Packing water good


packing heat not good.

There was a little less enchantment in the Magic Kingdom Sunday morning when a 63-year-old Pennsylvania woman was taken into custody for allegedly bringing a loaded semi-automatic into the park.

Disney World security personnel reportedly discovered a silver handgun on Mary Ann Richardson as she entered the park with other family members, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The .32-caliber Beretta handgun had been loaded with seven live rounds in the magazine, but the chamber was empty, reported.


Makes me glad they have those bag checks.


wow - me too. guess i’ll reconsider cutting in front of people in line (i’m kidding, i’d never do that - that you know of…lol)!


Holy COW!! That’s scary. And here I thought the bag check was a silly waste of time.


What??? Now there’s a case against profiling…who would guess a 63 year old woman would be packin’?


Have you seen the reimbursement rate on certain medications?! Grandma has to protect her Vytorin and Grampa’s Levitra!:laugh:


Dr. Cavey’s Top 5 Reasons to Carry a Gun to WDW

  1. Shorten long lines.

  2. Birds steal unprotected food.

  3. Frontierland embraces the wild west theme–go with it.

  4. Remember when Tigger attacked that teenage boy?!?!?!?!!?

  5. Small World devil dolls must be stopped!