Package Delivery


The last time I was in WDW was Oct. '99. At that time they would deliver packages (stuff you bought in the parks) directly to your room.

I was reading the 2008 Passporter and it says that you can have your packages delivered “to your resort”.

Am I reading too much into this or does this mean that they do not deliver it to the room? If not where do the packages go?



THey go to the resort gift shop. You pick them up there with your receipt.


Thanks so much!

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Yes, they go right to your resort’s gift shop. I love how the cast members in all the stores tell everyone this. It’s really better than dragging all that stuff you buy around the parks. I have never personally used it, but that’s only because I wait until I am done at the that park for the day to shop.


Don’t forget that you can’t send your items back the day before you leave. After one bad experience at the Dolphin I don’t send them back the two days before I go. You can also have the packages sent to the front of the park. Both services are convenient. You just have to remember that you sent your items to the front of the park when you leave. At MGM…oops, I mean Disney Hollywood Studios (would that make it DHS now?)…I remembered as I was in line for my bus back to Pop…had to go back through security to get the packages and then wait for the next bus!


The packages are delivered to the gift shop or the front of the park. Remember to go through the bag to make sure you got everything because last trip we were missing 2 things.


I guess this has already been answered but I willl just ditto the baove and say that yes, your purchases can indeed still be shipped to your resort hotel. They are given to the resort shop and you collect the goods from there after showing your gift receipts.
I soooooo can’t wait to shop! :laugh:


Its always worked out really well for us. Its so much better than lugging the stuff around the park all day.


Yeah, to the gift shop at the resort now… but way back when (1997 maybe? Ten years ago???), on one of our first trips, we came home at the end of the evening to Dixie Landings to find all our purchases on the bed in the room… they had even thrown in a couple of chocolate chip cookies for bedtime!


We just got back on Monday, and we used the service quite a bit. I went to buy some things at Epcot in Italy and they told me they won’t deliver food(the food I purchased was candy) to the resorts you have to take it with you. I was surprised, I didn’t know that.


You have to go pick the packages up in the resort gift shop


When we used the service last Jan., we were told it would take 2 days for it to get to the resort. And it did. That’s why they wouldn’t do it the day before check-out. I wouldn’t do it anywhere near the end as the CM at the POP told me it can and has taken longer than 2 days.

They must deliver via USPS, LOL…it takes 2 or more days to travel from Epcot to the Pop Century LOL


I was just going to mention what Jen did. I think they deliver it to the resort the following day, so if you’re leaving that day or the next you are not guaranteed to get it.


We always take advantage of this service when were at WDW, it makes it so much easier because you dont have to lug any bags around the parks all day with you. Especially when we end up buying tons of stuff or awkwardly sized things, just one less thing to worry about and we’ve never had any problems!


Is it super-expensive to have the stuff shipped directly to your home?


I loved it when we would walk in our room and our packages would be on our bed! The gift shop, I am sure, will be fine too!

Thanks everyone!



Packages are sent to your resort’s gift shop and are usually there the next day, unless your purchase was after, say, 7 PM. In that case, they will be there the day after. If you are a concierge guest at ALK, Contempo, Poly, GF, BC/YC, Boardwalk, or WL, your purchases are STILL delivered to your room by 2 PM the next day, unless it was a later purchase. Late purchases are affected because all parcels are rounded up by X hour daily in order to be delivered by the next day.


I had some things shipped before we left on Sunday. The charge was a flat $20.00 fee. I don’t know if a large quanity would cost more, I had six coffee mugs and some kitchen items sent.


so when picking items up at the front of the park…you do this at Guest Services???

how long after you purchase the items does it take for them to get to the front of the park???

in other words…do you ahve to wait until closing??