Pal Mickey question


We bought our pal mickey back in Sept 2005, and still bring him with us every year. I know during the YoAMD, they updated his tuxedo, but does he stills have the same information? Were there any software updates, or does he just update each time you take him to the park?

Also, is it true that if his batteries die you can have them changed in the park?


I think they are supposed to update and give you the current information as you pass by those special spots.

I bet they’ll change the batteries in the parks


I am pretty sure he updates when he goes by the certain spots in the parks. We took ours with us on our last trip but he never left the room so i am not sure if that is true.

I have also never heard about changing the batteries in the park. I am sure they can and will do it but i bet they charge and arm and a leg for the batteries.


What kind of batteries does PalMickey require? My daughter has had one for 2 trips now, and it is still going strong, but of course, it won’t last forever!! Maybe we should take some with us this year, just in case.


Can’t you guys open up Mickey’s belly and see the batteries? Take that miniature screwdriver and go to work. I would not want to buy batteries at Disney if at all possible. Like Brandon says, they probably will charge an arm and a leg for them


I bet if you try to turn him off he asks, “Dave? What are you doing, Dave? I can’t allow you to do that…”

No, wait, that’s HAL Mickey. :laugh:


LOL!!!:laugh: Too funny!!!

Prezcatz Paul


He says that only to you!


Ah! Hahahahaha! That was, by the way, the scariest thing I had ever seen in a movie at that point in my life. I had TOTAL stress over Hal… :ohmy:


My computer is named H.A.L 9000 and I built it myself.

It’s partly a network identification thing. I’ve got a Windows 2000 domain here in the house. The domain is called Forbin. The domain controllers are Colossus and Guardian. The workstations are HAL, Rudy, Mother, Sid 6.7, WOMP, and M-5.