OZ the great and powerful


Us DVC members out here on the west coast were invited to a free showing of OZ today at downtown amctheaters

I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, good characters, played by good actors make it my opinion a very good flick. It left room for sequel


I can’t wait to see this! I’m so glad it was good :happy:


I can’t wait to see it!!


I’m curious, was it only for West Coast DVC members? Seems like we miss out here in the Midwest a lot of invitations. Or…I’m just not receiving the invites, even though I’m signed up on their web site. With the troubles Disney technology has, wouldn’t be surprised!


I don’t know I got an e-mail for the showing,it was for either of the 2 showings,by the time I answered one of the 2 was already gone,I will say this a DVC rep said prior to the movie that DVC was recommitting itself to its members and we should expect more special events down the road,maybe new leadership has a new approach.


I am happy to hear this was good. I am waiting for it to come on “Demand”. there are very few movies i feel compelled to go to the theater for.


Me either—I was asking myself this morning what the last movie I went to see in the theater was—can’t remember. DD and I usually go to see Disney movies but haven’t been in awhile.

We usually are fine with waiting until movies are on Demand too…


Ditto! Unless it’s something really huge with big scenes (like a Star WArs or Mission Impossible) I’d rather watch in my living room…