Paid off -- now just WAIT


Paid off our package yesterday and now have to wait for six more weeks…

DD and I leave STL early morning (4 a.m.) July 17 and drive straight thru - we’ve done it many many times. We make it in about 15 hours…

We moved up our departure by about 12 hours, and since our vaca pkg doesn’t officially start til the 18th, we got a one-night room only ressie at Pop Century for the 17th, then move over to A-S Movies the next day. We checked all around DTD hotels, etc. and the one night at PC was as cheap as any we were interested in. A-S Movies was booked the 17th…Staying til early morning of the 24th…

We got PIN for free Disney Meal Plan for our stay and the ADRs are made…

Every time we reach this stage of WDW trip planning, I think of the lil kid in the commercial: “We’re too EXCITED to sleep!”



That’s great! We got back 4 weeks ago and I cannot wait to plan our next trip! Have a wonderful time!


That’s the one thing I miss since we got DVC…the thrill of getting free dining. Congrats to you! Have a wonderful trip!


What a great feeling to know your trip is paid in full!

Hey, looks like our trips overlap. We will be arriving 7/14, driving from PA, until the 24th. We’re booked at SSR and on the wait list for BCV, renting DVC points.