Packages for 2007


:wub: :wub: :wub:


I spoke with Disney last week and they said they could book hotel only, because their packages would not be available for another month or two.


I was told possibly September. I wonder if its due to this “new” Celebration thing that is going on in OCT?


September, good lord how will i wait until septemeber, the waiting is killing me, We are planning on going in January as well!!


We are going in early Feb so I hear your pain!


I have the same predicament. I have been trying to see what’s up for January 2007 but Disney won’t let you see :pinch: I guess in mid summer they’ll give us something to hook our teeth into :wink:


Yes, the packages should be out in September, full of all the information on the next celebration, that starts this October! :happy:


Well at least I know now when the info will be out, just have to wait for it to come out, lol, do you know if they will be announcing any discounts or anything else in Septemeber?


I wonder if they are finally making a new DVD for that celebration. I would think that’s a big enough thing to honor with a new one, wouldn’t you?


I booked my rooms yesterday, and I was told that June 30 is the day that the Package pricing comes out, so it won’t be long now! :happy:



woohooooo good news!


That is better news than I was told! Hopefully with the packages there will also be some kind of perks??


I can’t wait. I am ready and waiting to start planning for next May. Any more info on the new Celebration?