked our bags at the hotel and they didn’t weigh them. We had to cram stuff in this year.

Been very lucky so far! :mickey:


It’s within the last year that the airlines have been cracking down on the weight of individual bags. And I’m not quite sure what it’s about. You still bring the same amount of weight with you when you divide it into two suitcases.

But still, I didn’t pack my very large bag last trip. I went with two medium sized suitcases instead…which is much more difficult to carry.


I unfortunately have had the experience of overweight bags. The trip we took 2 weeks ago I had 3 suitcases all just over 50 lbs. They were 52, 53 and 56. They skycab man was very nice. If we left everything as it was, I would’ve paid $25 per bag. Instead he told me to take stuff out of 2 of the bags and stuff them in the 3rd one. This way we only had to pay for 1 overweight bag. Check with your airline though. Southwest’s limit is 50 lbs., but I seem to remember Delta Song’s being less. It’s really not a fun way to start your trip. For future trips I definately will ship heavy things ahead: (lotions, shoes, books, etc).


We had this problem on our trip. Again, I am military and used to maximizing space in a single bag, and we just got new big bags (just smaller than the airline limit) for our vacation. We packed everything but shoes in the suitcase, then had a duffle bag for the shoes. Our bags weighed in at approx 55lbs, so we were able to quickly pull a few heavier items from the luggage and put it into the duffle bag. It worked pretty good. I have heard that you are less likely to get nailed for being overweight if you use the curbside (and give a decent tip) or the hotel check-in at WDW resorts. I think the reason for the weight limit has to do with workman’s compensation insurance for the airline employees (not throwing their back out lifting heavy items). While I agree that 1 big bag versus two bags makes sense, I can also see the airlines point.


That makes sense for them, I guess. Everything comes down to money.


Blah. Sorry to “blah” you, but please. :flowers:

Those big strong men in Orlando seem to be the only ones who cannot lift bags over 50 pounds. Orlando is the only place I have had an issue with a bag over 50 pounds - the same airport that doesn’t sell GUM because they were tired of cleaning it up.

When we go to WDW, I usually just pack an extra bag for all my extra stuff on the way home.


We had this problem on our way home from Las Vegas. And we checked in curbside with the sky cap, but still got “caught.” Transferred some things out of the HUGE suitcase into a duffel and were OK.
We did have to pay on another trip (can’t remember where we were going), but it was a business trip, so the company paid for it!!


Roxie, you just cleared something up for me- last year at Orlando I asked where I could buy gum and the shop assistant said ‘Gum in an airport are you kidding???’ which led me to believe that it was a security issue -oh so thats the reason huh the clean up -thanks for enlightening me!