Paid In Full!


YAY!!! The CM I talked to said all of my documents would be mailed on Monday! Hip Hip Hooray!


YAH I just love the feeling of when its all paid for!


Yes, it certainly feels more real now! :slight_smile: I’m getting anxious to start my packing…


congrats. That is so exciting when you know that you are that close:.:happy:


Maybe I’ll see you there yankee! We’ll be celebrating our 1st anniversary while you’re enjoying your honeymoon! Oct 2-9. When are you getting married? Oct 7, 2006 here.


:whistling It must be a relief to have that taken care of. Now on to more important matters, like packing and leaving… :laugh:


Now you should save for a QS car for dinner.


For V&A’s?


Congrats! That’s the best next to actually arriving on property. I love trip=paid-in-full day.:heart:


You’ll appreciate this Dana…I was going to do a “practice pack” today since I’m so anxious to do SOMETHING. But, my DH has been out of town all week and is catching an earlier flight and he’ll think I’m insane if he comes home and finds me “packing” for our trip in Oct. LOL


what a wonderful feeling that is! Congrats!:happy:


Ooo, that must feel good! I hope to be in your shoes within 2 weeks … in the meantime, I’m … :wacko:


Uh oh… another Packen’ Kracken’ trainee :laugh:

Actually, Sandy just dropped me off at work and she’s off for the day so she’s heading home to FeBreeze the luggage and kill off any spidey colonies that may have been born over the last year or so. Last time i was down there the luggage looked pretty “in need” of a little TLC. Luckily i’m spared the agonies of packing. I’m basically an idiot so i’m not allowed. Same with folding the laundry. When you’ve messed it up enough, you get taken off folding duty.

…Not that i’m complaining :phone:


congratulations, relief for you and i’m just getting started.


CONGRATS…I got my stuff in the mail on MONDAY WOOHOO


I LOVE packing!!! I’ve started packing my carry on already since a lot of it is travel size items bought for just this trip. I will probably pack for DH too because he likes to pack the morning he leaves when he goes somewhere. I can’t handle that! My packing list is set up a little differently from Dana’s but the items are pretty much the same. :slight_smile: I wish there were more I could do at this point. All I have left is to continue trying to get a better time at Chef Mickey’s (currently 7am!) and pick up a few snack items at the store that I won’t do until the week we leave. I need to confirm all of our reservations in a few weeks too.

DH isn’t allowed to touch our laundry either. The last time he did, he washed an ink pen and ruined several items. He then didn’t bother to find the pen in the dryer so it inked yet another load. Ugh.


got mine all paid for - now i just have to save for all the fun stuff. and gas money - i am really hoping the hurricaines don’t raise gas prices a whole bunch!!

I have my packing list set up a bit differently too. columns for suitcases, car, park bag and misc. then color coded by what’s already in bags, what i need to look around house for and what i need to buy. it’s in my excel spreedsheet, so i can update as needed. kinda fun to see the colors change to packed!!


Your packing list sounds like mine emamasa. I have a separate packing list for myself and DH then organized by type of item (daywear, toiletries, footwear, etc) and where it needs to be packed (checked luggage vs. carry on).


Trust her TaraRae…I have SEEN the packing list:blink: It is VERY DETAILED (and love the color code emamasa…I have incorporated into my spreadsheet):laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Oh, I believe it! I was just commenting that it sounds like mine! LOL I’m obsessed with lists…of any kind. You should’ve seen me when I was planning my wedding!