I am 3 days out and haven’t started packing yet. I feel like its not real lol is that wierd???


Well. if you’re really rich, you can just buy everything at disney. :laugh:

We’ve already packed the night before, like hours before we have to leave, though that wasn’t by choice.


Well, for the first time ever, I’m actually off work the day before we leave. So I get to pack on Friday. Going to do the wash and pack everything except the morning hygeine stuff I need. I’m so excited!


Since it’s going to be 7 of us, with three kids who eat all the time, I have been picking up some crackers and cereal etc on sale and throwing in a suitcase.

But for clothes, this trip will be easy for packing. We will have a washer/dryer in the room, so we can wash as much as we need without running to see if a washer is available.


We have been DVC since 2008 and I think this is the first year (leaving in 15 days) that I have vowed to pack less. With the washer and dryer in the room, there is no need to pack like we are going away for a month. Our extra bedroom had all the little stuff laid out already and all that is left is the toiletries and everyday clothing. Tonight I just realized I will only be in the office 7 more days before we leave. That is much more pleasant than counting the 15 days before we leave. Cuts the time in half!!! :laugh:


I will be starting mine this weekend. I have to be all tuesday night because we leave Wed. after the kids get picked up early from school.


Plus traveling during warm/hot times is easier too. When we go in Dec. we bring EVERYTHING…shorts, tees, sweatshirts, jeans, jackets, gloves, swimsuit…you just never know what the temps. might be.


You are so right…traveling anywhere in warm weather is easier packing…clothes with short sleeves, and shorts take up less room than long sleeves, pants, sweaters, etc!! Packing for WDW in the warmer months is much easier and takes up less room than going in the winter when the weather can be down right cold!!! You never know!!!


Yes, but going in warmer months costs me more money…i never have summer clothes lol I always have to buy new.


I am totally packed - leave in 7.5 days. I always have a suitcase filled with travel size crap and Disney specific clothing and bags. I also like new stuff for trips, but only indulge a little. If I bought new every time I went, I would not have money to go again…and again…lol JC Penny has super cute summer clothes on clearance VERY cheap.


My problem is the plane. I have such long flights and I like to be comfortable, but I don’t like wearing sloppy looking clothes. Why does everyone else I see at the airport look casual and classy and put together, and I just look - blah!


What do you wear at home?


:laugh::laugh:…love the “.5” part…and you pack like I do…


Yes, I like to know that I am done. It makes for a less stressful pre-trip time. .5 was for me. I want it to be seven days so bad!


I cant pack too soon if I do and I see it it siiting there I just want to I have a three day work thing to get thru. I have ten work days .16 real days.