I have this terrible urge to start packing, but we don’t leave for another 23 days!! I know my husband will think I’m crazy!! So… Is it too early to start packing?


It’s never to early to start packing for WDW


I just thought today about grabbing a suitcase and opening it up in our bedroom for “drops” (items I won’t need until Disney). I’m 60 something days out. So…I don’t think you are crazy at all being at 23 days. Pack away and enjoy! And, if you dh thinks you are crazy, just blame us Mousebuzzers. Your just following orders!


I was just working on lanyard’s two days ago and we are two months out. The bulk of packing is done by DW. She leaves me in charge of lanyards and pins. I’ll most likely work on them at least once a week till it’s time to go.


:laugh: this is so funny because I leave tomorrow morning and I just started packing a couple of hours ago. I put it off all day and finally got started after dinner. I never start more than a day or two before because I jus pack and unpack over and over.


:ohmy: You need to get chopping, missy!! Hope you have a great trip!!:mickey:



It will get done, I don’t stress over it (I’m too busy stressing over other things I can’t control:blush:).


Are you kidding? We just got back two weeks ago and I have literally already bought new ponchos and sunblock to fill up my bag for the next trip. 23 days? We had our spare bedroom’s bed with the bags layed out, the clothes piled up, and smiles on our faces. You are at least two weeks late, get to work!


I pack all year…your husband would have me commited. Today is an official packing day for me however. I am 40days outs, but I need to organize our toiletries and everything besides clothes…

Clothes will get pack on the Sunday before I leave…I may have to go naked a day or two, but who cares? I am going to WDW!


We prep w/ drinks, snacks and non perishable items along with cheap ponchos, sunscreen and other small items about a week out. But I am a last minute packer. I can fill my bag and have the car packed in an hour. But that’s because the kiddies are all grown. When they traveled with us Pam and I could have them packed and out the door in 3-4 hours.
My theory is that if we forgot it we would hit the grocery store upon arrival anyway. If the kids forgot certain clothing they could make sure to wash what they had packed or buy new out of their funds.


I do the same thing. But we’re a family of 7. So I generally pack full sized bottles of shampoos, body washes, etc. Which of course we use til the AM of the trip. Same with the clothing. There are always things we wear a day or 2 prior to the trip that needs washed. Usually the packing goes like this:

4 Days out:
Suit cases come out
Beach towels are counted/packed into the beach bag.
Inner tubes/wings for the little kids packed.
Snacks/Drinks get bought

3 Days out:
Last clothing items are bought that I deemed needing replaced OR swim suits get replaced if they haven’t been already

2 Days out:
I plan out each outfit for the 5 kids and dh. I gather what is clean and pack it.
Pack PJs-you’d think this would be simple, but not with an 11 yr old dd in tow :pinch:
Online Check In

1 Day out:
Wash all clothing items going on the trip & pack
Pack up any shower items that can be packed
Pack up any non refrigerated snacks
Refrigerate drinks

Day Of:
Any and all packing left, which isn’t much, just the shower stuff used that AM by me and dh usually.
Pack the van

Gone by 7:30 AM.


I am usually way ahead of the game. We are just about 30 days out and I haven’t even started pulling anything together. ADRs already taken care of and all the necessary stuff, but no packing yet - What is the matter with me! Now you have me motivated to get started. There are only 2 of us for 5 days so it won’t be a huge endeavor.


just to of us and 61 days out and i have a yen to start packing also… i will need to fight it as i need to wear the summer clothes for the rest of the summer. plus the day we come home i have to leave for a two day manditory conference in philly so i have to have that suitcase packed before i leave . it is business so i need two suits and all the junk that goes along with them.along with something to wear to a business dinner. yuck!.


Packing can begin anytime you want it to. No one here will think you are nuts! My DH looks forward to seeing the boxes begin. He then knows we are getting a little closer.

I started buying the toiletries and non-perishables in January (7 months out), filling the boxes I had in the corner of the room. Two weeks ago I started packing the boxes, “Car” box, “Hotel” box, “Lunchbag” box and then also packed the beach bag, toiletry overnight bag, park bag, car bag and my Mickey purse. This weekend we packed the clothes with just a handful left to pack. The house is clean, luggage carrier is on the Yukon, pedicure is scheduled (I need it to relax!) and the yard is all done. Wed. morning cannot get here sooner.

Tomorrow night is going to be nuts with baseball playoff game and a football board meeting, plus the dogsitter will be stopping by to say hi.

Pack away!!!


We just got back from a trip to Texas and I actually just wanted to keep the suitcases packed for Disney, but my husband looked at me like I had 10 heads!! I tried telling him it was only 5 weeks, at that point, til we left for WDW!!! It was worth a try!! I guess the packing shall begin!!:laugh:


We are also about 30 days out and I have not started packing anything yet. We are having a garage sale this weekend, so I’m very focused on that for right now, but as soon as that is finished let the packing commence!