Packing for my trip


Okay guys my husband thinks I’m nuts cause I am ready to pack for my trip. We are driving this time and leaving 3 am :huh: on October 4th. I figure I would ask the experts, How early do you start packing?


I have alot of stuff put together but not yet in my suitcase… i’m afraid the clothes will get musty…but we’re leaving in about 3 weeks (3 weeks from yesterday to be exact! :laugh:


I pack over a month in advance. Not all the way packed, but I have special things that I only take to WDW and start packing them. I already have my toiletries together in a bag and all my packing lists made. You are not nuts at all. I think it’s a good idea to get organized now.


Whenever anyone leaves at 3:00 a.m., you either leave something behind or don’t get enough sleep.

In order to avoid either, I always try to get to bed early and pack in advance.

So no, packing now actually is the best thing to do.

Especially since I end up leaving stuff behind or trying to catch sleep on the flight. Since you are driving down, it’s even more important to pack early.


I always pack a day or two before and I tell ya, IT’S NOT WORKING FOR ME!!! I am always a nutcase the night before we go, and I end up staying awake until 4am, and have to wake at 6am to make an 8am flight. I am ALWAYS dragging the first day!

I say, pack as EARLY as possible! Heck, I think I might turn over a new leaf and start packing some stuff NOW for my December trip! LOL…Dana will be SO proud. :laugh:


I usually pack the night before but start getting stuff together and washed about a week ahead which means it’s almost time for me to start. YEAH!!! 14 days…but who’s counting right?


Get going, honeypot!!! Do you have your packing lists handy?? :confused: :laugh:


Laundry about a week before.
Putting together hardware and plans, etc. probably 2 days before.
Start packing the suitcase the night before. Charge batteries. Pull together DVDs and CDs.
Driving in, I don’t really worry too much about stuff that I’ve forgotten. We can always run out and get what we need late at night. We got nailed last year by the cold front after Wilma swept through and had to buy WDW jackets, partly because I’d left my sweatshirt home, expecting to buy a new Busch Gardens sweatshirt when I was there (they didn’t have what I wanted in stock).
But we’re not packing for kids, and my wife packs her own stuff.


Um, I always start waaaaay early…(like a month ahead)…

…and then I forget to finish. :laugh: I’m always so busy with stuff a the last minute that I forget, and I’m usually throwing stuff in the night before! :pinch:


That is so totally me! I try to pretend like I’m organized and start a list way ahead of time, but all the packing ends up happening last minute. And I always end up at the mall like a day or two before buying more things that I “think” I need. I always have the best intentions though…:pinch:


I usually start packing a few days before our trip–no more than a week. I can’t imagine what I would do with suitcases out for a month and I know I would take stuff out all the time making me repack it over and over again. Our last trip was a surprise for our son so I had a couple of hours to pack the Sunday before our trip. I was rushed but I had a bag in my closet that I dropped stuff in as I thought of it so that made remembering the little things like the camera charger and cell phone charger easier.


I usually start packing a few days before.

But my mom has turned me on to her packing method. She has a disney box where she puts things for disney in every once in a while for an upcoming trip. I mean she will buy extra shampoo and put it in and then extra socks a couple weeks later, etc. This makes the disney experience and packing last as long as you want!!! I love it! It also helps avoid a last minute trip to walmart for all the extras.


OMG I totally do that too. I’m always finding little things that I just can’t go without…you know, I really need that Q-tip holder or a cool keychain for my carryon or something. :laugh: Because I can never seem to buy enough things for my WDW trip!

I always make these great lists, but since a lot of stuff can’t go in until the night before (or morning of), I’m never prepared ahead of time. :rolleyes:


I started packing for this trip about 2 months ahead of time. I bought all of the odds and ends earlier this summer because I knew once the fall wardrobes came out I would not be able to get new stuff and then I started to put it away so I would have all new stuff for WDW. I took it all out the other day, tried it on, to make sure I still loved it all, and this upcoming week I will start the ironing phase of all of the clothing.

I have a box packed with stuff that I am going to ship ahead of time and a smaller suitcase with all of the toiletires etc… I packed the girls backpacks for them to have stuff to do on the plane and all I can say is, to tell anyone else that I am packed this early would be like social suicide (my DH knows but even he makes fun of me!!!), but you guys TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Tonight I had DH gather all of the clothes that he wants to bring (He did not even have to try them on, all he did was match them up, man why do they have life so much easier???) and this week I will iron them and get them ready to be packed!!!


The night before. Of course, I have no children, just the wife and I, so packing is a simple matter of shorts, shirts, underwear, socks, couple pairs of pants/jeans, shoes, and not a heck of a lot else. I am also driving so this time I’ll be bringing a few more things like a case of water.


I always have a “vacation” bag that is never really unpacked. It has our spray fans, fanny packs, etc that we only use on vacations so it just stays in the closet until needed. Other than that, I start packing about a month ahead of time. I hate the last minute stuff. I actually have most of the tolietry bag packed about a week ahead of time. The kids and DH are always looking for something that I have already packed and they better make sure they repack it, lol!!


I am making it my mission to nag you till you pack early…ask llama…I won’t give up till you pack! LOL


Lists? I try that but then I misplace it and then I’m on my own anyway. It’s just DH and I and he does his own. I’m so used to doing this the night before. I’ve tried early but I pack and unpack and pack again. We have dogs that freak when they see the suitcases so it’s hard to pack early. This year, we have a spot to put the suitcases without them seeing so I am probably going to start soon.


I know the feeling.
We are leaving in 10 days and I have been throwing things into our suitcase for about 2 weeks. Both DH and HollyLynne think Miss SMIG and I are crazy.
Since the weather here (PA) has turned colder there is no way I will be wearing shorts anytime soon, so I packed them.

I guess I must be alittle insane too.


I’m awful at packing! I’m heading down to WDW in October (flying out around 12:30pm on a Thursday,) and I’ll probably start packing Tuesday afternoon (doing laundry, gathering up toiletries…)
In my defense - I have no children, and my DH isn’t even going on this trip. Just 2 friends and me! :biggrin: Since I always have to pack for him whenever he travels, going by myself saves a lot of time!
But - reading this thread has me promising to do better! I may even start packing on the Monday before I fly out:laugh: