Packing some grocery items? Tips please


This is the first time I am attempting this so I am seeking some tips from people who’ve done it before. We normally don’t even check luggage, we’re both light travelers and throw our clothes in the washer/dryer midweek. ALTHOUGH, this time I am considering checking one bag to keep the “extras” in like items for MNSSHP, some extra shoes, bathing suits, various chargers, etc. to free up some space in our other bags.

So, it popped into my head that MAYBE I could get some breakfast items to pack instead of spending a fortune at the resort store. Does anyone have any suggestions for packing bagels, small boxes of cereal, etc. so they don’t arrived squished? Then I’ll just have to get the bare minimum when we arrive; like milk, cream cheese, and yogurts.


Or should I just fax the 7-day breakfast grocery order in to OKW and pay the $5. delivery charge? :laugh:


If you are worry about smashed food, how about first packing the bagels (whatever) in a plastic shoe box then into the luggage.

Don’t know your eating habits, but we brought precooked bacon. I don’t remember the brand, but it was shelf stable until you opened it. Then it needed to be in the fridge.


I usually always pack 1 bag full of food. What I do is go to the dollar store and purchase the rubbermaid looking shoe box thing and pack it will poptarts,muffins and such. I also pack water bottles and crystal lite packets. i bring snack size bags of popcorn and chips too. When I come home I have 1 bag open and ready for things I bought in the parks. I always throw away the rubbermaid thing since it was only $1


Wishy, how much are they going to charge you for the checked bag? It might be much cheaper to just ship something out with all your extras. Your really allowed two bags. I would just bring a huge backpack with all your extras. Have Daniel Bring a large Backpack also.


Continental doesn’t charge to check a bag, at least last time I checked. I don’t think they’ve changed anything.


OH MY GOSH Jenna!! CONTINENTAL DID change their policy recently!!! :eek:

I just took this off their website:

“Continental has implemented a $15 fee for a customer’s first checked bag when traveling on Economy fare tickets purchased on or after Sept. 6, 2008 for travel on or after Oct. 7, 2008 within the 50 U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada.”

I guess the fee doesn’t apply to me because I got my ticket BEFORE Sept. 6th?

WOW, i am glad you brought that to my attention, I had no idea!


Seems like unless you’re on SWA these days, you can count on some hidden fees somewhere.


What?!?!?! $15 for one bag?!??! So what does the TR price cover? Peanuts and a bottle of water


We actually take breakfast and lunch items with us (by car).

The most convenient breakfast items we’ve used have been oatmeal breakfast bars and dried fruits. We also take cereals that come in individually packaged bowls. We also take instant oatmeal packages and mix them with hot water in the cafeteria.

Lunch items include Starkist tuna salad kits and Tyson chicken salad kits. They come with individual servings of salad and crackers.

Then we “splurge” on dinners. Since we’re only buying 1 meal a day, we can handle the park prices for that.


I just called Continental and they confirmed that I DO NOT need to pay the fee for a checked bag because I booked the airfare months ago, she said I also won’t have to pay the checked bag fee in June either because I booked those before the new policy too. Cool! :smile:


I actually have a couple of those plastic shoe boxes in my closet that I’ve never used. Maybe I will use those to put a package of bagels, those mini-variety cereal boxes, a couple apples, and maybe some canned fruit. I’ll make sure to ducktape the shoe box closed to make sure nothing opens.

This way when we get there all I will have to buy is milk, small cream cheese package, and a couple yogurts.


Well thats great news! How did you get the free tickets? I have the one pass miles from shoprite but it seems like its taking forever!!


We’ve been flying Continental exclusively for a couple years, on our flights to California, Florida, etc. and I collected 25,000 One Pass Miles (how many you need for a ‘free’ domestic ticket) within about 3 years. So we redeemed our points for this trip.


Thats awesome!!! Thats what Im talking about:happy: I hope to get there one day via free tickets:laugh:


Yeah, I hope to get there a little quicker next time now that I have my Shoprite discount card linked.


I would just get what food I need when I’m down there. Is it really worth the chance that you might have bagel crumbs and wrecked food? I know just packing my kids lunch boxes & them riding the bus, their snacks can get smashed…Oh and those airlines are horrible. Delta lets you take the 1st bag free and the second is $25.00. The carry on’s can’t weigh more than 40 lbs and absolutely no beverages of any kind can be brought onto the plane. So, if you take that extra suitcase be careful. I know Delta states ours can’t be over 50 lbs or it’s an $80.00 fee. If the suitcase is over 61" it’s $175.00 fee on top of it.


we packed a lot of oatmeal bars- they are the square ones that you can buy in stores now. They fill you up and they acted as both breakfast and snack bars. I love them and they were in an easy packed box.


SEPTEMBER 6th . . . $15 dollars a bag baby . . . STINKS!!!

I am flying up Thanksgiving and Xmas . . . ticket alone cost me MORE and now I gotta check and PAY for bags . … insane!!

Double check the site . . . it’s all there!! (um hope no one else posted this, saw this comment and made my blood boil … . I mean WHAT are we paying for?)

I wouldn’t bother packing food … since we drive I ALWAYS bring all this food, we never eat, it gets all smashed up and I chuck it . . . cheaper just to buy a snack or two when you get there … . IMHO!! :blush:


AWESOME!!! I wonder if this will apply to my November fare? I booked in July? I’ll have to call them . . . I feel better now! :blush: