Pal Mickey Instruction


Can anyone list the instructions on operating Pal Mickey? I can’t find the little book that came with him.



no one has the directions to Pal Mickey?


I would have to look to see if I kept them, but what are you in need of finding out?


An Annonymous user faxed me the instructions. :mikey:

Thanks everyone!


Oh man…I thought this was some kind of directive from our friend PalMickey!


Glad you were able to get the directions, how does he work?
I mean in the park?


My parents also lost the instructions to the Pal Mickey they bought my daughter last year. We plan on using him during our visit this November. Could I possibly get a copy of them too? Thnks in advance. :happy:


LOL - I know this may surprise you but I, palmickey - have two Pal Mickey’s!


Speaking of Pal Mickeys :happy: are those little guys worth the money?


I really like Pal Mickey, but i did find him to get a littlew annoying at times. He would shake and giggle to tell you something so you would hurry and push his tummy thinking he was going to tell you about the park, or that a show was starting and it ended up being him wanting to sing or tell a joke.


Just a note – Did you know that if you change his batteries you HAVE to have him reprogrammed at the parks before you can use him He will not operate properly. This is especially true of the new pal mickeys. I know because we had this problem with Pal mickey between our last two trips and he had to have a battery change and couldn’t understand why he did nothing at the parks. Took him to the pal mickey store and theyinstantly know what was wrong with him and told us that they need reprogramming if you change the batteries. JUst thought you might like to know this.