Package Price Changes?


Hey everyone! So I am constantly on WDW’s website checking to see if there are any updates with hotel availability. Well, when I checked the same vacation I have already booked, the price was less. Has this happened to anyone else? I called reservations and they honored the new price, but I just think its a little weird. I guess being obsessed with planning sometimes pays off!


Well done to you that’s great news! We use Mouseketrips to book our vacations and our agent Keith always looks for the best deals for us. He lets us know if any price changes or better deals are released and he also lets us know if better resorts become available for the same price as say the moderates-so yes it does pay to keep an eye on the prices and the planning too.:smile:


The same thing happened for our May trip. I booked in December and then 2 nights later I went back on the website and the trip was $1000 less. I called right away and they honored the lesser price. We were happy to say the least!


does anyone know if AAA will refund the difference if the price drops?


Yes, I did this in May. They were also really great about checking and seeing which really was the better deal for my family. I ended up taking a deal that didn’t save me as much, but wasn’t as big an out of pocket for me. (It was during the gift card promo and I missed the gift card, but didn’t have to spend as much up front.)