P & P Party back in January?


I LOVED the Pirate and Princess party when we went in February.

We will most likely be going in January 2009.

Will it be back??? I really hope so!!!


They have done it with great success for the last two years, so I would say the chances are really good they will do it again. Wish they did it in august this time like last year, but oh well…whatcha going to do?


I was hoping they would do it again in August this year! We’ve never done any of the hard ticket things, but I’ve had friends go and do the PPP and love it! I want to go too!


We went in Feb this year! I thought I saw a mention of it for this summer somewhere . . . now I’m going to have to go looking! :confused:


Most likely they will. Attendance was good when first offered last winter, so good that the added summer date last summer. It returned again this winter and I full expect it will return again in January, especially as these hard ticket events do drive additional numbers through the turnstiles during a slow time.
It was rumored that there were going to be summer 2008 dates, but that never happened.
Of the three hard ticket parties, PPP is my least favorite, but I’m an adult and I need a special kind of princess these days.


They moved the MNSSHP earlier this year, so, I don’t think the P&PP will happen in August. But, I fully expect them to lengthen the times for the P&PP at the beginning of next year to compensate for the slow times during January.


I just saw the P & P Back part of this thread and thought it was going to say it was coming back in August - I got all excited! Oh well!


I did the P&P last month, and MVMCP two decembers ago. I really really REALLY wanna do MNSSHP. I know this hda nothing to do with anything I just felt like whining :smiley:


This looks like so much fun! We don’t have any little ones traveling with us but I have to wonder if we would all still enjoy it. I may run the idea by my family and see what they think. :slight_smile:


You don’t need little ones . . . this is FUN for Adults too!!

Check out some TRs with pictures . . . we’ve been twice and really liked it both times!


I totally agree!! The fireworks by themselves are worth the price of admission!!!