P and P Party


I just emailed Mouseketrips about dates for the P and P Party for June '08. They are not aware of any parties planned after March 14th!!! They said it may return in September!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH- we were hoping to go in June !!! Any one else as disappointed as I am?:angry: :glare: :ohmy:


I thought we might catch one for our trip March 16-22, but that begins the spring break rush. Just as they didn’t run the Christmas Party during Thanksgiving week, I think they’ll hold off on P&P until the slower times.

IMHO, the P&P is being used to help fill those slower times. Not that there is anything wrong with that. :smile:


I was hoping they’d return in August! But don’t worry yet…so far the dates they’ve posted are about the same as the ones from last year. Keep your fingers crossed!


I’d expect them over the summer and at least two weeks between the last P&P Party and the first Halloween party, which is usually the second Friday in September. This year, the last one was on Labor Day.
So, I’d say late July and August is the best bet, not September.

By the way, the schedule for all November Christmas parties was:
Nov. 12, 15, 16, 25, 27, 29, 30. So, they may not have run the party during that week, but it also had more to do with major crowds during Thanksgiving week and the need to have MK open late every night and not run an up charge hard ticket event.
Similarly, the last Christmas party will be Dec. 21, although they usually switch over to the Christmas parade every night and Holiday Wishes every night on Christmas eve until New Year’s Day.


I thought Rowdy said they would have one every Sat. in 2008 or something like that.


I hope they release dates when you are going, it is really fun!


I don’t think Saturday or Friday are days you want to close Magic Kingdom at 7 PM in order to have a hard ticket event during the summer months. I think you’d want to do that on week nights only.


That was originally the plan I promise. Goes to show you nothing is ever for certain here and plans are constantly changing. But I’m very, VERY sure they will have more dates before september.


I’ll still bet my money on July through Labor Day.


I think this could and should be an ongoing activity. This was so great, and I am sur ethey made plenty of profit on it, right?


yes he did and it was posted somewhere on allearsnet as well

oops, I didn’t see Rowdy’s post :blush:


Don’t go looking to confirm the following information because you won’t find it. While checking in for work this morning, I saw an interest sheet for the upcoming parties. Had the dates Jan-March, and at the bottom it said, “Also be prepared for select dates April-June TBD!” So it will be happening more this year. They just don’t have the dates in mind yet.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a date between June 19th and July 1 !!
I sure hope it comes true!!