Last night, I dreamed that I was at Disney having the time of my life. This morning at 7 the dog woke me up to take him out. As soon as I woke up I started thinking about packing. With 81 days to go–I’m not excited or anything–I decided it was time to start the packing list. I had to stop by MB first, but I guess I should start the list now before everyone else wakes up. Now, I know the trip is getting closer. Come on DEc. 14th–where’s my time machine when I need it.:laugh:


81 days out and you’re only starting the LIST, not actually starting to PACK? Slacker! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I :heart: lists.


Yeah really…what’s with the slacking? LOL It is definately time for at least the list. That way you can pick up things you need here and there and not have to do it all at once. Gradual packing to draw it out and help make time go faster…lol I have half my clothes packed…all my toiletries bought and packed (cept make-up…that’s last second). Make the list!!!


Well, you can really call me a slacker now. :smile: I started the list and then the kids got up so I quickly hid it under my bed. I am so worried that DD will find it and figure out we are going again that I have not touched the list since this weekend. Maybe I should start writing it and save it on my computer at work so that she won’t be able to snoop and find it–like I ever have free time there. :smile:


Packing…oh great…something else I need to remember to start thinking about.:ohmy:

Seriously, hit the dollar store today for rain ponchos and ended up with a ton more stuff for the trip. If I keep this up there won’t be room for DD and me in the car!!!



Jeannie -
Any chance that Dh can get those kids out of your hair for a hour or so? Try to get him to take them out for the afternoon and make your lists. Then the most sneaky way to pack them is to start filtering their clothes out while you are doing laundry. Kids will never no the differece…shirt here…pants there. Call it skimming the laundry…lol I do it to my DD all the time. If I waited for her to get me all the stuff I needed to pack, it would be the night before we left…she is so NOT like me with this kind of stuff.