Owner's Lockers


Has anyone looked into an Owner’s Locker? Now that we are planning to buy DVC points I have been doing some research and found this site: Owner’s Locker - The Purple Place for Storing Your Vacation Stuff.â„¢

It sounds like something that people who visit WDW at least once a year could really use. There are so many things we take to WDW every single trip, it would be nice not to have to pack them every time but have them waiting for us when we arrive. The price seems a little high but not having to carry everything with us would be so nice.

I spend a small fortune at Wal Mart before every trip and I think this could end up saving us money in the long run. We could keep all the OTC meds we always take, shampoo, soap, cell phone charger, those water fans, and tons of other things we take trip after trip.

What do you think?


I think the concept is noteworthy, however it seems like you’ll be paying $99. a year to use a rubbermaid container. I guess the convience seems like a good idea, but I don’t know if I think it’s as practical as it seems. It’s only my opinion though, and I’m not a seasoned traveler.


Hmmm, $99 does seem like a relatively small fee in comparison to the whole vacation. I don’t think it is a bad idea. Do you have 2 trips planned this year? You can try it for a year free and see what you think.


Yes, we have 2 trips planned. I’m not sure we’ll do it yet but I’m thinking about it.


It’s owned by the DIS, I think they make enough money off of people.


Hi gang,

Thanks for your questions and comments about Owner’s Locker. We’re a new company that allows people to store the stuff they use on vacation between visits. We provide Members with a container to store their personal items in; pick it up from their resort when they leave and store it in a climate-controlled warehouse until they tell us they are coming back. Then we have it waiting for them at their resort when they check in.

We’re not for everyone but our Members think we make their visits to WDW a lot more convenient. There’s less packing and hassle and our Members get to have things on hand that they normally wouldn’t carry back and forth.

We are not owned by The DIS although we do advertise there…and we obviously need to work with Mousebuzz to get on these boards.

Thanks for your interest!

p.s. our Lockers aren’t discount store bins. They are industrial strength toughened plastic that aren’t available at retail (sorry…touchy subject!)


What would it cost to ship the items down prior to your trip?


Hey Boss Mouse,
A lot of people ship things to their resort so they are waiting for them when they arrive. Others head out to Target once there in WDW and load up. The only caution I would mention is that you will likely wind up storing things that you’d never ship back and forth or pack. Some things (like an old game console or a CD player) you might want to ship. Other items, like a Brita water pitcher (so you don’t have to deal with all of those water bottles) or a large container of detergent are just to bulky/heavy to ship without it costing an arm and a leg.
Hope this helps


My best friend and I use this service, we love it, for us its worth it since we go 4-5 times a year. I love not having to pack bathroom stuff, I even have extra sneakers in there, we leave our ponchos there, its very roomy.


What a great idea! We were just talking about our shopping stop. This would save us some time and money


Shipping stuff in advance…great idea! Do you ship it back too or pack in your luggage. Where is the shipping point if you ship back? And, do you need to notify the resort that you’ll be shipping stuff so they know to accept the package?


This is a genius idea! At some of the beach towns in NJ, they have lockers that can be rented for the year – what a luxury!!!


We have four more trips planned for 2008:wub: , so I am seriously considering this…it does seem pricey, but with the airline restrictions and baggage charges, it might be worth it…Perhaps I’ll be our Mousebuzz guinea pig?


Definatly sounds like a good idea if your making several trips in the year or really have to take that much extra stuff every time you go!


I’ve signed up for an Owner’s Locker and will be using it for the first time in April. Now that we have a few DVC points we are going to try to visit WDW twice per year and I’m certain that this service is going to make packing a whole lot easier. I’ve set aside a small suitcase for my next trip that will contain everything that I’ve decided to leave in my locker (ziploc bags, Brita pitcher/filters, daughter’s MANY hair products, laundry products, self-inflating bed…) so when we go in August I’ll have so much less to pack. We’ll know after the August trip whether or not it’s worth it for us.


ok- so they deliver the container to the resort- do they pick them up as well? How does that work?
Im really thinking of just mailing what we need ahead of time- like snacks and coffee and stuff. I think if it were a yearly thing I would lose track of what I had packed and end up bringing it anyhow


Yes, they drop it off and pick it up at the end of your trip. It sounds easy to me, I’m just not sure we would leave enough stuff to make it worth the cost for us. We aren’t coffee drinkers, don’t have a water filter, and I don’t know that I would leave beauty products year after year.


I’ve got a Disney-only carry on bag (large) that stays on a shelf in my closet and it is full of the stuff we use every trip. The bag is getting heavier each trip, and is a pain in the neck (literally and figuratively). Also, we pack so many toiletries that take up room in our other bags, that I’m sure we will fill a locker. Disyady’s idea of packing a case just to leave in the locker is exactly what I was thinking. I’ve already got that bag packed permanently!

I saw that in your account on their website, you can actually keep an inventory of what is in the locker- I’m sure mine will be filled with light up toys, wooden rifles, miscellaneous toiletries, ceramic mugs (in case DVC changes their policy again for studios :laugh: ), ponchos, sweatshirts, swim goggles, sand toys, etc. I also can’t forget my son’s flat iron- that’s the most important necessity :ph34r:


Since you are going more than once it makes sense- especially when you would be bringing one extra bag anyhow- that bag would make it harder to keep within the air limits anyhow. I like the idea of ponchos and sweatshirts/pants- I would have to make them big for kids growth etc… But for Ed and I they could stay the same. I wonder if there is a sample list of stuff people leave there.


This may be worth a second look, now that some airlines are starting to charge $$$ when people check more than one bag on a flight…